Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Heart Patients

Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Heart Patients. Quality nutrition plays a role in smooth blood circulation. The source of blood circulation comes from the heart as a blood pump that delivers blood to all human nerves. The heart must be kept healthy so as not to inhibit the metabolism of the energy it produces. To maintain heart health, smart and careful ways are sought to prevent it.

The causes of heart disease can be internal and external. The heart is the number 1 killer that should be watched out for because it attacks the health of mankind. Recovery and healing should not be arbitrary, but must be serious, painstaking, and tenacious. Heart patients must go to the relevant hospital or health center to have their health checked periodically.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

Family Support for Heart Patients

Family support is needed in dealing with this heart disease. By reducing the burden of his life, undoubtedly he recovered quickly. Public Health Nutrition Perspectives on Family Support for Patients with Heart Sufferers are very much needed. Tell him: Always clover and say that nothing is impossible for God. Don’t be easily influenced and don’t get stressed easily.

Patients with mild heart and severe heart have the same characteristics or characteristics but are different in sudden attacks. Give positive encouragement that heart sufferers will live a long time and do not need to be informed that their life is only short. Adjust the diet strictly with a healthy diet method and for fasting. Cultivate the thought that someday all body will be.

No Smoking

Patients who have tested positive for heart attacks are prohibited from smoking again. This aspect occurs because the heart and lungs are not as red as before (normal) but are black (abnormal). In fact, there is blockage in the arteries, which can potentially reach more than 95%. The smoking ban also applies to second-hand smoke. This concept is in accordance with Public Health Nutrition regarding smoking prohibition.

Did you know that passive smokers are more prone to heart attacks than active smokers? This has been proven through years of scientific study and observation. Therefore, immediately stay away from active smokers if found in the surrounding environment. Or you can also use a 2-layer mask when in a room full of cigarette smoke. Active smokers take over 10 years to become infected with the heart.

Food intake

Provide quality food intake of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect so that the potential for recovery in the heart is getting better. This food intake is in accordance with Public Health Nutrition standards where the quality of the food is constantly being improved. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be delicious, it doesn’t have to be ready-to-eat as long as it’s nutritionally balanced. It should be noted that coronary heart sufferers must consume quality food for their heart.

Recognized or not, food 4 Healthy 5 Perfect is not always good for consumption but it is safe for the body because it is natural. If you eat it every day it won’t cause a problem as long as you have the right dosage of food. In contrast to fast food or food that is delicious, savory, and delicious, this type of food is not natural and can trigger heart disease because it does not have the right food dose.

Go home not late at night

When you come home from work, it’s best not to leave and hurry straight home. If the person concerned gets the night wind continuously, there is the potential to create a sitting wind which can lead to heart attack and death. Public Health Nutrition Standards with a focus on sitting wind is a solution in the hope of preventing the potential for wind sitting in patients without heart disease.

If you physically experience symptoms of wind sitting down, you should immediately drink warm water before being taken to the hospital for help. The normal wind intake is not the same as the sitting wind input. It is worth noting that the sitting wind is much more dangerous than an ordinary wind ingress. Avoid physical aid by scraping the body with coins as this aspect can be dangerous and fatal.

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Smart Efforts Not to Smoke

Smoking should be prohibited because it shortens the age plus adds to new activities for the wife by taking care of a husband who is sick due to smoking at night and resting during the day. This smart effort is in line with the concept of Public Health Nutrition. Men or husbands must be ready to cooperate, not be angry, and have a positive will. This step has been tested and believed to have a success rate of over 90%.

Previously, active smokers had to make commitments and agreements with their partners to really want to quit smoking. If active smokers are violated, the procedure must be repeated from the beginning. If you want this procedure to continue, the potential for success is more than 90%. This procedure is not a costly process but a completely free procedure or free of charge.

Give the Wallet to Your Partner

Give the wallet or money you have to your partner and tell him not to give any funds except for gas money of IDR 50 thousand along with proof of payment at the nearest gas station. The use of funds other than that can be used by being monitored and supervised by the partner. This concept has been carefully calculated and according to Public Health Nutrition standards. Please try it for 1 month first to prove the results.

At first glance this concept looks ridiculous but is safe plus free of cost. Remember this concept teaches commitment so the potential for anger must be eliminated because the intention is a positive will not to smoke. A serious positive will marks the will to change. It is no longer the aspect of limiting cigarettes smoked but eliminating the smoking habit to become normal or not smoking anymore.

Give Cigarettes to Your Partner

If you have accidentally bought a cigarette to smoke, then hand over the cigarette to your partner before lighting it. The goal is to refrain from gradually quitting smoking completely. This method of fasting with intelligent procedures is in accordance with the standard text of Public Health Nutrition. Ask your partner not to give the cigarette for whatever reason. Smokers must be introspective and patient with this.

