Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Diabetes Patients

Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Diabetes Patients. Diabetes is a disease that occurs in the human body so it is often referred to as Internal Disease (Internist). This disease is also called congenital disease or comorbidities that are experienced and attack humans. The internal organs in the body of patients who are attacked by this disease are not small and even lead to death if not treated immediately.

The triggers for this disease have various sources, it can be from internal sources and external sources. Whatever the name, diabetes is not a minor disease because it attacks the patient’s vital organs. This disease is not transmitted from person to person but is passed down directly to the offspring. Even the risk in offspring is 60% greater than the previous sufferer. It is important to maintain a pattern of life plus other daily health patterns

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

How Diabetes Mellitus Works

Knowing how diabetes mellitus works in the context of prevention so that the potential for this disease to occur can be avoided. Public Health Nutrition Perspectives on how diabetes works need to be known to the wider community. Diabetes has symptoms that need to be watched out for so it is important to take smart, careful and thorough steps such as routine blood tests every 3 months. If blood sugar crosses normal limits, then do a strict diet.

This disease is characterized by the insolvency of insulin in the human body where the source of insulin, the pancreas, is no longer able to produce it adequately. Insulin functions to control blood sugar levels that come from food substances that humans eat into energy reserves. If there is minimal or no insulin, then blood sugar becomes uncontrollable, excessive, and its impact massively overwhelms all organs of the body and damages them.

Attacks on 1 Internal Organs

Diabetes can only flood one of the organs in the patient’s body with high blood sugar plus attack it and not damage other vital organs of the body. Suppose the kidneys are attacked by blood sugar while the heart, lungs, and eyes are still normal. The Public Health Nutrition Perspective evaluates that this condition is still limit safe.

The attack of diabetes on the kidneys should not be underestimated because if the kidney has decreased, then the condition will no longer be raised to all positions. For example, the kidney condition reaches 80%, drops to 70%, and so on, then this condition will no longer reach 80% or 90%. Recovery of the kidneys must be intensified so that the condition does not continue to decline plus prevent sugar patients from experiencing dialysis.

Attacks on Many Internal Organs

This form of massive attack is what diabetes patients fear. Once blood sugar floods all the organs in the body and attacks them, the vital organs of the body will be damaged. The Public Health Nutrition Perspective evaluates that this condition is unsafe. Patients will experience complications of serious diseases that are controlled by diabetes. Not only that, the drugs that are consumed are not small and lead to attacks returning to the kidneys.

The related internist always evaluates and recommends the patient concerned for medical treatment to an eye doctor, cardiologist, lung doctor, and others. So there are more than 4 specialist doctors that people with diabetes should visit to get maximum health benefits. Medical costs that must be spent are greater. But that’s the risk of people with diabetes, so take care of your lifestyle

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is no longer affecting the elderly and has even attacked young people. The type is divided into two: (1) wet diabetes and (2) dry diabetes. These two types of diabetes attack the patient’s organs differently and significantly. The Public Health Nutrition Perspective assesses that the recovery of the disease cannot be 100%. Unlike the case with external diseases such as minor injuries due to accidents that can be recovered 100%.

Wet diabetes and dry diabetes have different ways of handling each. Patients who experience it can be treated with a strict diet of foods and the like. Patients also need to take control with a health consultation to an Internal Medicine Specialist. The doctor concerned who performs the evaluation, criteria, and certain developments on the development of the patient concerned.

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Diatebes Wet

This type of diabetes is heavier than Dry diabetes. Aspects that are attacked concerning the Heart, Blood, Lungs – Lungs, Kidneys, Eyes and blood circulation. The patient’s sugar level exceeds the established normal limit, then the potential for wet blood sugar will occur. If the wet blood sugar has a small wound, the potential wound will be difficult to heal. The Public Health Nutrition Perspective assesses the smart efforts of the patient to recover quickly.

Other symptoms of wet sugar include: (1) easy sleep; (2) easy stomach pain; (3) reduced vision; (4) blood sugar levels increase; and (5) and others. All of these symptoms must be observed by potential sufferers so that they can be avoided and prevented. Indeed, the above symptoms do not mean positive diabetes, but there is no harm in anticipating so as not to get it. If the disease is inherited, the potential to experience it is much greater than non-diabetic hereditary.

Dry Diatebes

Often referred to as dry sugar. Dry sugar is not as heavy as Wet Sugar. Even so, it does not mean that it is underestimated. Symptoms or signs are the same as wet sugar. Public Health Nutrition Perspective says that the intake of food or drink is the cause. Examples of consuming drinks or foods that contain high sugar. This disease is difficult to recover from, but if there is a small wound, it can still dry out like normal.

