Maintain Weight To Stay Healthy

Maintain Weight To Stay Healthy – You can also create a strategy to maintain your weight, for example by combining favorite foods and healthy foods. You can use the smartphone application to continuously monitor the development of body weight and calories that enter your body.

Stay Healthy
Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy the problem is not everyone is lucky to have the ideal body weight. A person with innate talent for fat, will look full even if he eats a little. Apart from being congenital, there are many causes of obesity. Namely because of lifestyle, which includes the wrong diet, lack of exercise, hormonal influences and stress.

When you eat various kinds of food without you knowing it, the calories that enter the body also increase. Get your body used to keep moving. Ample physical activity can help manage your weight. Reducing calories is actually more effective than exercise in the weight loss process. Even so, walking for 30 minutes every day can lose 0.15 kg each week.

Keep eating

Trying to manage the calories that enter your body doesn’t mean you don’t eat something or feel hungry. If you really like to eat, just eat, but choose foods that are healthy and low in calories. If you are easily tempted by pies, cakes, potato chips, and other fatty foods, you can choose foods that are almost the same but healthier. For example, you could replace ice cream sticks with frozen bananas, or vegetable chips instead of packaged potato chips.

How to Maintain Weight To Stay Healthy?

Change menu with the same portion

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You can still have a full plate portion, if you change several types of food. For example, you could try a 50% portion of a plate with fruit and vegetables, 25% whole grains or whole grains. For example brown rice, and 25% protein. Protein can keep your body full longer.

Don’t skip breakfast

Research cited by shows that people who skip breakfast tend to gain weight compared to those who don’t. According to the National Institutes of Health, this happens because people tend to feel hungry during the day. When you’re hungry, the hormone leptin is released, so you eat anything out of control, plus you will snack out of control too. See other interesting articles here.

Don’t hold back on eating your favorite food

Even if you are adjusting your diet, you can still eat your favorite foods. When you want to eat it, you can eat it, but balance it with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk, and plain water balancing your intake with healthy foods can make you feel full and reduce hunger even though your calorie intake is low.

Eat completely consciously

Stay Healthy you may be snacking while watching television. It feels good to eat while watching television, but it will make you eat again and again. When you eat foods that are high in calories, try to eat them with full awareness, feel every bite, be aware when you are swallowing the food, and enjoy every taste the food produces.

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