This collaboration is very necessary for both parties, namely active smokers so that they stop smoking and passive smokers not to become vulnerable to cigarette smoke. Both ranges are equal, but passive smokers are more susceptible. Passive smokers must make active smokers that this method is not the best method but a solution to stop smoking. By holding back the cigarette, the potential for success in not smoking is much greater.

Payment Methods for Coronary Heart Patients

To pay for medical consultation services for a cardiologist at a house, it is divided into 4 (four) components, namely: (1) BPJS; (2) insurance; (3) credit card; (4) cash funds; and (5) digital funds. Whatever the payment model, honesty, openness, and so on must be prioritized. Public Health Nutrition Perspective on the payment aspect for health services must pay attention to the patient’s own health condition.

Financial support from various parties helps ease the burden on coronary heart sufferers. By lightening it, the burden does not become heavy and the desire to rest plus consulting a cardiologist is more open. Ask your doctor about whether you can do other sports such as swimming and jogging when your heart condition is not sufficient? Ask also can you bring a car when you have a heart?

Heart Patient Care Model

Heart patients should consult their health with a cardiologist to have their condition checked. In general, the related doctor will provide 2 recommendations, namely: (1) complication recommendation and (2) single recommendation. These two types of recommendations play a role in determining the patient’s maximum and optimal health. Public Health Nutrition Perspective with a focus on patient care in hospitals or health centers.

Perform health checks through blood tests every 3 months. This condition is to know the safe blood limit and the unsafe blood limit. If the patient’s condition is still within normal limits, then the doctor concerned asks to remain outpatient and carry out several aspects that are in accordance with the ability of the heart. Diet must also be taken into account so that it does not lead to a sudden heart attack.

Outpatient Model

Outpatient model is a common form that is usually done because the heart patient’s condition is still normal and has not experienced an emergency. Even though you have heart disease, it’s still within safe limits so you don’t need special treatment. Public Health Nutrition Perspectives on outpatient models have their own criteria regarding congenital heart disease. At this stage, the doctor is concerned about it in general.

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Outpatient treatment consists of 2 parts: (1) inpatients who are allowed to go home plus continuing integrated health control and (2) outpatients who really have to do a health consultation and are declared safe under control. Outpatient model is a model of care that allows heart patients to be supervised by their own families and run independently.

Inpatient Model

The inpatient model is the final solution if the patient’s health condition requires emergency help. The inpatient model does not always precede surgery, it can be in the form of a patient under surveillance or a PDP. Cardiologists are the ones who determine the patient’s condition based on medical reports and consider it towards an inpatient model or not. Public Health Nutrition Insights said according to cardiac fixed procedures.

If the heart patient has entered the patient’s room, the nurses will fully serve and supervise the provision of food, medicine, health checks, and so on. Hospitalized cardiac patients are still given the same rights and obligations to obtain health services. Patients must obey and obey while in the hospital environment, especially the consumption of heart drugs and other drugs.

Treatment Model in Heart Patients

Heart surgery is the last option a cardiologist will take for sufferers. Heart surgery is not a minor operation but a major and high-risk operation that the patient is involved in The Public Health Nutrition Perspective regarding heart surgery is the last procedure that must be performed by the related doctor if all treatment steps have been tried and have not yielded satisfactory results.

Types of surgery in heart disease are divided into 2 aspects: (1) ring surgery and (2) bypass surgery. If the patient is going to have heart surgery, then 2 or 3 days in advance he must be admitted to the room or be hospitalized. This preparation was deemed necessary because the patient had to undergo a series of medical examinations to support the operation. The family must also agree to the medical minutes and must sign by presenting witnesses.

Ring operation

This type of heart surgery with a ring model (ring) is performed by operating the patient’s chest and inserting a certain object into the heart. This operation costs hundreds of millions of rupiah. Standard surgery is performed by cardiac specialists assisted by other doctors based on Public Health Nutrition procedures. This procedure is considered safe and has the potential to extend the patient’s life even longer as long as the patient does not smoke anymore.

Although safe and far from the risk of death, this model of surgery should not be done repeatedly. The patient concerned also has no intention of smoking again. The problem lies not in the weakness of heart doctors in diagnosing but whether heart sufferers want to not become active smokers and passive smokers. Use positive thinking to leverage finances to other useful sources.

Bypass Operation

This operation is more risky because it is a major operation and stakes the patient’s own life. Bypass is a heart operation by dividing the chest and creating a specific channel with the aim of launching the oxygen cycle in the blood, which was blocked due to clogging. The bypass surgery procedure already has Public Health Nutrition standards that must be followed by both the cardiologist and the patient concerned.

