Innovative Health Programs That Can Improve Employee Health

Innovative Health Programs That Can Improve Employee Health – Health is a condition of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and is not simply the absence of illness or weakness. The understanding of health has shifted over time.

Employee Health
Employee Health

Employee Health The development of digital-based health technology has enabled everyone to learn and assess themselves, and participate actively in the health promotion movement. Various social factors influence health conditions, such as individual behavior, social conditions, genetics and biology, health care, and the physical environment.

In addition to the health programs above, company managers can also create several innovative health programs that can improve employee health. So that employees can use it to stay healthy and fit while working.

Provide Healthy Food

Company managers can initiate innovative health programs that can improve employee health by providing healthy food for employees. Healthy food can be food that contains enough nutrients and is not excessive. Healthy food with high nutritional content can help support employee health.

Clean Work Environment

With a clean environment, of course employees can work more comfortably and calmly. A clean environment also prevents employees from various diseases caused by dirty environments.

Sports allowance or routine sports activities

Apart from healthy food and a clean environment, the manager of a company or organization can provide sports allowances at public sports facilities such as gyms. This will make it easier for employees to access sports facilities to keep their bodies healthy and fit while working.

How to Innovative Health Programs That Can Improve Employee Health?

In addition to sports allowances, company or organization managers can also hold joint routine sports activities such as holding futsal, badminton, or other sports activities that are carried out together regularly.

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Lifepack to Support Your Employee Health Program

Lifepack is a digital pharmacy service that can support employee health programs for your company. We are here with the aim of making it easier for employees to access medicines. The medicines available at Lifepack are guaranteed to be 100% safe and authentic.

Lifepack provides a prescription drug redemption service which you can access by downloading the Lifepack application which is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Employees can redeem drug prescriptions by simply taking photos or uploading photos of prescriptions provided by doctors.

After the order is processed, the medicine will be delivered to the address that matches the address stated on the order. Lifepack also provides online doctor consultation services which employees can also access in the Lifepack application.

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Compensation for death

If things happen to the employee that are not desirable, namely death. One of the health benefits that can be provided is death compensation. This compensation is given to the employee’s family as a token of the service and dedication provided by the employee to the company or organization.

Employee Health now employees don’t have to worry about making prescription redemptions because Lifepack has an easy solution. Employees can still reach medicines easily, safely, and comfortably even from home.

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