One of the effects of dry sugar experienced by patients is a thin body. Dry sugar eats away at the physical body, unlike wet sugar which does not eat away at the physical body. The diet can not be much, aka measured, plus you should not consume food too late. The activity must be a lot of movement and exercise in order to produce energy plus blood sugar levels can be suppressed. Control is mandatory for medical consultations to relevant doctors.

Abstinence for Diabetes Patients

This prohibition is arranged so that the patient’s condition is healthy and moves normally as usual without being haunted by rising or falling blood sugar. Public Health Nutrition assesses that there are many taboos that diabetes patients must observe, whether wet or dry. The aspects of abstinence can take many forms, for example: sleep patterns, lifestyle, diet, exercise, drugs, and so on. Even though wet or dry diabetes cannot be cured 100%, it can be recovered 100%.

“Cannot recover 100% but can recover 100%” means that people with diabetes cannot be healthy and cannot recover 100% like other normal people who are not affected by this disease, can recover 100% meaning diabetics can do activities. like other normal people do without feeling the disease. It should be reminded that sufferers still need to be given the energy and motivation to stay healthy.

Restrictions on Wet Sugar

The abstinence from wet sugar patients was far more than those for dry sugar patients. The intake of public health nutrition about 4 Healthy 5 Perfect must be increased again by always consulting with nutrition specialists and internal medicine specialists. The two doctors gave positive feedback in terms of the aspect of food (nutrition) plus the aspect of blood sugar levels itself. Do not get tired and try not to have a small wound is a taboo.

If excess sugar levels in wet sugar sufferers, it can harm all the vital organs of the individual body. As for other taboos specifically for wet sugar patients, namely: (1) no excessive consumption of carbohydrates; (2) apples and oranges should not be consumed; and (3) not sleeping in the morning from 10 am to 2 pm. This perspective is part of the recovery and treatment of diabetes mellitus. If violated, blood sugar will increase.

Restrictions on Dry Sugar

Patients with dry sugar have a little more taboos that must be followed, although there are also some differences. Public Health Nutrition intake of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect must be increased again by always consulting with an Internal Medicine Specialist. The insulin produced by the pancreas goes into “bankruptcy”, causing individuals to experience dry sugar. Patients should always avoid abstinence in order to recover quickly and be healthy.

Insulin injection is a solution to reduce high blood sugar levels. The problem is that using insulin injections can make patients faint if they are not strong because initially the blood sugar level is lowered to a new low level and then increases again gradually. The prohibition or prohibition of dry sugar sufferers is not much different from wet sugar patients, it’s just that dry sugar patients look normal.

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Diabetes Treatment

Consuming Public Health Nutrition through the intake of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect must be more specific. If you are not already in the category of diabetes sufferers, you can take phase 1 drugs that have been prescribed by the related doctor. But if it is a patient or sufferer category, then the drugs given are “fierce drugs” which are more effective. Treatment therapy must be more regular and disciplined. Ask whether this congenital disease can be cured or not to the related doctor.

There needs to be smart and careful efforts to cure and recover diabetes patients, both men, women and their backgrounds. One example: a patient with high blood sugar reaches 500 who follows a strict diet plus other therapies for several months can reduce blood sugar levels to 250. There are 2 questions, namely: (1) how to do it? and (2) what kind of medicine does it consume? All of that is supportive but smart effort is best.

Forms of Family Support for Diabetes Patients

Give spirit to the patient concerned because this is not all his wishes. Public Health Nutrition Perspective said that individuals have tried to prevent this disease. Patients with diabetes need not be shunned and feared because this disease is not contagious even though they wear the same clothes as other people. Positive support is very much needed in order to carry out normal activities.

If you have a family, then your wife or husband supports each other and ensures that everything can be passed together. If you are single, your parents or siblings can give positive encouragement to move forward together. Even if you have to be hospitalized, get hospitalized properly. Not a few people with diabetes both wet sugar and dry sugar live longer than people with cancer or tumors. Stay sweet and positive thinking.


If the diagnosis result of a specialist in saying that a patient or sufferer of diabetes does not need to be hospitalized, it is sufficient to be outpatient, then do the diabetes mellitus health procedure. It is not uncommon for internists to recommend the patient to consult a nutritionist to a nutrition specialist. A Nutrition Specialist who provides instructions on healthy food and is free of sugar or carbohydrates according to Public Health Nutrition.

Follow all doctor’s instructions for maximum results. If it is not heeded, then the treatment can be repeated from the beginning or at least a stronger drug is given. Do not forget to undergo a blood test to find out the progress of the patient’s blood sugar levels. Even if blood sugar falls, the patient can smile more, but if the opposite is true, then in the future we can take smart and careful steps to improve it more positively.


Inpatient procedures are strict than outpatient. In the outpatient model, the patient may lie that he has taken medication even though he has not. Meanwhile, in the inpatient model, the procedure for administering drugs to patients is directly monitored by hospital nurses or Puskesmas so that the potential for the drug has not been given or has not been eaten by diabetes mellitus sufferers is very small. This is in accordance with the principles of Public Health Nutrition regarding diabetes mellitus.