This operation is much more effective and efficient than the ring operation model but ironically is full of risks and costs greater than previous operations. If a heart patient escapes from the operating table, his potential life can be longer and healthier because the blood vessels run normally. The criteria for bypass surgery in heart patients must be studied intensively, measured and must not be arbitrary because it is associated with high risks.

Manual treatment

This treatment is said to be manual because it is a health consultation to a cardiologist. Manual medication is included in the section on Public Health Nutrition standards that the patient concerned must follow. Heart patients can recover and recover as long as they follow the relevant doctor’s instructions and advice. Cardiac drugs prescribed to sufferers always start with the basic drug to the final fierce drug.

There are expiration dates, dosage used, and usage rules. All must be consumed according to the information from the pharmacy or pharmacy store. Furthermore, if it is felt that the condition has improved, the treatment may end, but if the condition worsens, immediately rush the patient to the hospital for further assistance. Avoid giving help that is too late to avoid heart failure.

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a non-medical treatment that is beyond the reach of national health. Even so, it is still permitted as long as it is not dangerous and does not contain poison Public Health Nutrition Health procedures state that alternative medicine does not cause problems as long as it is safe, secure, and not dangerous. Cardiac patients should start calculating the dosage and dosage of alternative drugs.

Ironically, alternative medicine does not include the dose of use, expiration, and dosage of use so that it can trigger kidney failure for quite a long time. Pay attention to the usage instructions if there is still health information from the BPOM and other instructions. Remember, humans are healthy not because they eat a lot of medicine but because they consume enough medicine according to their physical needs and health conditions.

Cardiac Surgery Requirements

Practicing heart surgery is not necessarily done in a fast tempo but is done within 1 or 2 months beforehand. In certain cases, it can wait 6 months before entering the operating table. This perspective occurs because it requires adequate preparation and readiness from the aspects of the family, finance, and psychology. View of Public Health Nutrition is here as a solution for heart surgery preparation.

All procedures for heart surgery preparation must be followed properly and carefully including the cardiologist. Aspects of heart sufferers must be reviewed on the points of teeth, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, uric acid, and others. Health checks and consultations must be routine for 2 months to 6 months. Blood tests on the aspects of hemoglobin, leucocytes, and so on once a month so that the results of the operation run smoothly.

Dental Examination

Must be done because the teeth are in direct contact with the heart. Heart symptoms are not only seen from blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid, and high blood sugar but also from dental health. That is why cardiologists recommend heart patients to have their teeth checked by a dentist. Public Health Nutrition Procedures on dental health must be prioritized as one of the prevention of heart disease.

Preparation of heart patients who will undergo heart surgery is carried out with dental examinations. If you find many holes in the rows of teeth, they should be filled and a recommendation to brush your teeth 3 times a day. After that, re-control is carried out every week until the dentist says everything is good and takes minutes to the cardiologist concerned with the contents of the patient’s dental health condition in very adequate condition.

Blood Examination

Blood tests are mandatory to determine the blood sugar levels of the heart patient in question. If the blood sugar is normal, heart surgery procedures can take place quickly. Ironically, people with high sugar levels must go through a series of blood tests several times until their blood sugar conditions are normal. Public Health Nutrition Procedures take responsibility for preparing heart surgery problems to be overcome properly.

As long as the blood sugar is above normal, heart surgery procedures cannot be performed. If it is enforced, the healing of the surgical wound will take a long time to heal, take a long time, and can make things worse. Heart sufferers must also follow medical policy lines so that in the future the results of the operation can run optimally and optimally. Condition of normal blood sugar that is medically and healthily feasible as the best first step.

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Blood Pressure

The aspect of blood pressure or blood pressure is also one of the main requirements that must be fulfilled. Public Health Nutrition Procedures regarding blood pressure require that blood pressure is neither too high nor too low. Normal stable blood pressure, the heart surgery process can be done and does not last long. While blood pressure is unstable, the heart surgery process has to wait even longer.

To reduce high blood pressure, one of them is by consuming star fruit and mangoes regularly. Or you can also ask a medical nutrition specialist how to reduce high blood pressure. Even if a certain drug is prescribed by a related specialist to reduce high pressure, it is better if the drug is consumed immediately so as to speed up the recovery of high blood pressure.

Friends, here is a review article about Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Heart Patients. The author realizes that the contents of this article are far from perfect, so input and suggestions are needed to maintain the credibility of this manuscript. Friend, you don’t need to worry, keep your heart healthy based on this article. I hope this simple article is useful and provides health advice for all. Greetings for Literacy

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