Personal Health Favored by Lots People

Personal Health Favored by Lots People – Personal health is an effort or behavior to maintain the health status that is owned by one self. Mentioning personal health is all the efforts and actions of a person to maintain, maintain and improve the degree of his own health within the limits of his ability, in order to get the pleasure of life and have the best workforce.

Personal Health
Personal Health

Personal Health is a way to achieve a healthy life, the goal of personal and community life is to achieve a happier, healthier and more productive life. Health is very important, many people just realized how important health is after suffering from illness.

Grow well, can be seen from the increase in height regularly and proportionally. Agile, agile and happy, clean and shining eyes, good appetite, good digestion of food, fresh lips and tongue and odorless warming, happy to do sports and enjoy regular rest time.

Skin and hair clean and not dry

Healthy living habits starting from home, healthy behavior is needed by each individual child. Because personal hygiene can support oneself in carrying out activities and activities. As for business or healthy living habits at home through maintaining personal hygiene.

How a Personal Health Favored by Lots People?

Skin cleanliness

The skin is the body’s web covering as a body wrap, which functions to protect parts of the body against external interference, especially germs and diseases, regulates body heat, places the sense of touch (taste), so that we can feel pain and heat, making Vitamin D under the influence sunlight and generate resistance to several germs.

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To keep all skin functions well maintained, the main requirement is skin cleanliness. Bathing is necessary to keep the body clean so that the body is protected from skin diseases and bad odors. Wash with soap and clean water so that dust and dirt on the body can be clean. Bathing will give you a fresh and comfortable feeling.

Eye health

Eyes are classified as the most important tool for humans and are gifts from the Almighty. From that we must care and maintain as best as possible, and above all protect him from the dangers of blindness. The following instructions should be taken seriously.

Brushing your teeth after eating and before going to bed

Teeth must always be clean to stay healthy, the habit of brushing your teeth after eating and before going to bed is a healthy lifestyle. After eating, of course, there are always leftovers stuck between our teeth, sometimes sometimes we don’t feel it. The main cause of tooth decay is food waste which generally consists of hydrated charcoal. See other interesting articles here.

Hair Hygiene

Hair is useful as a head protector from the sun, and beautifies the face. Personal Health gets dirty easily because there is a lot of dust around us. The dirt attached to the hair must always be cleaned when we shower. Hair is washed with hair washing agents so that the hair is clean again. The characteristics of healthy hair

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