7 Types of Healthy Exercise that utilize Gym balls

7 Types of Healthy Exercise that utilize Gym balls. Having a healthy body is one of the dreams of many people both old and young. Moreover, the present condition that increasingly demands us to be able to do various kinds of activities make us must have a healthy body. A healthy body can be done by various means ranging from diet, exercise, to doing expensive treatments on your body. All of these are some of the ways that many people use to obtain a healthy and ideal body.

Many people are willing to spend their money in order to obtain an ideal body as well as a healthy body. In addition, many of those who even use drugs to lose their weight actually have side effects. For those of you who are not very disciplined and committed, it is good to do a diet that is not too tight so that your weight can go down. Therefore, you should have a high discipline if you want to undergo a diet program to lose weight. People who have high discipline will find the diet easy to do, and vice versa for people who cannot discipline.

Another way that you can try to get a healthy body and ideal is to exercise. This way is well-loved by the community because of the many types of sports and easy enough to do. In addition, exercise is a proven activity that is quite effective and efficient in obtaining a healthy and ideal body. One of healthy exercise that can be tried is by using gym ball. Gym balls are usually used for yoga or Pilates sports but you can also use the gym ball by combining them with other movements.

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healthy exercise
healthy exercise

Here are some gestures that you can try to get your healthy exercise Maximum

Ball Rollout

The first type of movement or exercise that utilizes a gym ball is ball rollout. The movement is quite simple and easy to do where it trains your abdominal muscles and trains your core body balance. It’s quite easy, you have to position your body like kneeling with knee width as wide as the hips and palms must be above the gym ball. Then, roll the gym ball forward until your body forms a straight and lasting line for a few seconds. Wherever possible you should not move your knees to make the result more maximal.

Wall Squat

The wall squat is the next type of movement that requires a gym ball in its execution. The wall squat movement is a healthy exercise that aims to train the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps and increase stability in your body. The starting position is to stand with your feet hip-width apart with the gym ball between the center of your back and the wall. This makes it look like you are holding a gym ball against the wall with your back.

Then bend your knees to lower your body under the gym ball until your knees are parallel to your middle finger. Hold briefly, then press your heels to raise your body back to the starting posture, like a squat movement in general. Do the movement with back-to-back reps or you can hold the movement as long as you can. The wall squat movement is quite effective at burning calories in your body so that your body becomes healthier and slimmer..

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Decline Push Up

The next healthy exercise is the decline push-up movement where this movement is almost the same as the push up movement in general. Decline push-up also help you train your arm muscles and make your core stronger. The starting position is to do a high plank movement with your hands directly under your shoulders and your feet on the gym ball. You must keep your body forming a straight line from head to foot for each movement. Next, bend your elbows to lower your body, then straighten your arms back.

Russian Twist

The russian twist movement has benefits to improve balance and train your abs and waist muscles. By utilizing a gym ball, the Russian twist movement will be maximized. For the starting position, you should lie down with your upper back on the gym ball and your feet flat on the floor. Then, tighten your abs and keep your hips floating so that your torso forms a straight line from head to knee. Rotate your body by rolling onto one shoulder as far as you can while lifting the other shoulder off the ball.

Dead Bug

The next type of healthy exercise is the dead bug movement. The dead bug movement is quite simple but requires extra effort to do it which will result in more fat being burned. The dead bug movement aims to train your spine to remain stable while your arms and legs move. In addition, having a gym ball will keep your abdominal muscles trained because your core body has to keep the gym ball stable.

For the initial position, you only need to lie on your back flat on the floor with your arms raised upwards, and your legs bent at 90 degrees. Knees and hands are in charge of holding the gym ball, by using your right hand and left knee to hold the ball. Then slowly lower your right leg and left arm without touching the floor, and replace it with your left leg and right arm that previously held the ball. Do the movement alternately with the same number of reps.

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Hamstring Curl

The next healthy exercise is the hamstring curl. The hamstring curl movement is perfect for those of you who want to train your hamstring muscles and glutes because the movements in the hamstring curl are quite simple. You can do this one sport at home or at the gym, but you have to use a gym ball so that you can get maximum results. You shouldn’t overdo it with the hamstring curl as it can injure your hamstring muscles.

The starting position for this exercise is lying with your back flat on the floor and calves on the gym ball and your legs should be straight on the ball. Lift your midsection and squeeze your glutes to lift your hips off the floor so that your posture forms a straight line from shoulders to heels. Then, you should drag your heels until your knees form a 90 degree angle. Hold the movement briefly, then slowly extend your leg by rolling your leg back to the original posture.

Make sure you do these healthy exercise movements properly and not too much. In order to get maximum results, combine it with a healthy diet and proper sleep patterns.

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