Oxygen Dust Also Affects Your Health

Oxygen Dust Also Affects Your Health – Breathing is an activity known as involuntary or carried out unconsciously. In addition, the term involuntary activity of breathing is also caused because breathing takes place outside the control or conscious human mind.

Oxygen Dust
Oxygen Dust

When we breathe, we Inhalation of Oxygen Dust, through the respiratory tract, namely the nose or mouth, then release carbon dioxide back through the nose or mouth. After entering through the nose or mouth, the air we breathe will enter the lungs and then flow throughout the body through the blood circulating in the body.

When inhaling, it turns out that there are various small particles that are inhaled and enter the body. If there are various particles that enter the body through the lungs, are there any harmful effects on the body.

When we breathe and do the activity of inhaling air or oxygen, it turns out that not only oxygen is inhaled. Various types of gases, such as nitrogen, methane, helium, and various other types of gases are also inhaled when friends breathe in oxygen. Not only oxygen and various other gases, there are various particles or other components that are also inhaled through the nose or mouth into the body.

Water vapor, spores, pollen, and even dust particles can be inhaled when we breathe, namely when we breathe in air. These small particles are referred to as aerosols and originate primarily from natural sources.

How Is Dust Oxygen Also Inhaled When We Inhale Oxygen?

Apart from aerosols, there are also bioaerosols, which are small microbial organisms that can be transported or moved through wind, rain, and even when sneezing. Dust that enters the body through the respiratory tract, namely the nose, will go to the nasopharynx, which is the part of the pharynx that is used for the passage of food and air.

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The oxygen or air that we breathe then enters the lungs, then enters the alveolar sac, so that gas exchange occurs. The gas exchange that occurs is oxygen or air with carbon dioxide, which will be released when we exhale. See other interesting articles here.

When this gas exchange process, dust can enter and be in the respiratory tract. The body can handle well the dust that enters when breathing. Even though every time you breathe in oxygen there are various dust particles that are also inhaled, including dust, we don’t need to worry, here.

This is because the body can properly handle the dust that enters our body when we breathe. In the human respiratory tract, there is the nasal mucosa or respiratory mucosa, which is better known as mucus.

In the section on Inhalation of Oxygen Dust, large particles will be trapped by cilia or small hair and mucus in the nose. Meanwhile, the smaller particles will go to the pharynx and get trapped by mucus. If there is still dust that gets into the trachea, the dust will again become trapped in the mucus that covers the trachea. Tat’s just some information about the benefits you can get through.

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