7 Types Of Healthy Exercise To Train The Core Body That You Can Try

7 Types Of Healthy Exercise To Train The Core Body That You Can Try. Exercise is one of the many ways people do to get a healthy and ideal body. Many people have already proved that by exercising we will get a healthy body and avoid the risk of harmful diseases. In addition, people also believe that exercise is the most effective and most efficient way of getting a healthy body. There are many types of sports that you can try from outdoor sports to indoor workouts.

In addition, you can also exercise whose intensity is high to low depending on the ability and condition of your body. Types of exercise can also be divided according to the focus of the exercises, for example, if you want to train the muscles of the arm and chest, there are some sports that are specific to the part. In addition, core bodies like abdominal muscles, side abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, and hip muscles are the most commonly trained parts of people. Therefore, first, determine which parts of the body you want to train to keep the exercises in accordance with the part you are going to train.

The main goal of people practicing their core body is to keep their abdomen and hips free of fat. In addition, the tummy belly is also the main reason why the core body part is the most commonly trained part of many people. Training this body also provides a variety of benefits to your body such as improving body balance, improving posture, as well as shrinking tummy stomach. There are several types of healthy exercise that train the core body and some of these sports you can do at home using the help of a gym ball.

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healthy exercise
healthy exercise

Many people are confused about choosing the movements in exercising unless you are exercising at the gym which has an instructor. The many variations in the sports movement make people feel confused in doing so. However, you can follow the following ways as your reference in training your core body muscles. If you want to have a strong core body, you also have to set your diet so that the result of your exercise is getting maximized.

Many people are just focused on exercising to get a healthy body that they dream of. That’s not to be done, it means that you have to balance your exercise with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Because diet and healthy lifestyle will help your body to be healthier than just exercising. If you are diligent exercising every week, but you cannot manage your diet then you will not get the result of your healthy exercise activities.

Here are some summaries of Healthy exercise that use gym balls to train the core body

Spider Plank Crunch

The first type of exercise is a modification of the plank movement, which is a spider plank Crunch. This sport focuses on training the entire core body muscles starting from the abdomen, hips, and back. The movements in spider Plank Crunch are almost the same as the plank movement in general where you have to position your body like the plank movement. Then, you should lift your legs alternately until your knees touch the elbow. Perform this gesture repeatedly with the correct reps.

Sit Up

The next type of healthy exercise is sit-up which is the sport that is most often done by people. The movement on the sit up aims to train as well as strengthen the core body muscles such as the stomach, and back. The sit-up movement is pretty simple that you have to sit on the floor, then blow your knees and make sure your feet are spouting the floor. Next, place both your hands crossed over the chest and lift your body from the lying down and drop back. Repeat the movement repeatedly.

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Pull Up

Pull-up is one of the types of sports that focuses on training the core body part especially the back. This sport requires an iron bar as a focus because in the pull-up movement, you have to lift the body part by hand. You have to position your hands parallel to the shoulder, then grasp the iron bars and raise your body until your chest is aligned with the bar. Perform as many movements as you can.

Standing Bicycle Crunch

The next type of healthy exercise that aims to strengthen the core body muscles is standing bicycle crunch. This movement is quite effective in strengthening the muscles in your core body which begins with the position of the body standing with both legs as wide as the hips and both hands placed on the back of the head. Then, lift the right elbow and the left leg until the left knee can touch your right elbow. Repeat the movement alternately until the core muscles feel firmer.

Chair Dips

Chair dip is also a sport that aims to train and strengthen muscles in the core body part. In the implementation, this sport needs a tool in the form of chairs or stairs to be maximized. The movement is quite simple, you have to sit over a chair or stairs with a hand position in the back holding a chair or stairs and the foot position should be straight. Then, lower your body by bending your arms and make sure your body load rests on your arms. Then relict your body and repeat the movement a few times as strong as you can.

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Bird-Dog Crunch

The next healthy exercise is bird-dog crunch that also aims to train and strengthen your core body muscles. For the movement, you must position the body like a crawl plus the position of the back that should be flat. Next, you must raise your right hand and your left leg until they align with your back. Hold the movement safe 10-15 seconds, then lower your feet and hands. Do the same with your left hand and your right foot by holding it for 10-15 seconds.

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Seated Leg Lift

The last type of exercise is seated leg lifts that can also be done to strengthen and train your core body. The movement begins with sitting in the head and legs must be straight forward, then tighten your core body muscles by placing both of your hands on both sides of your butt. Then, you can take a deep breath and lift your feet up to 15 cm from the floor. Hold your leg at least for 5 seconds, and you can lower your leg to the floor. Repeat the movement using the other foot.

That is a summary of the information about the types of healthy exercise that aims to exercise muscle in your core body. Combine the above exercise with a healthy diet so that you get maximum results.

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