Kinds of Mental Illness that Interfere With Health

Kinds of Mental Illness that Interfere With Health – There are many different kinds of mental illnesses with different presentations. Types of mental illness cannot be considered as a problem to be trifled with. The reason is, mental illness can affect activities and daily life.

Interfere with Health
Interfere with Health

Interfere with Health These types of mental illness can cause different and distinctive signs. There are effective treatments for mental illness and ways to relieve suffering. The recovery for these types of mental illness is different. Therefore, a person cannot just diagnose himself as having a mental illness. It takes a series of tests and observations by a doctor to find someone mentally disturbed.

Anxiety Disorders is one of the types of mental illness that is common. A state in which a person experiences anxiety disorders when responding to an object or situation. Usually the patient experiences a feeling of intense fear accompanied by changes in physical signs.

Anxiety in public places or crowds, panic and phobia of something, are included in this Anxiety Disorders. If you’ve ever felt excessively nervous when appearing in public, chances are you have this disorder.

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are the following kinds of mental illnesses that often occur. If you often feel sad all the time or have experienced excessive happiness, chances are you are experiencing this mental illness. Mood Disorders are also called affective disorders or psychiatric disorders that affect how a person feels.

This extreme emotional shift from being happy to suddenly becoming sad is also a part of this disorder. What we are more familiar with is Bipolar Disorders. Cyclotymic disorders or sudden emotional changes on a mild scale are also included in this type, the most common sufferers are in adolescence.

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How to Kinds of Mental Illness that Interfere with Health?

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders or eating disorders involve extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors that affect the sufferer’s weight and diet. Feeling hungry wherever and whenever or not having an appetite is a symptom that is commonly noticed.

Anorexia Nervosa and Bullmia Nervosa belong to this mental disorder. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by resistance to food. These sufferers feel afraid if the food consumed causes weight gain.

Personality Disorders

The next types of mental illness are Personality Disorders. A person with this disorder has extreme personality traits and is inflexible, often makes it difficult for others and / or often causes problems at work, school or social relationships. See other interesting articles here.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

People with OCD are overwhelmed by constant thoughts or fear of something. This causes them to carry out certain routines or rituals. They have an obsession with disturbed thinking and perform rituals compulsively.

Interfere with Health some examples of someone having PTSD, namely having experienced sexual or physical attacks, the death of someone they love very much, or natural disasters that leave memories that are difficult to forget. Since Indonesia is a disaster-prone country, chances are there are quite a lot of PTSD  Thank you.

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