7 Healthy Exercise That Are Suitable For Pregnant Women

7 Healthy Exercise That Are Suitable For Pregnant Women. Pregnancy is one of the most worrying conditions for mothers. Many of them are afraid to do strenuous activities even though before becoming pregnant, they often do this, for example, exercising. Even though you are pregnant, you still have to exercise to maintain your current body condition or even during labor. Exercise for pregnant women is highly recommended by many obstetricians, so you don’t need to worry about anything happening to the womb as long as it’s done properly.

According to some obstetricians, regular exercise can improve posture and reduce back pain during pregnancy. In addition, exercise with light intensity can also help pregnant women avoid the risk of gastational diabetes, and maintain stamina when going into labor. For those of you who are pregnant and want to exercise, you just need to exercise for 30 minutes several times a week. However, it is better if you consult with your doctor first about the frequency and type of exercise that suits your condition.

healthy exercise
healthy exercise

Doing healthy exercise will provide many benefits for pregnant women such as managing weight, and making the body better prepared for labor. In addition, conditions in which pregnant women often experience mood swings can also be overcome by exercising. Keep in mind that when exercising, don’t overdo your body in exercising and make sure you avoid the risk of falling because this is very dangerous for the fetus and the mother. Also, make sure that your obstetrician knows what kind of exercise you do frequently so that your gynecologist is aware of your progress during pregnancy.

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Apart from the above things that pregnant women should pay attention to, there are also a number of things you can do while exercising. Stretch for 5 minutes so that the muscles in your body do not stiffen and avoid the risk of cramps during exercise. If you experience nausea, dehydration, or even bleeding, it is better to avoid sports until your condition returns to normal. In addition, the intake of food and snacks after exercise must also be considered because the food eaten must not be careless and must meet the nutritional intake of pregnant women.

Here are some examples of healthy exercise that are suitable for pregnant women


Pilates is a healthy exercise that can help pregnant women overcome balance problems and back pain during pregnancy. Pilates aims to train and strengthen this muscle using equipment and floor exercises. There are several sessions in Pilates where your first session will work on building strength in your body. Then in the next session, you will practice some movements that aim to improve balance in your body.

When doing Pilates, you should avoid lying on your back and rotating the midsection of your body. Also, don’t just focus on abdominal exercises as this can increase the risk of diastasis recti. You can do Pilates once a week to increase body strength and improve balance. Choose a quality Pilates program that has professional instructors to avoid things that are dangerous.


Yoga is another healthy exercise suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy. Yoga exercises can help you build strength, balance, regulate blood pressure, avoid stiff muscles, and train the breathing process during childbirth. There are several yoga movements that should be avoided by pregnant women such as bikram, lying on your back, headstands, and backbends. However, if you have been doing yoga before becoming pregnant, you can reduce some of these movements to avoid injury to the fetus.

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Pregnant women who regularly do yoga tend to be able to regulate emotional conditions. This happens because the yoga movements aim to improve the emotional condition of pregnant women. The best pregnancy age if you want to do yoga is 14 weeks or more or the second trimester. In addition, make sure there are instructors who accompany you in doing various kinds of yoga movements. However, if you are not sure whether yoga is safe for your womb, you can consult your obstetrician first.


If you are unable to do jogging, you can still exercise by walking. Walking is one of the healthy exercises that recommended by many obstetricians. This sport is very easy to do and does not require expensive equipment because you only need to take a leisurely walk around your house. This sport is useful for training strength and training breathing. You can walk around the house 3 to 5 times a week every morning and you must be accompanied by your closest people such as your husband, siblings, or parents to avoid the risk of falling.


Swimming is a sport that is quite popular with pregnant women to keep their bodies in shape and prepare for labor. If this exercise is done properly and accompanied by professional instructors, this sport is quite safe for pregnant women. In addition, swimming is also free from the risk of falling which is dangerous for the fetus and this exercise allows pregnant women to move all parts of their body. Choose swimming movements that are safe for you and your fetus because there are several types of swimming styles that are not suitable for pregnant women.

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There are several benefits provided by swimming, starting from improving blood circulation, relieving back pain, and maintaining body weight. There are even some pregnant women who are able to lose their weight where excess weight in pregnant women can cause complications during pregnancy. In addition, this healthy exercise also help pregnant women sleep soundly and strengthen muscles and joints to prepare for labor. You can swim 1 to 2 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes regularly to get the benefits of this exercise.

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One of the sport’s most pregnant women do is jogging. Maybe some of you will find it difficult to run because of your large stomach, but this sport can actually still be done safely. Of course, the running speed is adjusted to your ability and tends to be more relaxed and slow. There are several benefits provided by this sport such as increasing stamina, strengthening muscles, regulating blood circulation, and making the body not stiff.

The right time for the womb to do healthy exercise is in the first trimester. However, at the age of the second and third trimesters you can also do this sport at a more relaxed pace to avoid excessive fatigue. In addition, you should not force yourself to do this sport because it can harm you and your fetus. You can do jogging 2 to 3 times a week every morning or evening and have someone accompany you as a precaution if something happens.

That’s just a summary of some examples of healthy exercises that are suitable for pregnant women. Make sure you have consulted with your obstetrician so that the exercise you will do will not harm your fetus.

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