Best Kencur Health Benefits for You

Best Kencur Health Benefits for You – Coming from the ginger family, the kencur plant is one of the most popular spices in the world. This plant, called the Latin Kaempferia galangal, can not only be used as a spice in cooking but also can function as herbal medicine.

enefits of Kencur
Benefits of Kencur

No half-hearted, turmeric can cure various kinds of diseases. Minor ailments such as heartburn to acute diseases such as cancer can be treated using kencur. The Benefits of Kencur can not only be taken from the rhizome, but also the leaves.

Overcoming Coughs

The first benefit of kencur for human health is as cough medicine. Kencur can make your throat feel warmer, especially someone with a cough with phlegm. The way to process kencur for cough medicine is by mixing a teaspoon of kencur that has been mashed with salt. After that kencur can be swallowed raw.

Treating Diarrhea

Studies conducted by the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences prove that drinking kencur juice can treat diarrhoea. According to the study, the cytotoxic and antibacterial content in kencur can kill bad bacteria and prevent them from coming back. Take kencur juice and mix it with a little warm water. Drink every morning until the heartburn in the stomach is gone.

Prevent Stomach Cancer

pylori bacteria is a malignant bacteria that attacks the mucus lining of the intestinal wall and stomach. These bacteria have been proven to be one of the reasons behind the appearance of stomach cancer symptoms that can endanger a human’s life.

What Are the Benefits of Kencur for Health?

These bacterial colonies secrete the urease enzyme which converts urea into ammonia and digs up the walls of the digestive tract to survive. As a result, digestive cells will be easily damaged and the intestinal wall will become inflamed. If you are suffering from the same disease, mix the juice of kencur with half a glass of warm water and drink it once a day.

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Pain Medicine

For those of you who often feel achy or have body aches, maybe the benefits of kencur for this one health can be applied at home. Just like the Jammu as kencur, kencur juice mixed with honey has long been used to treat health problems. Health problems that can be treated are back pain, gout, headaches, to joint pain. Besides being consumed, you can also mix mashed kencur with massage oil.

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Increase Energy

The benefits of kencur can also be useful as an energy booster or energy booster. According to studies in Tibet, the ingredients can be converted into energy because they are digested and mixed with the body’s hormones.

How to cultivate kencur as an energy booster is also easy. You only need to boil a 2-5 cm long kencur with a glass of water and consume it before going to bed regularly.nn This is the article I wrote about the Benefits of Kencur for Health. Hopefully, the article that I made can be helpful and useful for you.

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