Job Prospects For Community Health Graduates Other Than Being Public Nutrition Health Master

Job Prospects For Public Health Graduates In Addition To Being A Public Nutrition Health Master. Many people think that studying in the health department will surely be a doctor or nurse. In fact, there are many prospects or job opportunities for graduate health departments besides being doctors and nurses. In addition, in the Department of Public Health, there is a lot of work that you can try to support your career in the world of health, and of course have a big salary. The advantages of the Department of Public Health Sciences are many state and private universities in Indonesia that already have a major public health sciences.

The Department of Public Health has a very large and wide employment opportunity. The Public Health Sciences department can also be your choice in addition to the Medical department and nursing Department. Public Health Science department studied all areas of health. Some of these areas include disease prevention, health policy, Link health, health care, health promotion to epidemiology, and bioterrorism. Therefore, graduates from public Health Sciences department are needed by health companies.

 public nutrition Health Master
public nutrition Health Master

For those of you who are interested to enter this department and want to become a public nutrition Health Master, you need to know what courses to learn. Starting from the introduction of public health sciences, community reproductive health, administration and health policy, ethics and health Law, basic nutritional Sciences, introduction to the nutrition of society, to environmental management. In addition, there are several universities that have a major public health sciences that have been accredited A. Starting from Diponegoro University (UNDIP), University of Indonesia (UI), and University of Airlangga (Unair).

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In addition to being a public nutrition health master, here are some jobs for graduates from the Department of Public Health Sciences

One Of Public Nutrition Health Master Become a Lecturer

Being a lecturer is certainly one option but to be an expert in the field. If you prefer to teach the sciences you have learned during your studies, you can become a lecturer at a university. However, you must complete a Master/S2 education and must have good teaching skills in order to be appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Public Health Sciences. This profession is suitable for those of you who prefer in the world of education but still in the field of health precisely in the field of public health sciences.

In addition, being a lecturer at a university will give you benefits. From sharpening yourself in communicating, to understanding the materials you’ll be delivering to your students. Good communication skills are needed by a lecturer. Because you are required to make information or knowledge well and easily understood by your students. The salary of a lecturer is quite large but it depends on how good the university you teach. Therefore, being a lecturer is one of the best choices besides being a public nutrition health master.

Become a Nutritionist For Public Nutrition Master

Another work suitable for graduate School of Public Health Sciences is to become a nutritionist. For those of you who do not yet know, a nutritionist is different from a nutritionist physician. Where a nutritionist is tasked with analyzing diseases related to one’s nutrition and prescribe medication for patients. However, a nutritionist is tasked to make the community aware of healthy living by explaining and providing knowledge about nutrients in food, beverages, and so on.

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For those of you who don’t want to be a public nutrition Health Master, nutritionist becomes one of the best job options. A nutritionist is responsible for the patient’s nutritional service in the hospital by preparing a meal menu that corresponds to the patient’s disease condition. In addition, based on the education level, the work of nutritionist is differentiated into 2 namely nutritionist and nutritionist. A nutritionist is indispensable to give a choice of food with complete nutrition but according to the health condition of a person. The average salary for a nutritionist is 5 million rupiah and above per month.

Become Occupational Safety and Health Expert

The next job that is suitable for graduates from the Public Health Sciences department is to become an expert in occupational health and Safety. This job has a great prospect because this job is much needed big corporations. Large corporations need experts in this field to identify the safety and health aspects of work, and employees at the company. Being an expert in occupational safety and Health is crucial because if it is wrong in identifying the safety and health aspects of a company, then the expert is to blame.

Therefore, if you want to be an expert on occupational Health and safety, you must have high accuracy and also working well. 2 important aspects that must belong to an occupational Health and safety because they have to find and analyze the risk of accidents that can threaten workers in the company. The high risk of this work is according to the salary they receive where the average salary of this job is10 million rupiah above. Therefore, graduates from Public Health Sciences department do not have to be a public Nutrition Health MasterYou can try to become an occupational Health and safety expert.

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Working in health Policy administration

Working in the field of health policy administration is the next choice for you who are graduates of the Department of Public Health Sciences. This work is related to community service, especially in the health sector where the work consists of management process in the field of health. Examples of jobs in this field are hospital managers, pharmaceutical company managers, working in insurance companies such as BPJS, to work in the healthcare department. The number of job options in the field makes this work very much in demand by many graduates from the Department of Public Health Sciences.

If you are less interested in working as a public Nutrition Health MasterYou can choose a job in the Health Policy administration field. The number of job options in the Health policy administration will make it easier for you to decide what work you will choose. You can also work in large corporations, hospitals, and government companies. Salaries of individuals working in the field of health policy administration vary considerably depending on the type of work, and how big the company you’re working with. See other interesting articles here.

That is the information about the job reference for graduates from the Public Health Sciences department that you can try. There is nothing wrong with being an expert, but if you want to find other jobs in the health sector, you can try some of the work examples above. Hopefully, the information can help you to get reference to the work related to the field of public health sciences.

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