Benefits of Face Acupressure for Health

Benefits of Face Acupressure for Health – Face acupressure is a method of beauty treatment performed by massage therapy on the face and using special techniques. Face acupressure is a combination therapy of two methods, namely acupressure (massage/pressing) and bioenergy or internal energy that is directly channelled to the face so that the benefits can be felt immediately.

Benefits of Face Acupressure
Benefits of Face Acupressure

The Benefits of Face Acupressure for health and beauty must be done by experts. Beauty treatment with face acupressure requires certain skills that cannot be done by just anyone. Therefore, make sure you do facial acupressure treatments in a trusted and proven place.

Overcoming Headaches and Migraines

One of the natural ways to deal with headaches is with the benefits of face acupressure. The point that is pressed is the one between the eyebrows for one minute, or it could be by pressing both sides of the bridge of the nose for 10 seconds.

Also, a study shows that face acupressure can also relieve chronic migraine headaches. Face acupressure can help improve blood flow to the head and face, thereby helping to reduce pain. However, migraine treatment still requires medicines from doctors, you cannot rely on face acupressure alone.

Eliminate Excessive Stress and Anxiety

The next benefit of face acupressure is to relieve stress and excessive anxiety. Face acupressure to reduce stress can be done by massaging the area between the eyebrows in a circular motion for 5–10 minutes, or by pressing the point on the upper ear for two minutes.

What Are the Benefits of Face Acupressure for Health?

When trying to acupressure your face in that area, take a deep breath and then exhale. Adjust the rhythm until you feel calmer. In recognizing the benefits of face acupressure for health and beauty, you must understand that doing face acupressure can only be done by people who are experts or experienced.

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Reduces Facial Muscle Tension

When facial muscles are tense, they can lead to wrinkles. The accumulated stress can cause several facial problems, such as tightening of the eyebrows and jaw. The benefits of face acupressure can reduce it and give the effect a more relaxed and fresh appearance. This relaxing effect will also spread throughout the body.

Reduces Symptoms of Sinusitis and Allergies

Sinusitis and allergies are two diseases that can be related to each other. Sinusitis is an infection that attacks the sinuses (nose). Usually, this disease is characterized by nasal congestion, facial pain, or headaches, which are triggered by allergies or cold air.

Face acupressure treatment will help to get rid of mucus buildup and congestion in the sinuses as well as pain in the face and head. So many benefits are obtained when doing this face acupressure technique, both in terms of health and beauty. There is nothing wrong with avoiding excessive use of make-up and facial creams by running on a face acupressure treatment. See other interesting articles here.

Blood Circulation

In general, the Benefits of Face Acupressure are believed to improve blood circulation. Why is that? The existence of gentle massage at various points on the face makes oxygen in the clogged blood flow smoothly.

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