Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid

Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid – Dieting and losing weight are often the New Year’s resolutions for many people. Are you one of them? Will the resolution be reached this year? If it still fails, maybe you make diet mistakes that beginners often do.

Diet Mistakes
Diet Mistakes

Most women are willing to do anyway to get a slim body. But without realizing it, they are doing the wrong diet, which doesn’t make them slim, but instead, they eat a lot. So, for those who are still passionate about setting a ‘diet’ as a resolution for next year, let’s take a look at some Diet Mistakes you should avoid.

No breakfast

Skipping breakfast seems to be an easy way to limit the number of calories that enter the body, unfortunately, this way can starve us throughout the day. As a result, we will snack during work, eat more portions at lunch, and make the number of calories consumed more than expected.

For an effective diet, you can start the day with a high protein and fiber breakfast intake. If Minasan thinks not having breakfast can make you slim, that’s wrong. Delaying breakfast until the stomach feels really hungry will make you eat more appetite at lunch.

Lazy Sports

When the initial intention was to go on a diet, Minasan felt like he wanted to try all sports. However, because he was not used to it and the exercise was too hard, finally the sports activities stopped because Minasan felt tired. Better start exercising for a diet by walking for 15 minutes for a week, and see the results.

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Less Protein, Vegetables, and Fruits

Reducing food intake when dieting does not mean reducing the protein and vitamins needed by the body. Protein, vegetables, and fruit are not only good for weight loss, they can also make your skin healthier and more radiant.

What are Any that Affects?

Didn’t eat anything

If Minasan concludes that dieting is hungry and eating nothing, that is clearly wrong. Diet is to regulate the diet and nutritional intake of the body. Minasan must keep eating, but reduce the portion of carbohydrates and increase the portion of vegetables and fruit.

No Snacking At All

Most snacking can make a diet fail, not snacking at all is also a diet mistake that is often done by many people. In fact, people who are accustomed to eating small portions and snacking throughout the day have been shown to control hunger better and lose weight faster.

Snacking keeps the metabolic system in our body working, especially if we snack on protein-rich foods, such as nuts. According to research, people who like snacking on nuts tend to have an ideal body weight than those who don’t like nuts.

Eating Too Much Portion

Stop eating large quantities. Change your meal portion to a smaller portion, then Minasan’s stomach will also get used to the new portion. So that Minasan will not feel hungry while on a diet.

Not Drinking Much Water

This is a diet mistake that we must fix immediately. If we are dehydrated, the metabolic processes in our body will be affected, and this makes the weight loss process slower. So that this does not happen, make it a habit to drink a glass of water every time you snack or eat.

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Forgiving Yourself

Not being too committed to dietary intentions can ruin the results of the Minasan diet. Forgiving yourself means Minasan allows himself to eat a little cake or ice cream and promises that tomorrow he won’t do it again. But it happened again tomorrow.

Focus only on the numbers on the scale

Tired of exercising and tormented by not being able to eat well, but how come the numbers on the scale are like that? Well, you have to change this thinking. The numbers on the scale only show the number of changes in body weight.

What Are the Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid?

Now, if we exercise regularly, the numbers on the scale can also show the weight of our muscle mass, while the fat in the body has actually started to disappear. In essence, don’t be too fixated on the numbers on the scale when you are on a diet program.

Not Thinking of Calorie Intake from Snacks

When dieting, we may very much count the number of calories from the main meals we eat, but what about the snacks we snack on throughout the day? A packet of pastries in a drawer at the office table, a piece of cake when a friend has a birthday, or the leftover ice cream that the child doesn’t eat, if all add up, the calorie intake we eat turns out to be a lot.

Now, if you are serious about going on a diet program, you can download an application that can record the number of calories from all the food you eat. So that you know how many calories enter the body.

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Avoiding Milk and Its Derivative Products

People who are on a diet will usually avoid full-cream milk, cheese, or ice cream. But you know, this turns out to be a stark contrast to our intention to lose weight. Several studies have shown that the body burns fatter when it gets enough calcium. What is even more surprising is that our bodies can produce a lot of fat when we lack calcium.

Forgetting Calories in Drinks

When counting calories, we often ignore the calorie content in drinks. This is the biggest mistake that novice patients often make. The calories in caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea, alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, especially boba can have more than 500 calories per drink.


Of all the diet efforts, the most important thing is motivation, especially motivation from yourself. Minasan must have a strong and unanimous desire to diet. Diet today, not diet tomorrow. Come to think of it, it turns out that there are also many Diet Mistakes that we don’t realize. To welcome the resolutions in the new year, as much as possible don’t repeat the mistakes above.


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