Increase Immunity So It Is Not Easily Sick

Increase Immunity So It Is Not Easily Sick – The immune system or immune system has an important role in maintaining health. The body’s immunity must be maintained properly so that it is not susceptible to disease.

Increase Immunity
Increase Immunity

Increase Immunity a good immune system or immune system can protect us from the first time the germs that cause disease enter the body. Therefore, having a strong immune system is very important to prevent us from falling sick, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak like now. There are various ways that can be done to increase body immunity. Including adopting a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, and taking supplements to keep the immune system in good shape.

Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle

In order for the body’s immunity to work optimally so that the body is not susceptible to disease, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are some steps that can be taken to maintain and increase body immunity.

Expand to eat vegetables and fruit

To maintain and increase body immunity, you are advised to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Research shows that people who eat a lot of both types of food are less likely to get sick. This is because the vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables and fruit are able to strengthen the immune system against viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

Get enough rest

Lack of sleep can reduce body immunity. It is important to get enough sleep according to your age. Generally, adults need around 7-8 hours of sleep, and teenagers need around 9-10 hours of sleep.

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How to Increase Immunity So It Is Not Easily Sick?

Avoid stress

Uncontrolled stress can increase the production of the hormone cortisol. In the long run, an increase in the hormone cortisol can result in decreased immune function. You need to manage stress well to avoid decreased immune function.

Exercise regularly

It is recommended to exercise regularly for 30 minutes every day, to boost the immune system to fight infection. One sport that is cheap and easy to do is walking. Not only outside the home, sports or physical activity can also be done at home.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Excessive exposure to cigarette smoke and alcohol can damage the immune system. Smokers have a high risk of developing lung infections, such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Meanwhile, for smokers who are also alcoholics, the risk of getting lung infections will be even greater.

Supplements to Increase Immunity

The consumption of supplements may be an option to complement a less nutritious diet. If you are considering taking an immunity-boosting supplement, pay attention to the ingredients in the supplement. Apart from being able to boost your immune system, echinacea is believed to be useful as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. See other interesting articles here.

Control blood sugar levels and blood pressure. The fruit known as noni contains various substances that the body needs. For example, potassium contained in noni, can increase Increase Immunity and repair cell damage Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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