Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Elderly Parents

Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Elderly Parents. Having elderly parents who can live and take care of them is a rare opportunity that God has given to His people. Not all of His servants are given such good opportunities. There were times when he did not have the opportunity to give it due to certain factors where only God’s business and His servant concerned knew about it.

After parents take care of their children from infancy to adulthood, become independent and married, it is time for the parents to be no longer strong as they used to be but with their old age becoming weak. It is the turn of the sons and daughters to repay their kindness by doing care and maintenance. Whether they admit it or not, the kindness of their sons and daughters is not equal to the kindness of their parents, but that does not mean that the child’s role is dwarfed.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

Management of Diseases Affecting Elderly Parents Of Public Health Nutrition

Parents aged 68 years and over need attention and affection from their children. At his age, his attitudes and behavior have changed and lead to the attitudes of young children. Even so, the intake of Public Health Nutrition in the form of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect should not be ignored. Pay attention and pay attention to various diseases that afflict elderly parents. Take it to the nearest hospital and consult the related doctor.

Stay calm and control your emotions when dealing with the behavior of elderly parents who get angry easily if their wishes are not fulfilled. This perspective is very reasonable, but well and positively addressed. As sons and daughters, they should not be carried away by emotion for a moment. Respect him regardless of the condition because when he was a child, parents took care of their children with love and affection painstakingly.

Consult the doctor concerned

Old-age parents don’t ask for anything because they realize that they don’t want to trouble their children either. Parents want their children’s awareness to give full and sincere attention. This form of attention can be referred to as Public Health Nutrition to parents. Pay attention and pay attention to the physicality of the parents, is there anything strange? plus ask which body part is experiencing pain.

If there is, immediately take and rush the parents to the hospital for further assistance. Tell me about the disease and ask your doctor about the best solution to prevent and treat it. Even if you don’t have qualified finances, you can transfer them to other payment methods such as BPJS or Insurance. Take a look and think of the best payment methods for Hospitals.

Pay Attention to Drugs – Drugs Consumed One Of The Factors Public Health Nutrition

All medical drugs that have been redeemed have been observed carefully and carefully, both usage, expiration and dosage. Encourage parents positively to take syrup or capsules with the aim of healing and being able to return to normal activities with their children and grandchildren. The Public Health Nutrition Perspective must be instilled in the context of maximum and optimal recovery, healing and treatment of old people.

If necessary, feed your elderly parents with sincere and sincere affection. Keep on giving and increasing the clover so that her aura doesn’t deteriorate. In fact, take it and take it for a walk around the mall so that it feels new and will look fresh one day. If the medicine runs out, you can schedule it to consult a doctor again or buy the medicine directly at the pharmacy.

Pay attention to food intake according to the best nutrition

Food intake still needs attention and attention. Avoid consuming ready-to-eat food every day and pay attention to portion sizes so you don’t overdo it. Eat nutritious foods. 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. Public Health Nutrition Perspectives towards elderly parents need to be followed up positively. Admittedly or not, old age can turn a person concerned into irritability, nagging and crankiness.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that everything can’t be discussed. The most important thing is that their sons and daughters always invite them to communicate and do not just ignore their parents. Even if you only ask: “Have you eaten or not”? means giving more attention than not asking about his condition. Accompany parents to always eat together, tell stories, and reminisce together and don’t let parents always eat alone.

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Preparation of sons and daughters to face elderly parents for public health nutrition

In fact, there is no more preparation for dealing with the attitudes and behavior of elderly parents as long as the children are positive, respectful, and build good communication. Public Health Nutrition insights regarding children’s preparation for elderly parents need to be emphasized so that their old age will run beautifully. Apart from that harmony between family members needs to be put forward so that any potential conflicts can be prevented.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

If the child has a family plus a child, you should teach them to provide warm clear water and snacks to serve to parents. Even though it was a short time and didn’t stay overnight, the presence of the grandchildren also enlivened and colored the quiet atmosphere. That’s a glimpse of simple preparations for dealing with elderly parents. Do good to your parents while they are alive and happy.

Give Money or any Shape as a Hold

Even though parents are classified as rich and economically capable people, when they enter old age, any amount of money becomes useless because the focus is no longer on earning money or working but enjoying old age. The elderly only consume food intake based on Public Health Nutrition, namely 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. Give sufficient funds to him as part of faith and a form of respect for him.

The provision of certain financial funds based on their abilities will not be in vain. They will all return to being extraordinary and multiply. Elderly parents will always wish their children the success in terms of economy, health, work, and so on. This financial gift to him should not be interpreted as “pity his parents” but the truth is “loving his parents”.

Don’t Grieve Her Heart One Factor Of public Health Nutrition

Avoid direct and indirect conflicts with elderly parents. Please his heart with love, compassion, sincerity and sincerity. The happiness of the child is the happiness of the parent concerned. The emphasis of Public Health Nutrition on happiness is a top priority aspect that must be highlighted. Avoid making your parents cry and sad.

