Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Body Health

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Body Health – Vegetarianism is a diet method that is considered the healthiest. The reason is, this diet method makes the perpetrators tend to only eat vegetables or fruit, and avoid animal products, such as meat, eggs, and the like.

Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarian Diet

Starting from concern for animals, environmental reasons, culture, to certain beliefs. Many experts say that the Vegetarian Diet is actually much healthier than a diet that only relies on meat as the main menu.

More than just getting to the ideal body weight, some researchers have found that this healthy diet can prevent 1 in 3 young deaths. However, there are still many people who doubt the benefits of this vegetarian diet. Here are some of them.

Reducing the Risk of Death Due to Coronary Heart Disease

People who follow a vegetarian diet have a 25 percent lower risk of dying from coronary heart disease, compared to people who eat meat and its processed products. The benefits of a vegetarian diet in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease can be optimized if you get energy from high-fiber cereals.

A well-planned diet including a vegan or vegetarian diet as a whole will provide health benefits, and can even be used as therapy for the treatment of certain diseases. This diet is also often associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, and various other chronic diseases. Halas-Liang even recommends patients with lupus and arthritis to control their illness through this plant-based diet.

For example, oats, brown rice, or chocolate. tofu, tempeh, peanuts, lentils, and peas. These foods are not only good sources of energy but are also useful for maintaining stable blood sugar levels and making satiety last longer.

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Lowering the Risk of Colon Cancer

Consumption of lots of meat, especially red meat, can increase the risk of colon cancer. Conversely, foods that are high in fiber such as vegetables and fruits can protect the intestines so that they can reduce the risk of cancer.

Reducing the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus and its Complications

Vegetarian diets have more stable blood sugar levels. This puts them at a lower risk of diabetes than people who are not on a vegetarian diet. Among all types of vegetarian diets, those who have the lowest risk for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus are people who follow a vegetarian diet, eating only vegetables and fruits.

What are is Healthy Foods Vegetarian Diet?

Lowering the Risk of Obesity

A vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of obesity, even in people who are already overweight (overweight). Do not stop there, consistent in applying a long-term vegetarian diet is also effective in losing and maintaining ideal body weight. These effects generally start to be felt after doing it for six months or more.

Lowering Bad Cholesterol (LDL) Levels

Bad cholesterol (LDL) is one of the factors that causes the narrowing of blood vessels, which is the precursor to heart disease and stroke. A vegetarian diet rich in fibrous vegetables and fruit will help lower bad cholesterol levels by binding to cholesterol in the intestines. To minimize bad cholesterol levels, vegetarians are encouraged to eat foods that are rich in plant sterols.

Stay young

One of the secrets of staying young is to be vegetarian. In fact, the fruits and vegetables that you should always consume while on a vegetarian diet are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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This combination of nutrients is needed to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. The benefits of a vegetarian diet for youthfulness can be felt optimally if you also stay away from fried foods, sugar, and other foods with a high glycemic index.

Lose weight

Many studies say that vegetarian dieter has a lower body mass index and slimmer body shape than those who do not apply this diet method. Also, people on a vegetarian diet were more successful at losing weight than those on other diets.

According to experts, this can happen because the vegetarian diet has lower calories than other diets, but it can still be filling due to the influence of the high fiber intake from vegetables and fruit.

Heart health

A study found that vegetarian dieters had a 75 percent lower risk of developing high blood pressure. These dieters also had a 42 percent lower risk of heart disease compared to people who did not follow a vegetarian diet.

Is There Fruit Diet For Body Health?

Getting Started with a Vegetarian Diet

With so many benefits that we can get from this diet, should we all become vegetarians? It turns out that everything is not that easy. People who have heart problems or type 2 diabetes are encouraged to reduce meat intake and increase their consumption of plant foods. However, just doing this doesn’t mean everything can be that easy.

Food is something very personal and not everyone can give up easily. Halas-Liang said that a strict diet (including a vegetarian diet) can actually make a person experience eating disorders, and this can be dangerous to health.

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Halas-Liang, who claims he has not eaten meat for 20 years, advised us to avoid food made from processed meat. Also, don’t make meat the main menu or center of each of your meals. This is a pretty good first step for people who still find it difficult to completely abandon meat.

Several other studies have found that a vegetarian diet is indeed beneficial for preventing the formation of risk factors for heart disease, such as high cholesterol. Many studies have found that a vegetarian diet can provide positive health benefits. However, you must still be careful because there are types of vegetarian diets that can actually have negative consequences for your body.

A Vegetarian Diet can be dangerous if the perpetrator consumes too much artificial vegetarian food, such as vegetables or fruit that look and taste like real meat. Foods that are often called fake meat are more dangerous than real meat because they are processed food products that have gone through many processes. Thus a little review on how to diet, hopefully it is useful, thank you.

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