Environmental Health Is Part of Personal Hygiene

Environmental Health Is Part of Personal Hygiene – Environmental health is the maintenance of the cleanliness of the area around us, both the atmosphere, the physical environment, the biological environment and the economic environment that can affect human health. Environmental health can also be defined as an effort or behavior to maintain the health of the environment in order to achieve personal life goals.

Environmental Health
Environmental Health

Environmental Health relates to all physical, chemical and biological externalities to people, and all related factors that impact behavior. This includes determining and controlling these environmental factors that have the potential to harm health. It is targeted at preventing disease and creating a healthy environment.

In addition, it also reveals that environmental health is essentially a condition of an optimum environmental condition so that it has a positive effect on the realization of an optimum health status as well. Thomas Sydenhand revealed in the Miasma theory which means dirty objects, rotten objects, carcasses of animals around us that can cause disease

As a supporting factor for the course of the disease, so that the disease gets worse. For example sewers, stagnant ponds, which fertilize the development of mosquitoes which in turn cause diseases such as malaria.

Environmental health includes housing, disposal of human waste (feces), providing clean water, garbage disposal, disposal of dirty water (waste water). A healthy environment must start from the house, the house is a place to live, shelter from heat, rain, wind, dust, disease and attack by dangerous animals.

How to Environmental Health Is Part of Personal Hygiene?

Meet the needs of physiology

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The room temperature is around 18-20 0 C in modern homes the temperature is adjusted by air conditioning. However, you can also use natural turmeric, which is on the left and right of the house planted with trees or conditioning plants that are arranged so that they are pleasing to the eye.

Enough air  ventilation changes. If ventilation is sufficient, the room air is always fresh because it contains enough oxygen. The amount of ventilation  windows is 15% of the floor area of ​​the house. It must be sufficiently lit both day and night and have sufficient air insulation.

Meet psychological needs

The condition of the house and its surroundings are arranged in such a way as to fulfill a sense of beauty so that the residents of the house feel happy, feel comfortable living at home. There is freedom at home for every family who lives at home. See other interesting articles here.

Avoid accidents

House construction and building materials must be strong and not easily collapse to avoid accidents in the bathroom or well because the floor is slippery. Material is non-flammable and fire-fighting equipment is provided.

Environmental Health a good bedroom is a bedroom that has air ventilation so that enough air gets in. In the room should be quiet and at bedtime there is a little light. There can’t be any smelly plants and flowers. If you sleep using a mattress, don’t be too soft, and don’t sleep too narrowly.


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