Convey all opinions and complaints to parents elegantly by promoting respect for them. Avoid harsh words, indecisive anger, and anything else that makes her heart sad and grieved. Remember, God is All Seeing. When his inner soul is injured, it is difficult for him to recover. Continue to build positive communication with him even though his attitudes and behavior are rejected.

Compact and harmonious between big Brother – little Brother

Prioritize honesty with each other and have no other purpose than to look after and care for your parents. Mutual support can be presented between siblings. The view of public health nutrition in the compact and harmonious aspect is a solution that can make the lives of elderly parents more beautiful. The oldest child must position himself as a surrogate parent and a positive example to follow.

As long as parents are still alive, it is strictly forbidden to secretly distribute assets without permission and without the knowledge of the parents. This can only be done when both parents have died. Forms like this must be understood and shared between siblings so that potential direct and indirect conflicts do not occur. If a dispute arises, renegotiate and discuss the problem intensively.

Types of Common Diseases in the Elderly

If a certain disease afflicts elderly parents, not a few children and in-laws are confused about it. Especially the position of children and in-laws who are outside the city and live in it. Children and in-laws still need to know the basic knowledge of various types of diseases from the perspective of Public Health Nutrition. With a little knowing, at least it can provide a glimmer of understanding and hope.

Giving love to parents is not only with money or gifts but can also be in other forms by providing health education. For example, the father-in-law experiences high fever that has not been cured for 2 days, then a solution can be found for handling it through reliable sources. After obtaining this information, it can be shared with the father-in-law and pray for it.

Common influenza disease

The flu is caused by many factors, such as: weather, fatigue due to busy work, common colds, bacteria and viruses. The common cold can be cured in a duration of 3 days to 14 days depending on first aid and the body’s immune system. The Public Health Nutrition Perspective through first aid is also participating. Children or son-in-law can provide health education or even bring their parents to the nearest doctor.

It is the doctor who makes the diagnosis and provides medical drugs to be redeemed so that they can be consumed. It should be noted that influenza should not be underestimated because it can spread throughout the body. Arrange the use of special parental drugs according to doctor’s recommendations based on dosage, duration, and expiration. There are drugs that must be finished and there are also drugs that must not be finished.

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Rheumatic Diseases

Or commonly known as the bone flu. This disease often affects elderly parents. The contributing factors can vary, such as bathing at night, interactions with cold water, food, and so on. If parents or in-laws often suffer from rheumatism, then the Public Health Nutrition solution must be given to them. Abstinence – taboos that are not allowed must be informed by the child or son-in-law.

If the illness worsens, parents or in-laws go to the hospital to get help. It needs to be reminded that parents or in-laws go to the hospital or health center not to ask for medicine from the doctor concerned but for treatment so that they can recover quickly and recover. Ask the related doctor for health control on what day and time according to the doctor’s practice schedule.

High Blood Disease

The Public Health Nutrition Perspective regarding high blood pressure is not only caused by food factors that contain high salt levels but also attributes of thought and the burden of living expenses. Children and in-laws need to lighten the steps of their parents or in-laws so that the burden feels light. Give extraordinary joy to parents or parents-in-law can enjoy a beautiful old age with their children and grandchildren.

For example: high blood pressure from parents or parents-in-law is increasing, then take the following steps: (1) stop consuming foods with salt; (2) immediately consult a doctor; (3) try to communicate the burden of thought that is the problem; (4) giving star fruit; and (5) do recreation to a simple and nearest location. If necessary, invite the grandchildren to provide comfort so that stress levels can be minimized.

Types of Special Diseases in the Elderly

The types of special diseases that land on elderly parents can be categorized into several things, namely: (1) inherited diseases and (2) non-hereditary diseases. Both types of diseases have the potential to cause fatal problems and lead to death if not addressed as soon as possible. Public Health Nutrition Perspectives regarding diet and sleep patterns need to be presented so that these two types of diseases can be overcome and cured.

If the disease affects your parents or in-laws, immediately consult a specialist from the start to get the right treatment. Avoid neglect of related diseases by considering them easy to cure without treatment. The attention of children and in-laws is needed by parents or in-laws to remind, prevent, and avoid the two types of diseases.

Hereditary Diseases

Is a certain disease that is obtained from the previous lineage. Aspects of Public Health Nutrition as nutrition must be observed by children and in-laws in order to provide the best health education to parents. Examples of hereditary diseases that elderly parents need and must avoid, namely: (1) diabetes; (2) heart disease; (3) TB disease; (4) and others.

Control of hereditary diseases must be carried out selectively in terms of diet, sleep patterns and lifestyle. One of them is to encourage regular exercise as an alternative to natural medicine. Provide views and inform parents about prevention, treatment, and recovery. It should be noted that the effects of hereditary diseases are related to one another, so that the term complicating disease appears.

