Get to Know the Beginner’s Plant-Based Diet

Get to Know the Beginner’s Plant-Based Diet – The diet of modern humans is starting to change. From what food was originally a necessity for survival, now it has become an entertainment activity. So do not be surprised if many modern humans are experiencing obesity and health problems. Along with the growing number of health complaints including obesity, many are starting to improve their diet. The healthy lifestyle movement is now starting to be of great interest to the Indonesian people.

Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet

This latest article will share about the get to know the beginner’s Plant-Based Diet. There are many healthy lifestyle options on offer, and all the information about them is very easy to find. One of the healthy lifestyles that you should know is a plant-based diet.

What is a plant-based diet?

Plant-based diet or better known as Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet (WFPB diet) applies 2 principles to its diet, namely consuming natural foods that are not over-processed, and consuming plant-based foods to meet the nutritional needs needed. Plant-based diet is not the same as a vegetarian, because plant-based dieters are still allowed to consume animal products but are still restricted.

Get to know the plant-based diet, is it the same as vegan?

As the name implies, Plant-based is a type of diet that applies a plant-based diet. This type of diet is often confused with the vegan diet. This is not entirely wrong. However, when viewed from the start, these two types of diets have different backgrounds. The origin of the vegan diet was motivated by an animal protection campaign.

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Where many animal farms exploit these animals to produce products that can meet market needs. Meanwhile, plant-based diets are based on nutritional science for the sake of health. In fact, according to some people who are on this diet they may eat an adequate amount of animal foods.

Any Ways to Get to Know the Beginner’s Plant-Based Diet?

So that the Fulfillment of Nutrition Remains Maintained

Many are worried that this plant-based diet can fulfil the nutrients the body needs. Many ask how to meet protein needs if you don’t eat meat or milk. Or also how to get a source of calcium if you don’t drink milk.  The nutritional needs can still be met from plant-based foods. For the body’s nutritional needs to be fulfilled, a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes must be varied.

Pay attention to the colour of the vegetables that will be consumed. This is because the colour of the vegetable or fruit shows the nutritional content in it. So make sure the contents of the plate are colourful. You can also get protein fulfilment from nuts. Can vary the source of protein every day.

It Turns Out There Are Many Benefits Of This Plant-Based Diet

  • With a background of health problems, this plant-based diet has many health benefits. Many have experienced changes for the better in their health.

Lose weight

  • Following a plant-based diet will help a person lose weight and maintain ideal body weight. The fibre content in the food consumed can reduce and maintain body weight and be protected from excessive consumption of processed foods.
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How to Get to Know the Beginner’s Plant-Based Diet?

Healthy heart

Another benefit of a plant-based diet is that it is healthy for the heart. This is because a lot of consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and lots of seeds can maintain heart quality. There is also a study showing that middle-aged people on this diet have a lower risk of heart disease.


Maintain brain health

Maintaining food intake by following a plant-based diet can help maintain brain health. This is evidenced by several studies which show that some elderly people who consume many types of vegetables and fruit have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Things that need to be considered is the number of vegetables and fruit that must meet daily needs.

Plant-based diet for health

If you go to search for keywords about plant-based diets. The results of research conducted, a plant-based diet can reduce a 41% risk of heart failure. This research was conducted about 8-9 years to 16 thousand participants. There are several benefits of the practice of plant-based diets for our health and all of them have been supported by the results of scientific research.

The main benefits that can be felt are as follows:

  • Ideal weight management that is easier
  • Prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease
  • More environmentally friendly
  • How do I start a plant-based diet?

As mentioned above, a plant-based diet has 2 principles:

  • Consume natural foods with minimal processing.

Choose natural foods to meet your dietary needs. Choose Enatura products that are naturally produced, without MSG, synthetic sweeteners, synthetic dyes, and synthetic flavours. Plant-based diets must also limit the use of sugar, wheat flour and oil.

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Replace the use of sugar with Enatura organic forest honey, processed naturally, without processing and use of additional materials. Look for substitute products for flour and oil that are healthier, such as using gluten-free flour and virgin oil.

  • Consuming food derived from plants to meet the nutritional needs needed

If you are running a plant-based diet, you must still pay attention to the macro-nutrient needs needed such as carbohydrates, protein and fat as well as micro needs such as vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits that we consume usually contain mostly carbohydrates and vitamins.

To meet the nutritional needs of protein, fat and minerals, you may have to find out more about the types of vegetables and fruits that are rich in these substances so that your diet remains balanced.

The selection of vegetable, fruit and processed products must also be more selective. Choose vegetable or fruit products that are produced organically, in harmony with nature and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Choose vegetable products from Enatura gardens that are produced organically without the use of chemical pesticides. That’s a review of get to know the beginner’s Plant-Based Diet. Thus a little review on how to diet, hopefully it is useful, thank you.

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