Definition of Health Affecting Air Quality Index

Definition of Health Affecting Air Quality Index – In order for you to measure the cleanliness of the air around you, you need a calculation called the air quality index. The air quality index is a measure used to assess the level of pollution in the air. The air quality index is generally used by the government to assess and measure how bad the air quality is in a certain area.

Air Quality Index
Air Quality Index

Each city has a different index of Air Quality Index and depends on the air quality standards in their respective countries. The air quality index itself is measured from the numbers 0 to 500. If this number is higher, the pollution conditions in an area are very high and the worse the air quality in that area. If the index number has reached above 200.

Because currently air quality continues to deteriorate, you are required to play a direct role in maintaining air quality. There are several simple ways you can do so as not to increase the index value of the air quality in your area.

How to Know the Definition of Air Quality Index?

Reducing Traveling by Private Vehicle

The first way you can do to reduce pollution and maintain air quality is to reduce traveling by private vehicles. Use public transportation whenever possible. Using public transportation can also be a way to solve congestion in big cities.

Caring for Vehicles to Keep Emissions Low

The next way to maintain air quality is to maintain and maintain your vehicle so that it doesn’t produce dirty exhaust gases. If the exhaust emits smoke, it means that your vehicle is not healthy and needs repair.

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Planting Plants on the Home Yard

Planting plants is the best way to reduce pollution because plants can absorb dirty air and produce oxygen needed by humans. Plants can also make the air cooler and more comfortable. You should know that living in a location that has good air quality will have a positive impact on your body. See other interesting articles here.

Nagoya, is one of the cities in Japan and has an average index value of 15. Although not as crowded as Tokyo, the city of Nagoya has very strict emission regulations for all private vehicles owned by its citizens. Rotterdam, is one of the cities in the Netherlands and has an air quality index of 18. People in the city of Rotterdam really like cycling and make their city a minimum of private vehicles.

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München, a city located in Germany and managed to pocket the air quality index of 19. The municipal government of Munich enforces strict regulations on motor vehicle emissions. In addition, residents of these cities prefer to drive electric cars that have zero emissions.

Kyoto, a city that is in Japan, again won the Air Quality Index with a score of 25. Even though it has a large population, it does not reduce the discipline of its citizens to use public transportation in their daily lives thank you.

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