Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Pregnant Women

Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Pregnant Women. Pregnancy is happiness for married couples and their extended family. When a pregnant wife always signs or symptoms appear and is addressed by doing a test pack or consulting a doctor. Pregnancy is a way of preparation for couples or families that will become parents when the baby’s fetus has come out.

For newly married couples, pregnancy is an extraordinary fortune or gift from God. Meanwhile, for couples who have been married for years, pregnancy is not only a fortune or gift from God which is truly extraordinary but also a miracle and divine miracle as well as a woman’s perfection. In this article, many things are discussed both from the experiential aspect and the observation aspect.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

Health Services for Pregnant Women For Public Health Nutrition

Pregnant mother’s health is a top priority, especially husbands and big family. Health services in the form of Public Health Nutrition also contribute a lot in order to provide adequate health facilities or health facilities. It should be noted that this health service is not only intended for pregnant women but also for all people who need it.

Health facilities prepared for pregnant women are permanent, according to regular procedures, and regular procedures designed according to the needs and needs of pregnant women. So the family of a married couple does not need to worry about the lack of inadequate infrastructure. Be careful in choosing health services. The health services discussed in this article consist of 3 units: (1) Posyandu; (2) Puskesmas; (3) Hospital.

Posyandu or Integrated Service Post

Checking plus obstetric consultation for pregnant women through posyandu health services does not always have complete facilities such as an ultrasound device. This happens because the Posyandu health facilities are addressed to infant immunization or infant under five plus the child’s own health. Health services in the form of Public Health Nutrition are not sufficient and adequate to check the health of pregnant women and their fetuses.

If you want to be forced, then the ultrasound device is not available so that the obstetrician only performs non-physical examinations of the patient, for example through interviews about the complaints experienced, giving limited prescriptions such as pregnancy vitamin drugs, and so on. Posyandu is present and provides services to every RT or RW

Puskesmas or Community Health Centers

Puskesmas or Community Health Centers are present in every Kelurahan or Kecamatan. Health services are already better than Posyandu in terms of health facilities, doctors, including infrastructure. Health services in the form of Public Health Nutrition, especially obstetric and reproductive consultations, can be done here, although not all puskesmas provide ultrasound facilities. Smart and Careful in choosing the best Puskesmas.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

All Puskesmas have different classes, starting with classes A, B, and C. Classes of Puskesmas, whose facilities are the same as hospitals, are class A and Class B. While Class C has the same level as an ordinary Puskesmas. BPJS facilities at class A, B, and C Puskesmas can be accessed for free as long as the BPJS member card is still valid and the payment is not having problems. Obstetric check-up with an obstetrician can be done professionally at Class A and Class B. Health Centers


Hospital is the last alternative and the first option that can be done by married couples who want to check the health of the womb and fetus. Public Health Nutrition Services, especially obstetric and reproductive consultations, can be carried out as widely as possible in the hospital. A special hospital for mothers and children is called Maternal Hospital, which specializes in serving pregnant women, fetuses and children.

Health facilities owned by the hospital are complete and up to date. It’s no secret, if certain sick patients cannot be treated at a certain hospital due to inadequate health facilities, they can be transferred to a hospital with much better health services.

Types of Labor

Childbirth is a way to get the baby’s fetus out into the world after being pregnant by a pregnant woman for 9 months and 10 days. Every family wants a normal delivery, but not all can be achieved properly even though the doctor’s directions, instructions and prescriptions have been followed and maximized so that they want to or do not want to proceed to a c-section. View of Public Health Nutrition has many perspectives on why this happens.

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There are many aspects behind this. It can happen because of food, the influence of lifestyle, activity patterns, and so on. Whatever the name remains, keep a healthy lifestyle. Childbirth always creates different and mixed attitudes for pregnant women. Some are normal, some are afraid and anxious. Each – each form of childbirth has its own advantages and disadvantages, it remains how to react.

Childbirth Pregnant Women are Normal

Provide food intake based on adequate Public Health Nutrition. Food portions for pregnant women must be more nutritious and more abundant because the food they eat is shared with the baby they are carrying. Must consult with an obstetrician with her husband to do a pregnancy check plus avoid side effects from pregnancy Ask about normal delivery for pregnant women and the stages.

Giving birth to a baby normally is the dream and dream of every pregnant woman. Even though the process is not easy and painful but it is still much better than a cesarean delivery. Keep consulting your obstetrician from the first month to the last month to get information on the development of the prospective baby, sex, and the position of the baby’s fetus. Ask whether the position and position of the fetus is safe for normal delivery.

Delivery of Pregnant Women by C-section

The cesarean section is an alternative to the next Public Health Nutrition when normal delivery is difficult to achieve. Every husband and wife wants a normal delivery, but whatever power though the instructions, instructions, and prescription obstetricians have been followed and maximized so that you want or not want to continue to cesarean section. Caesarean section is performed by involving 5 (five) health workers at a hospital.

Usually, cesarean section is performed for pregnant women because of the position and position of the baby who is breech, the position of the head is not in the exit path, the position of the body is transverse, and so on. No one is to blame for the caesarean section that will be taken. The doctor performing this c-section will not only save the baby but also save the mother from the effects of other pregnancies.

Prohibited aspects of pregnant women

Pregnant women have taboo that is prohibited and should not be done during the duration of pregnancy. This prohibition is carried out to prevent the impacts and other effects caused by food, lifestyle, work pressure, and others. One example: Prohibited from wearing tight clothing and bikinis. It is advisable to wear clothes such as dasteur. This is an example of a recommended Public Health Nutrition.

