Benefits of the Flexitarian Diet Apart

Benefits of the Flexitarian Diet Apart – The most effective way to lose weight is to adjust your diet properly. Therefore, there are many diet methods that people choose, from the carbo diet, the Paleo diet, the vegetarian diet, the eco-Atkins diet, and many more. Of the many diet methods available, the vegetarian diet is the most preferred method. Besides being able to lose weight, consuming fruits and vegetables also helps make the body healthier.

Flexitarian Diet Apart
Flexitarian Diet Apart

This latest article will share about the benefits of the Flexitarian Diet Apart. However, not many people can survive a vegetarian diet, because not eating meat at all is sometimes difficult. So, if you want to lose weight but still want to eat meat, you can try the flexitarian diet method.

The Flexitarian Diet is a lifestyle pattern that encourages the consumption of mostly plant-type foods while allowing moderate amounts of meat and other animal products to be eaten. This diet is arguably in the middle position and becomes a brake for someone not to eat too much meat and become a full vegan.

Being a Flexitarian does not make you too rigid in choosing food, but still contributes to helping maintain natural ecosystems. Health consultants, consistently consuming fruit and vegetables as the main portion of each day, you can experience various good benefits from a lifestyle like this. Apart from consuming plant-based foods such as vegetables and fruit.

There are also other foods such as nuts, milk, and wheat and seeds that are also permitted. While the advantages and benefits, health consultants reveal that they can maintain balanced body weight due to a decrease in energy and cholesterol intake.

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There was also an increase in the intake of fibre, vitamin C, provitamin A, B vitamins, potassium, calcium and unsaturated fats. On the other hand, there is also an increase in phytochemical substances when doing the Flexitarian diet.

What are the Benefits of the Flexitarian Diet Apart?

Quoted from the page, a study revealed that vegetarians tend to weigh less than people who eat meat. Not only that, plant foods such as fruits and vegetables have high nutritional content and are low in calories which make the heart healthier.

Other benefits include reducing liver disease, preventing diabetes, preventing cancer, and having a good impact on the environment. Therefore, the Flexitarian diet is now a popular choice for people who want to eat a healthier diet.

Besides being healthy, it also has an impact on environmental health for the earth. However, your main goal on the Flexitarian diet is to help the body stay healthy by consuming more plant nutrients and reducing meat. The flexitarian diet is a dietary arrangement that prioritizes the consumption of plant-based foods, especially vegetables and fruits, but still allows eating meat.

Flexitarian Diet?

The flexitarian diet is a diet initiated by dietitians to help people benefit from a vegetarian diet while still enjoying a moderate amount of animal products. That is why this diet method is called flexitarian which is a combination of the words flexible and vegetarian.

Even so, the flexitarian diet encourages followers to expand on nutritious plant foods and eat less meat. Blatner believes that one effective way to reduce the amount of calorie intake in the body is to eat plant-based foods.

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Cholesterol decreases

  • Cholesterol intake less than 300 mg will reduce the risk of hypercholesterolemia. One serving of milk/yoghurt/cheese consumed during the flexitarian diet contains only 70 mg of cholesterol
  • High LDL numbers indicate bad cholesterol conditions. LDL is formed from saturated fat and the amount will decrease when the intake of saturated fat is low and the intake of unsaturated fat is higher.
  • The flexitarian diet is low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat from the consumption of these fruits and vegetables.
  • Fiber intake of more than 25 grams/day can break the cycle of returning cholesterol from the small intestine to the liver. The flexitarian diet also contains more than 25 grams of fibre

How do you Benefits of the Flexitarian Diet Apart?

Digestive health

Gut microbiota is the body’s barrier against invasion from outside. This gut microbiota increases the liver’s ability to metabolize nutrients and maintains a good mood. However, gut microbiota will die when not getting nutritious food, stress, lack of sleep, rarely moving around, taking certain antibiotics and drugs. According to nutrition consultants, fibre is needed for gut microbiota to grow and develop properly and can maintain the amount of 80 per cent.

Immunity increases

  • Increasing fibre intake will increase the amount of gut microbiota which will stimulate the work of innate and adaptive immunity cells.
  • Increased intake of vitamin C will protect immune cells from free radicals
  • Increased intake of beta carotene will maintain epithelial cells which are involved in immune function
  • A decrease in the glycemic index of food will reduce excess insulin response so that it is useful to prevent the risk of inflammation
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Controlled blood glucose levels

  • Whole grain like whole wheat is a good type of carbohydrates
  • The results of energy metabolism in the form of glucose will be released gradually to ensure continuity of energy from morning to afternoon
  • Contains fibre and various micronutrients to support metabolic processes so that various body functions run well
  • A good body function will build good mental and mental health

Controlled blood pressure

  • Blood pressure is controlled because potassium intake is increased on the flexitarian diet.

Bone health

  • Increasing calcium intake will increase the amount of hydroxyapatite for bone density which prevents osteoporosis. Therefore, milk and its processed products are one of the mandatory foods for flexitarian.

Weight loss

Not only does it help the body’s health, but increasing consumption of vegetables and fruit will also increase stomach volume and provide a feeling of fullness for longer so that the desire to eat decreases. By decreasing the total energy intake, there will be an energy deficit which results in weight loss.

That’s a review of benefits of the Flexitarian Diet Apart. May be useful. Thus a little review on how to diet, hopefully it is useful, thank you.

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