Benefits of Lime for Health

Benefits of Lime for Health – Lime, the little tart has a lot of benefits for health when consumed regularly and according to the dosage. Here are the benefits of lime for the health of your body. Some people use lime for drinks. The sour taste of lime juice combined with honey and ice makes the throat fresh.

Benefits of Lime
Benefits of Lime

Containing many vitamins and minerals, lime is rich in health benefits. Not only warding off disease, but lime is also believed to be able to cure several diseases. Here are the Benefits of Lime for health.

Reducing the risk of heart disease

Lime has the highest flavonoid content among other oranges. These flavonoids can suppress the production of bad cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

Cough medicine

Lime is herbal cough medicine. Lime is antibacterial and mucolytic, aka phlegm laxative. This is what makes lime able to treat coughs. To treat coughs, you can mix lime with soy sauce.

Reducing fever

Apart from being a cough medicine, lime is also believed to reduce fever. You can mix lime juice with boiled water of ginger and honey to reduce fever in children and adults.


For those of you who are on a diet program, lime can help your efforts to get the ideal body weight. Lime stimulates the digestive process in the body for the better. Lime is also a diuretic, aka pee laxative. You take one lime and mix the green tea to taste. After that, you brew it with one glass of warm water. You drink this mixture twice a day in the morning and evening.

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What Are the Benefits of Lime for Health?

Sore throat medicine

For those of you who are experiencing a sore throat, lime can be the solution. Lime is antibacterial, which means that lime can help to soothe the throat. Although it contains many benefits, you should not consume lime in excess. Because lime has a high acidity level which can damage tooth enamel if not diluted with water.

Content of lime

Lime plants are often found in yards or gardens. Apart from being used for cooking and herbal medicine, some people grow lime as an ornamental plant. Lime plants can be planted in pots. When it bears fruit, lime plants look attractive and beautiful to look at.

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Lime contains citric acid, vitamin B1, vitamin C, linen, cadinene, flavonoids, Geralyn acetate, phellandrene, and other active compounds. Lime is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fever, and reduces coughs.

Lowers cholesterol

For those of you who have high cholesterol, pay attention to the benefits of lime for the health of this one. If your cholesterol is high, try drinking a mixture of lime juice and warm water.

The antioxidant content in this special fruit can help protect your body from the risks and dangers of free radicals. This is the article I wrote about the Benefits of Lime for Health. Hopefully, the article that I made can be helpful and useful for you.

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