7 Benefits of Healthy Exercise Stretching If Done Routinely

7 Benefits of Healthy Exercise Stretching If Done Routinely. Have you ever felt very tired and your body felt achy when you were sitting at work or doing something? It could be because your muscles are too tense as a result of taking too long to do these activities. The solution you need to do is stretch your body. Stretching are movements used to relax stiff or tense muscles. Either when you wake up or before you do sports.

Most people rarely do body stretching. Even though this activity is arguably not too difficult to do, unlike sports in general that require a lot of energy. Usually, stretching the body is done before doing other sports so that the body is ready for the next exercise. But now it’s not like that, because just by stretching your body will feel fresher and more eager to continue the activity. Therefore, don’t forget to stretch every time you wake up.

healthy exercise
healthy exercise

If you do stretching movements regularly and of course you are active, then your body will feel the benefits, namely the body will be fitter and you will be more energized than usual. Besides aiming to relax stiff and tense muscles, stretching the body can also prevent you from various complications of diseases that can be very dangerous for our bodies. Therefore, this healthy exercise must be done before exercising.

Stretching is not only beneficial for the physical condition of humans, but also for the condition of your mind. When we stretch our bodies, automatically all our muscles are no longer tense. This is what can make our minds more relaxed, for a moment to calm our minds from the busyness that we did before. Stretching also doesn’t take as much time as other sports. The movements are usually carried out actively and dynamically for about 3 minutes.

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Here are 7 benefits of healthy exercise stretching that you should do every day regularly for maximum results.

Improve Body Flexibility

When you stretch between your hours, it can increase the flexibility of your body. The benefits of this healthy exercise can be felt if you do it every day, even simple movements are enough, as long as you do it regularly. If you stretch before strenuous exercise, this will make you feel the benefits of the exercise even more. If your body’s flexibility increases, of course you will easily carry out all of your daily activities, and this can also help delay the reduced mobility that can occur with age or aging.

Increase the Range Of Motion of the Body

By stretching regularly, you are helping yourself to increase your range of motion. Stretching by moving your body will make the joints and muscles in the body have a lot of freedom in movement and of course become stronger. So that it can increase your range of motion. Stretch regularly every time you wake up or when you are about to exercise, then you will feel the benefits for your body.

Improve Physical Performance

The benefit of stretching is that it can improve your performance in carrying out all your activities and activities. You can do this stretch before you run the activity. This can help you prepare your muscles before doing activities, so that your body is ready to carry out all activities, whether light activities or strenuous activities. The more prepared your body is through stretching, the better your performance will be at work or during healthy exercise. You will find it easier and more productive in doing or completing your work.

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Improve Blood Circulation

Stretching also has the benefit of improving blood circulation in your body. By doing stretches regularly and regularly can help improve your blood circulation. This means that stretching can reduce the risk of high and low blood pressure, and heart disease. In addition, warming up before exercise can help you avoid the risk of cramps while exercising. Stretching when you wake up will make your body fresher and ready to move.

Improve Posture

The next benefit of this healthy exercise is that it can help improve your posture for the better. Sitting too long in an incorrect position, such as bending over, over time it will make your posture bad. Therefore, you need a little time to stretch, but do it regularly. This stretch will help your spine become straighter and more perfect. Good posture will also affect your old age. If you have good posture due to regular stretching, then in old age you will still have normal activities.

Prevent Back Pain

Furthermore, the benefit of stretching is to prevent the risk of back pain. If your muscles are tense from being active for too long, it can cause a decrease in your range of motion. If this happens, it is likely that the muscles in the back will also be tense and cause back pain. Therefore stretching is very important to do as a routine so that you avoid these diseases, because stretching itself aims to relax tense and stiff muscles caused by long activities.

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Reduces Stress

Apart from being beneficial for the human physique, stretching is also useful for reducing stress. Stress is the body’s reaction that occurs when someone is facing a threat, in a state of stress, or a change. These situations will trigger the body’s response, both physically and mentally. One of the body’s physical responses is that your muscles become tense. So, to reduce the risk of stress, it would be better if you do regular this healthy exercise to relax tense muscles.

What has been explained earlier are the benefits of stretching. You will feel all these benefits if you stretch every day regularly. Unlike other strenuous exercises, stretching doesn’t take a long time. You can take advantage of your busy time to do stretching. Just do simple movements. These movements include shrugging your shoulders while inhaling. Then you can also rotate your wrists and shoulders. Don’t forget to also stretch your legs so that the muscles are not stiff and tense because you may be sitting too long.

Movement also your neck in a circular manner. In essence, stretching movements are moving all the limbs so that your muscles and joints are not stiff and tense. The movements in this healthy exercise must be done actively and dynamically for about 3 minutes is enough, then your body will be healthy and fit and more enthusiastic in carrying out your activities.

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