Bad Habits That Can Interfere With Your Health

Bad Habits That Can Interfere With Your Health – Even though you have been active all day, sometimes you still find it difficult to sleep which then turn on the television to give your eyes drowsiness and sleep with the television on. Or, when you feel afraid to sleep in complete darkness, make all the lights in the bedroom live and the situation is brightly lit. Bad habits like the above will interfere with the quality of your sleep.

Interfere Health
Interfere Health

Research Interfere Health has shown that sleeping with the light on will reduce melatonin levels, affecting body temperature, glucose levels and blood pressure. Therefore, try to make the bedroom dark before you fall asleep.

Eat late

Delaying the time to eat will cause your stomach acid to rise and can increase the risk of diabetes. When you eat late, you will feel more hungry the next time you eat it, which results in an increased portion of your meal.

Continuously increasing stomach acid levels will also damage the condition of the stomach wall. In addition, eating late will make your body lack nutrients that will be digested into energy, so it will make it difficult for you to focus while on the move.

Social media addiction

In today’s digital world it helps you to find the information you need quickly. Especially, for social media matters, every last post or message from our friends, friends or idols is very fast for you to get.

However, frequently checking your cellphone will affect your physical activity and mental health as well as make you become a real anti-social to the people around you.

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How Bad Habits That Can Interfere with Your Health?

Sitting too long

Like the previous article, the activity of sitting for a long time and continuously causes several diseases such as diabetes to heart attack disease. Therefore, for those of you who are office workers who are accustomed to sitting for 8 hours, try walking or stretching every few minutes to reduce this bad habit.

Lack of slee

Everything that is superfluous is no good and it is the same as anything less. Lack of rest or sleep can lead to the risk of high blood pressure, inflammation in the body, heart disease, depression, diabetes, obesity and reduced brain function.

As a solution to overcoming this bad habit, you can schedule regular bedtime and relaxation activities before bedtime and ensure that the sleeping area is clean and comfortable. Not only in terms of health is not good, nail biting is also an unsightly thing. Listen to music aloud. See other interesting articles here.

Generally, Interfere Health when you feel bored, you will be tempted to use headphones to listen to your favorite song. However, setting it at full volume will cause hearing damage. The results showed that listening to pop-rock music through headphones for 60 minutes at a volume of 50-100 percent will cause temporary hearing damage. If too often, these bad habits will cause permanent hearing damage. Hopefully this is useful and thank you for reading until the end.

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