How to Maintain Eye Health Even Though You Like Playing Gadgets

How to Maintain Eye Health Even Though You Like Playing Gadgets – In this modern era, gadgets are one of the most important things and can hardly be separated from anyone’s life. Both children, adolescents, adults to parents, gadgets are important in everyday life. Unfortunately, not many of us realize that gadgets can have a negative impact when used too much.

Eye Health
Eye Health

Gadgets are very dangerous for Eye Health if used too long. Staring at gadget and computer screens and the like can cause disorders such as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), asthenopia (tired eyes) and dry eye (dry eye). For that, there are several ways that you can do to maintain eye health even if you use gadgets for too long.

Taking care of eye health doesn’t mean you have to stop using gadgets altogether. It is undeniable that many everyday things can be done through gadgets, from just looking for entertainment, shopping, communicating, to completing work, all of which can be done using only one device of your reliable gadget.

What is the way? Check out the following

If your job requires you to look at a computer screen or gadget all day long, try to make it look remotely every 30 minutes. Seeing this distance can be by looking out of the window, looking at the corner of the room or around which makes your eyes not only focus on the gadget screen in front of you.

Staring at the screen continuously will reduce our blink reflex. This is what often makes eyes dry. For that, try to blink regularly. Apart from maintaining eye health, it also relaxes your mind.

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How to Maintain Eye Health Even though You Like Playing Gadgets?

The ideal distance between the eye and the gadget is 30 to 40 cm. Make sure that you have that distance. Also, make sure that the position of the gadget is not level with the eyes so that the eyes stay healthy and awake.

Ideally, the use of gadgets is 2 hours per day. If you use a gadget or computer for more than two hours, you must regularly do eye sports or refresh your eyes. Don’t just stick to the gadget screen. Avoid using gadgets with lighting that is too bright. Lighting gadgets that are too bright can damage eye health.

Also, avoid staring at the gadget screen when the room light is dark. Try to stare at the gadget with sufficient room light. Staring at gadgets in a dark room slowly but surely will interfere with eye health. Do massage in the area around the eyes to get eyes that are always awake and healthy. This can also make the mind calmer and less stressed. See other interesting articles here.

Don’t forget to eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin A which are also healthy for the eyes. This is the article I wrote about How to Maintain Eye Health Even though I Like Playing Gadgets. Smog this article that I made can be helpful and useful for you.

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