Benefits and Impact of Rest for Your Health

Benefits and Impact of Rest for Your Health – Do not underestimate the rest because activities that look like lazy to move, aka mager, actually have health benefits. In fact, you have to think of rest as a body need that you must fulfill, just like exercise or eating foods that are rich in nutrients.

 Benefits Health
Benefits Health

The Benefits Health of adequate rest are not only for physical fitness, but also affect your mental, emotional, and spiritual. Here are some of the benefits of rest that you can feel for your mental and physical health.

Although it has benefits, rest should not be done excessively. A study says people who rest too often can increase calcium buildup in the heart arteries and reduce the flexibility of leg veins. Experts recommend resting no more than a total of nine hours per day.

You can choose from many activities to spend the weekend, for example a trip out of town or just to a park near your house. But if you exhibit the following symptoms, it’s best to forget about outside activities and choose to just rest at home.

Muscle stiffness after activity is normal, but muscle stiffness that doesn’t go away is a sign that your body needs to rest or lie down. Don’t wait until you feel extreme fatigue as that will only lead to more health problems.

How Benefits and Impact of Rest for Your Health?

Increase concentration and productivity

Adequate rest has been shown to improve brain function, such as concentration, productivity and aspects of cognition. In children, getting enough rest has been shown to make them behave better and have better academic performance as well.

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Improve physical performance

Exercising hard alone is not enough to support your performance on the field, having adequate rest time is just as important. A study says that resting after exercise can improve the intensity of performance, increase your energy levels, coordination, speed and mental strength.

Reducing the risk of heart disease

Based on records, the rest control and prevention center can make the body automatically improve its blood pressure. Adequate rest can also prevent you from developing sleep-related diseases such as apnea.

Strengthens the immune system

When resting, the body repairs itself, regenerates cells, and relieves inflammation that occurs in the body due to your previous activities. However, the mechanisms for strengthening the immune system that are affected by rest are still being studied further. See other interesting articles here.

Emotional condition is more stable

You’re less likely to get emotional when you get enough rest. In addition, research has also shown that people who get enough rest are more sensitive to other people’s emotions so that their attitudes will be more social.

Benefits Health or joint that also doesn’t go away may indicate an injury. As a first step, there is nothing wrong if you spend time off with a break. Mood swings moody it’s time for you to rest. The reason is, fatigue can also cause you to experience emotional disturbances such as irritability.


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