Benefits of Onions for Health

Benefits of Onions for Health – Often used as a spice in cooking, onions have a lot of nutrients that are good for the body. In other words, consuming onions can provide health benefits. What are the benefits that can be obtained from this type of onion?

Benefits of Onions
Benefits of Onions

Before knowing what are the health Benefits of Onions, it is important to know what nutrients they contain. In 100 grams of onions contain 87.5 grams of water, 43 calories of energy, 1.4 grams of protein, 10.3 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fibre, 0.2 grams of fat, 12 milligrams of sodium, 9.6 milligrams of potassium, 9 milligrams of vitamin C, 32 milligrams of calcium, 0.21 micrograms of vitamin B, and a total of 50 micrograms of carotene.

Because it has a lot of nutritional content, onions are believed to provide benefits for the health of the body. At least, various health benefits are said to be obtained from the consumption of onions, among them.

Increase Immunity

Who would have thought, onions can help boost the immune system, aka immunity. This is thanks to the polyphenols in onions which act as antioxidants. The antioxidant content in these foods plays a role in protecting the body from the free radical attack so that it doesn’t get sick easily.

Smooth Digestion

Onions also contain fibre, so it is good for maintaining digestion. The fibre content in onions is special, namely a type of soluble fibre known as oligofructose. This type of fibre can encourage the growth of good bacteria in the intestines so that the digestive system will be more awake and avoid diarrhoea.

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What Are the Benefits of Onions for Our Body Health?

Stable Blood Sugar Levels

Good news for people with diabetes. Eating onions can make blood sugar levels more stable. In onions, there is a chromium content which has a role in helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Onions can help lower blood sugar and increase insulin production in the body.

Better Mood

Feeling unhappy and in a bad mood? Try eating foods that contain onions. The reason is, onions can also help improve mood, aka mood. The folate content in onions can help reduce symptoms of depression. See other interesting articles here.


Onions also have anti-cancer properties, aka can help reduce the risk of cancer. The reason is, this type of onion is included in the allium vegetable group which is known as a cancer-preventing food. Onions also contain a lot of antioxidants from vitamin C which is very strong. This content can help the body fight cancer-causing free radicals.

Healthy Heart

Small but has many benefits. The term may be appropriate to apply to onions. Apart from preventing cancer, these foods can also maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels. Eating onions can help reduce the risk of heart attack and control blood pressure. Thus the article I made about the Benefits of Onions for Health. Hopefully, the article that I made can be helpful. And a guide for you in maintaining health from natural ingredients good luck to try it thank you for reading to the end.

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