Other jobs for Bachelor of Public Health in addition to being a Public Health Nutrition Master

Other jobs for Bachelor of Public Health in addition to being a Public Health Nutrition Master. Nowadays, the health aspect of the community is one of the things that the government has noticed. This happens there are still many people who have not yet obtained health facilities and infrastructures that deserve to support their health. In addition, there are still people who have not met their nutritional intake which causes some nutritional problems. Therefore, public health scholars are needed in improving the health system that exists in the community.

In addition, there have been many universities in Indonesia that have a major public health program accredited A. Several universities that have a major in public health with received A are the University of Indonesia, University of Airlangga, and Diponegoro University. If you are interested in becoming a public health scholar, there are some courses that you must learn and master in advance. Starting from the epidemiology of infectious and transmitted diseases, health information systems, health promotion, basic occupational safety and health, health care management, and others.

public health and wellness master
public health and wellness master

A Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition will be a public health and wellness master. Being an expert certainly has an important role in solving health problems in a community environment. In addition, Bachelor of Public Health also plays a role in maintaining the health of people to stay healthy and encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being an expert in this field, public health scholars can also have other jobs that are still related to the world of health and Public Health sciences.

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Here are some types of jobs suitable for public health scholars other than being a public health nutrition Master

Become a Healthcare Administrator

The first work suitable for public health scholars is to become a Health administrator. This work is actually quite a lot of a public health scholar because the prospect of working as an administrator is quite good. The task of a healthcare administrator is to ensure that the health services provided by the hospitals or public health centers are appropriate and quality. Therefore, this work can be met in hospitals, health centers, and government institutions.

Become a Staff Health and safety Engineer

The next job prospects for public health scholars in addition to Public Health Nutrition master are becoming occupational health and safety staff. You should know that a company has a work safety and health program. That means the opportunity to get a job especially to be a very large occupational health and safety staff. This job has a fairly complex and technical task. Those who become Health and safety Engineer staff must ensure the safety and health system of a company is correct or not.

Because of its technical duties, this work requires thoroughness in carrying out its duties. For example, when providing disaster simulation or safety-related events, the Health and safety Engineer staff should not give instructions. In addition to the task, Bachelor of Public Health who is a staff of Health and safety Engineer is also tasked with designing a safety system in a company. It aims to allow employees in the company to avoid illness and events or disasters during their work.

Being a Part of Health Promotion is a Similar to Public Health Nutrition Master

For those of you who are bachelor of Public health, besides being a public health Nutrition master, you can also work as part of health promotion. In studying public health sciences, prospective public health scholars are sure to study health promotion. If you are studying the course, you can become part of a health promotion in a community environment. This job is almost the same as marketing which you have to be able to invite people to live healthy life. This work is perfect for those of you who like to market something persuasive.

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Becoming a Biostatistician

Biostatistician is one of the types of work in the field of public health that is very complex. This is because this work relates to research and analysis on the development of health in the community. Because of its complex nature, you should proceed to the higher level of the master so that you are better prepared in preparing self-competence when working as a biostatistician. As a biostatistician, you must prepare time to work in Laboratory and analyze various problems related to public health.

If you are competent enough, you can try to become a biostatistician abroad. The advantage of being a biostatistician from the Public Health Nutrition Master is his high salary. A researcher in the health sector will be paid about tens of millions rupiah. In addition, the demands for researching various health problems in the community require you to travel to other cities to other countries covered by the institution. Therefore, the profession biostatistician pretty much have a special fan for graduates of the Public health department.

Become An Epidemiologist Part Of Public Health Nutrition Master

Almost identical to a biostatistician, an epidemic member must also be able to analyze a situation in society as if there were a disease outbreak. For those of you who want to become a biostatistician, you must first master the epidemiology. This science learns about patterns, and factors of health and diseases that are mutually binding. In addition, to master the epidemiology Sciences, you must also master statistic sciences, anthropology, sociology, and medical sciences.

It sounds very complex, isn’t it? Being an epidemiologist is not easy but not means cannot. Because this science is quite complicated, you are authorized to continue the higher education level of master. It aims to be able to master the sciences that have been mentioned above that is quite difficult. An epidemiologist will work at a government or university research Center. The advantages of this work rather than the public Health Nutrition Master is the salary that can be derived from the research fund of hundreds of millions to billions rupiah.

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Become a Lecturer

Similar to all other majors, public health scholars can also be a lecturer in a state or private university. For those of you who are interested in becoming a public health lecturer, you must prepare adequate teaching and research knowledge. There are several disciplines that many candidates are interested in ranging from mental health, vaccination, social behavior, and bioterrorism. In addition, you also have to have good communication skills so that the material you convey can be accepted and understood by your students. See other interesting articles here.

As a Bachelor of Public health, there are many job options that you can choose in addition to being a public health nutrition master. The revenues of the above jobs are also quite promising. Therefore, prepare yourself to determine which work you will choose in the future. Hopefully information about the job reference for public health scholars can help you in finding a job.

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