Generally, hospitalization for people with diabetes depends on the doctor’s diagnosis and the patient’s disease condition. As long as the patient is hospitalized, the rights and obligations of the patient are still given and protected. The family is asked to obey discipline and order when visiting the hospital. Medicines and medical examinations are carried out according to a predetermined time schedule and according to inpatient procedures.

Method of Burning Blood Sugar Levels

Burning blood sugar levels is very much needed to reduce high blood sugar levels. Burning blood sugar produces energy in carrying out certain activities. The Public Health Nutrition Guide requires that every individual is always moving and moving plus not being carried away by sleep. Resting more than 8 hours can lead to high blood sugar deposition. The concept of burning blood sugar is the same as the concept of non diabetes mellitus patients.

Even so, the concept of burning blood sugar does not have to be extreme. Run in a normal way as if not experiencing any pain. The method of suppressing high blood sugar levels with extreme procedures has the potential to make people with diabetes become weak even though blood sugar decreases. Here are some health tips that can help reduce high sugar levels:


Can be done in a number of ways that are light, normal, and safe such as: jogging, swimming, basketball, table tennis, and so on. Sports experts also recommend the same according to a Public Health Nutrition Perspective. Before doing sports, do an early health check on him whether he is ready to do it or not. When conditions are ready, warm up lightly before starting the actual exercise.

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In doing light exercise, you need to pay attention to the duration of time, say 20 minutes – 30 minutes. Burning high blood sugar levels with exercise procedures does not need to be done every day but can be done in the range of 2x a week to 3x a week. When you have finished light exercise, re-warm up to relieve your physique the body returns to normal after exercise. Do it regularly, blood sugar projections reach normal conditions.

Doing Normally

People with wet and dry diabetes can carry out normal activities such as other non-diabetes mellitus such as working, washing clothes, having an office, shopping, going out of town, and so on. The effect of public health nutrition is very significant on the activities of wet and dry sugar patients. Even though the health and physical conditions are not the same as before, it is not an obstacle to doing something positively.

Doing a certain activity as long as it is light and does not increase stamina is not a problem. Doing certain jobs also helps to suppress the high blood sugar cycle for the better, for example, sugar levels 400 to blood sugar 300. By doing activities, blood sugar burns which produce energy. Also pay attention to the duration of the activity is not too long or limit the time and get enough rest.

Hospital Payment Methods

Illness or any form of incident came uninvited and recovered not picked up. Prepare everything before it’s too late. The meaning is to prepare payments so that health consultations to specialist doctors will not experience obstacles. The public health nutrition Perspectives regarding hospital payments are included in the rights and obligations of patients with diabetes. Adjust to your financial capacity because health is a form of investment.

There are several payment methods that are commonly used: (1) BPJS; (2) Insurance; (3) Cash data; (4) Credit Card; and (5) Digital Fund. There are advantages and disadvantages attached to the payment mechanism. For those who are married or have a family, preparations have come a long way because of the support of one party. Meanwhile, for those who are not married, preparations are still under way because the finances are only from themselves.

Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus

It is not difficult to prevent this disease as long as it is routine, diligent, and disciplined. Supply 4 Sehat 5 Sempurna gives full contribution to the realization of Public Health Nutrition. Early prevention is related to daily activities, such as: (1) consuming enough food; (2) sleep at night before 21.30 at night; (3) exercise regularly; and (4) avoid sleeping after 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

In addition, run a blood check procedure every 3 months or every 6 months. In addition, eat dinner before 18.00 and consume fiber-containing fruits such as bananas and papayas, plus avoid consuming high-sweetened foods or drinks. This study has been carried out scientific research and can be proven empirically, therefore there is no need to doubt this recommendation.

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Consume Sufficient Food

In consuming food, both breakfast and dinner, you should count the amount of food proactively. Intake of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect must be present but that does not mean it violates the perspective of Public Health Nutrition. The point is that consuming any food should not be excessive but sufficient. Consumers must limit that life is not for eating and eating is not for living.

If this aspect has been carried out properly, the potential for diabetes mellitus infection can be avoided. Is it hard to do it? The answer is not difficult as long as individuals can be disciplined and do not break it. The culture of eating in moderation must be encouraged so that it does not become a congenital disease. By maintaining a lifestyle, lifestyle, and diet, the physical body and stamina will become even more fierce.

This is a review of the Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Diabetes Patients that the public should know. This review only contains a short and simple message, presumably to provide more benefits to the wider community. Remember the slogan: “Prevention is Better Than Medicine” is useful to apply so that the body is healthy and strong. The author received positive feedback for the improvement and continuity of this article. Greetings literacy.

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