How to Lose Weight Naturally

How to Lose Weight Naturally – A fat body remains a health issue that exists today. The reason is, a body that is fat with fat everywhere is the forerunner of dangerous diseases. Ranging from natural to high risks such as liposuction or taking diet drugs.

lose weight
lose weight

So, so that you don’t get stuck with unhealthy ways to lose weight, you can try the following natural methods. How to lose weight is synonymous with the word diet. Yes, to lose weight we have to go through a diet process.

But the diet here is not just about extreme diets that don’t eat at all just to lose weight quickly. Diets with drastic dietary changes, let alone not eating, are at risk of health problems as well. Despite your hard work, an unhealthy diet doesn’t make any significant changes either. Apply a healthy lifestyle to maintain ideal body weight stability in the long term.

Optimistic thinking

In addition to setting targets, of course, you have to control your mind to get in shape. Set a positive and optimistic mind that you will be thin. Do not imagine diet-breaking foods during the diet.

Actively moving

You are a person who is lazy to move or mager. Better not. With you lazy to move, of course, no energy is released from the body. To be active, the method is very easy, you know. For example by walking. Instead of going everywhere using a motorized vehicle, start walking anywhere. Start doing things that seem trivial, such as parking your car far away from where you want to go so you have to walk first, not using elevators or escalators.

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Eat fibre-rich foods

Foods high in fibre are peas, avocados, bananas, papayas, broccoli, cabbage, pears, corn and brown rice. The benefits of fibre-rich foods include: Helping the detoxification process in the body, Helps you lose weight, Lowering high cholesterol, Cleanses the digestive tract, Protects the body from colon disease, Avoid fatty deposits in blood vessels, Control blood sugar, Slows down glucose absorption.

Increase the frequency of eating, reduce the portion of the meal

Many people think that reducing the frequency of heavy meals a day will help reduce weight. People who eat large portions even if they only once add new problems. It is enough to reduce your portions, such as eating 3 tablespoons of rice and side dishes but still on the same frequency or more often. So stick to eating 3 times a day but with small portions.

Avoid eating more than 6 pm

Breakfast certainly requires a larger portion of our energy intake for the whole day, as well as lunch. The lunch portion should be less than breakfast. So is dinner. Because the activity is over, you don’t need to eat heavy meals anymore.

How To Lose Weight Naturally?

Avoid snacks with the high sugar content

Avoid eating foods with high sugar content. Read the nutrition table on each snack package that you will eat or drink. Eating foods that contain excess sugar has many risks such as diabetes, high cholesterol, addiction to sweet food, obesity, cavities and other diseases. Also, avoid soft drinks because soft drinks contain very high sugar.

Drink lime water in the morning

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Lime has many positive benefits for health. By drinking lime water with a glass of warm water during your diet, can help you lose weight faster. Lime which is rich in vitamin C will work to absorb calcium in fat cells, so you lose weight.

A natural and healthy diet is not too strict and torturous, but it still takes a high commitment so that weight can be lost regularly and have a long-term effect. For those of you who are against the word sports, don’t give up in a hurry. Both men and women do sports is one way that is proven effective as a way to lose weight naturally quickly and practically.


Cardio is a type of exercise that involves almost all parts of the body such as running, cycling, swimming, and others. By doing cardio, the muscles in our bodywork from the calf muscles, thigh muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles, arms and shoulders.

What are is the Ways to Lose Weight Naturally?

Yoga Gymnastics

Research in India has proven that yoga is very helpful in eliminating excess gas in the stomach, thereby improving digestion and eliminating belly fat. Training and harmonizing the body and mind to be more relaxed will stimulate the body to release hormones which can help the process of burning fat in the body effectively. Start practising yoga for 10-20 minutes every day so that the body can perform the metabolic system optimally.

Sit-ups and push-ups

Other easy things to do are sit-ups and push-ups. But of course, you have to do it regularly to get maximum results. This will help you lose weight in no time. Doing sit-ups and push-ups in the morning can be useful for controlling appetite because it can cause the effect of satiety.

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If you don’t have enough time to exercise or are too tired after work, you can try ways to lose weight naturally using traditional ingredients that have been proven to be effective. Indonesia is a country that is rich in various herbal plants that have been used from generation to generation by the community.

Herbal plants are now also present in many ready-to-eat packages and are also used in the medicinal industry. There is nothing wrong with trying natural and traditional ways to lose weight. Apart from being safer and without side effects, of course, it is pocket friendly.

Honey and ginger

Honey is known to have many properties to prevent and treat several diseases. Honey can also be used as a natural way to lose weight. Honey contains substances that will burn body fat indirectly, namely fructose.

Meanwhile, ginger is naturally able to suppress appetite, so you can reduce your food intake easily because you feel less hungry. That’s all the way to lose weight naturally. Hopefully this article was useful for you and became your inspiration at home. Thus a little review on how to diet, hopefully it is useful, thank you.

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