Maintaining Physical and Mental Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Maintaining Physical and Mental Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic – Bryne also said that there are many fitness experts who provide free home workouts online for people to keep them active during gym closures. Various applications are also available for people.

Mental Health in Corona
Mental Health in Corona

Leslie Wulowka, Regional Director of Mental Health at the North Regional Health Authority, said gyms could open online exercises. However, people Mental Health in Corona can also use training and exercise applications for guidance. “You can still use the same technique,” he said.

If it is allowed, Wulowka advised residents to go around the house to just walk lightly. Certainly without violating social distancing recommendations to stay away from other people. According to him, this is good for health, especially so as not to cause problems in the future when the pandemic is over.

Public health dietitian Melissa Pham said some items, including pasta, pasta sauces, frozen fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cheese and canned vegetables and nuts that last longer. According to Pham, it is important to practice a conscious diet and not allow yourself to be distracted so that you don’t realize that you are full.

Parents can take advantage of the time available to better teach their children to look after their food. Even children can be involved in determining the dishes to be served and invited to cook together. To maintain body fitness during the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, it takes extra time. In addition, residents must also be at home during times of social restrictions.

How a Maintaining Physical and Mental Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

However, the road to health is not closed. Those who are just at home can still do various activities to maintain their health. “The key to maintaining health, both mentally and physically, is to stay active every day,” said Laban Fitness owner Chris Byrne as quoted by Thomson Citizen. Bryne explained, to maximize activity as an efficient exercise, heart rate must be increased. For 20 minutes a day, increase your heart rate by increasing the intensity of the activity.

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YouTube and Instagram, and various social media outlets have thousands of exercises that can be done at home without equipment. Just search using the keywords ‘home exercise’, and ‘no equipment.’ The results are many and varied. There are all training levels for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. Do this every day.

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Try something new. Try it with the people you love. Use this exercise as a very simple way to bond with the people you love while staying fit,” says Bryne. Byrne also advised them to maintain nutrition while staying at home. For example, by eating fruits and vegetables, one-quarter protein foods and one-quarter grain foods.

Bryne says, being fit is also about being balanced. So, this opportunity can be used to find the positive side of quarantine.”Learn new things. Teach your loved ones your wisdom. Read Mental Health in corona watch movies, try new recipes and contact your family and friends via video conferencing,” he said.

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