Non-Hereditary Diseases

It is a certain disease that is acquired not from previous lineages but because of a genetic mutation. Supervision of Public Health Nutrition, especially preserved foods and their packaging must be stopped. Remind parents or in-laws not to eat fast food as often as possible. Even if you consume it, suggest strict food restrictions.

Examples of this disease, namely: (1) cancer and (2) tumor disease. This type of disease is categorized as benign and malignant. Whatever the form and name, children and in-laws should recommend that their parents or in-laws continue to consume high nutritious foods that are 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. Continue to do health control if your parents or in-laws are infected with cancer or tumors by consulting a specialist.

Selection of doctors at the hospital

Choosing a general practitioner or specialist doctor with all its advantages and disadvantages is not easy. Selection of a doctor must be done properly in an effort to maintain the health of elderly parents. Public Health Nutrition Perspective about doctors is one form of comfort desired. Hopefully in the future, the choice of a doctor in question would provide a positive answer to make parents healthy.

It is not easy to choose a general practitioner or a specialist among thousands of doctors in the same field. Even so, be sure positively that the choices that have been made will never disappoint. Before making a choice, you should pray first so that the choice is not wrong. It should be noted that children and daughter-in-law say that accompanying their parents to the hospital for treatment is much more valuable than giving them money or gifts.

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General Practitioner Election

Choosing a general practitioner for elderly parents is not difficult as long as you are familiar with the location of residence. Usually, if the health services provided by Doctor A are satisfactory to patients, especially the elderly, then these services will be spread by word of mouth. The Public Health Nutrition perspective on the selection and health services of general practitioners is one of the main prima donna.

This situation is different if elderly parents occupy a new location even though it is temporary, unless the child or daughter-in-law knows the doctor or hospital and can provide the latest information. Whatever the form, bringing elderly parents to the hospital for medical examinations is a must. That is one of the dedication of children and children in law to the parents who have raised them.

Selection of specialist doctors

Selection of a specialist is not the same as a general practitioner. One of the reasons is the relatively small number of specialist doctors compared to general practitioners. In addition, specialist doctors focus on one professional field, for example, Internal Medicine Specialists. Choosing a particular specialist within the framework of Public Health Nutrition is one of the obligations of children and daughter-in-law in serving the health of their parents.

There is an assumption that the wrong choice of a particular specialist will result in suboptimal and not optimal results. This assumption is at first sight true but not completely true. Children or daughter-in-law cannot choose a specialist doctor who is 100% correct according to their wishes for the health of their elderly parents. It should be noted and remembered together, that specialist doctors are not God who can heal but ordinary people who can heal.

Types of entertainment that elderly parents can enjoy

Entertainment is one of the Public Health Nutrition perspectives that children and in-laws can provide to elderly parents. The entertainment that is served doesn’t have to be expensive as long as parents can see a different place or location so they don’t feel bored at home. By inviting parents to visit other locations, parents can see the sincerity of their children and in-laws to respect them.

There is no need to be complicated in choosing an entertainment location apart from the physical factors of the elderly parents who cannot go far plus the entertainment factor that is not cheap either. Even so, the selection of entertainment venues can be viewed from an affordable location close to the parents’ house. Gathering with children, in-laws, and grandchildren is the joy and pride of elderly parents in enjoying a beautiful old age.

Selection of the Mall as a Recreation Place

The determination of the mall as a recreation place for elderly parents is not wrong as long as the person concerned agrees, takes into account the physical condition of the parents, is affordable for the location and cost, plus is temporary. It was back at the beginning that the elderly parents no longer accumulated money as a form of worldly wealth. Public Health Nutrition aspects that prioritize togetherness are the key points of happiness.

Son – daughter and son-in-law do not need to worry that their service will disappoint elderly parents as long as it is done optimally and has a sincere purpose. The most important thing is do the best and the rest is God who makes perfect. Invite to eat together at one of the restaurants available. If necessary, hold a small social gathering which is in nature every once a month.

Hotel selection as a place of recreation

Choosing the location of the closest lodging as a place to stay for 2 days 1 night is one of the best ways that children or in-laws can give to their elderly parents. It’s just that the aspect of Public Health Nutrition, especially the physical perspective of parents, should be observed. If the parents can be invited to stay overnight for a short break, then do it. But if there is rejection, don’t force it.

Choose a hotel or lodging place that is affordable and close to it. Avoid choosing hotels that are not yet known or have not heard their name as this is clearly not satisfying. Even though it is a bit expensive and at least a 1 star type hotel, the benefits you feel are not small. There is nothing wrong with inviting elderly parents to 1-star hotels, even though it is a little expensive, the payment can be made jointly.

Friend, I hope the writing of this article will provide many benefits for readers. The author hopes that the headline Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Elderly Parents will receive public acceptance and receive suggestions plus constructive criticism for the perfection of this article in the future. Public Health Nutrition Perspective is one of the best ways to provide health services in all fields.

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