Diet is also regulated and you should not eat carelessly. A diet like a girl’s feel can no longer be applied to a pregnant woman’s feel. Everything and everything changes even if it’s insignificant. Husbands are obliged to leave their wives to be more selective in choosing food and clothing. It is worth paying attention to, try to ask the obstetrician what is allowed and what is not during the monthly check-up routine.

Do not wear tight clothes and bikinis

The wives who turn into pregnant women feel perfection in themselves because they can give children to the family. But that hope must be maintained and maintained properly through Public Health Nutrition, one of which is not wearing tight clothes and bikinis when you first become a wife. Wearing tight clothes and bikinis has the potential to terminate the pregnancy, delay pregnancy, and delay pregnancy.

By wearing dasteur clothing, it has the potential to accelerate pregnancy, providing space and oxygen supply to the fetus to grow, breathe and move. Husbands should remind their wives not to wear tight clothes. Wearing dasteur clothes for the first time for a wife or pregnant woman is not fun, but it still has to be used for the life and growth of the prospective baby.

Do not wear Durian and Vinegar

How long can a girl eat durian and pempek – pempek plus vinegar freely, but that doesn’t apply when married on the first day. Public Health Nutrition Perspective to prevent bad things that could potentially happen. If you are already pregnant and so on, avoid consuming durian fruit even though it is <5 durian seeds, because it has an impact on abortion and other side effects that arise.

There is a myth that says consuming durian fruit for young pregnant women is safe and not a problem for <5 durian seeds. This myth is not true, it is true that pregnant women are prohibited from consuming any amount of durian fruit. The content of durian fruit contains high sugar levels, high cholesterol plus uric acid. Therefore high levels are still not recommended. Consuming excise from pempek – pempek food is also prohibited.

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Do not carry heavy loads

Obstetricians always firmly say that pregnant women are prohibited from carrying heavy loads both on the back and on the chest. Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Pregnant Women must be supported for the safety and health of both. This is due to the position and position of the baby in the stomach plus the weight of the baby can reach more than 2 Kg. You can imagine how heavy the burden on a pregnant wife or mother is.

The role of the husband is very decisive in being present in every household activity that is usually carried out by pregnant women, such as lifting gallons of drinking water, washing clothes, ironing clothes, and so on. Carrying heavy loads on the back has the potential to cause the nerves to become pinched, while carrying excess weight on the chest causes the fetal space to become narrow, lacks oxygen supply, and inhibits its growth.

Obligations of Pregnant Women before Childbirth

When a young mother is declared pregnant by a gynecologist, the family must have more preparation to look after and treat growth and development. If they are negligent, careless, and ignore procedures then the results will not be optimal. The role of the husband to always support the role of the wife is not light. Public Health Nutrition Perspective comes to the surface to provide positive enlightenment.

It is not difficult and not easy for pregnant women to carry out their obligations before childbirth as long as the husbands participate. Performing obligations as a young mother who is not pregnant is not the same as the obligation as a young mother who is already pregnant. Whatever the form, carrying out your obligations as a pregnant woman is a dynamic process. The obligations of pregnant women are not insignificant, but this discussion limits them to 2 aspects.

Required to carry out Routine Examinations at a Gynecologist

Routine examination to the obstetrician is required to be carried out by husband and wife at least once a month until entering labor. This Public Health Nutrition obligation needs to be carried out as an initial examination, follow-up examination, and final examination. Pregnant women must be accompanied by their husbands when consulting the health of their womb to the nearest obstetrician. Husbands and wives must be more proactive by asking more questions.

Without an obstetric examination, the husband and wife will never know whether the womb is healthy or not. Ask your doctor about the gynecology, such as pregnancy side effects, gender, healthy content or not, plus the drugs used when you have the common cold, and so on. By regularly and diligently consulting the obgyn doctor, the potential for bad things can be prevented and avoided

Obliged to Maintain Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, and Gout.

Before entering labor 2 months before or during the 8th month of pregnancy, the doctor will ask the pregnant woman to do a blood test. The goal applies not only to c-section delivery but also to normal delivery. This blood test method applies and is in accordance with the basic principles of Public Health Nutrition which is made in order to prevent and anticipate postpartum maternal mortality.

Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid are checked 2 months before delivery at the hospital or other designated medical institution. If it is found that the blood level has increased, the obstetrician will make a smart effort by sending the pregnant woman to an internal medicine specialist. Smart and careful efforts are made in order to make everything good and beautiful.

Must Maintain a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet according to the guidelines for Public Health Nutrition is indisputable. Without a healthy diet, it will have a direct impact on the food supply of the baby’s fetus. Provide healthy food based on 4 Healthy 5 Perfect which is not only about quantity but also prioritizes the quality and quantity of food consumed.

A healthy lifestyle also needs to be focused because it relates to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment. Pregnant women are susceptible and susceptible to disease, so it is necessary to anticipate plus prevent themselves by keeping away from contracting other people’s infections. One of them is by consuming fruits and vegetables that contain high vitamins. Disinfect household appliances and bury old cans.

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Obstetrician Consultation Payment Methods Of Public Health Nutrition

Prepare cash funds or use other payment facilities to pay off medical bills when carrying out an obstetric examination at the Hospital or Puskesmas. Think carefully and carefully about the implementation of Public Health Nutrition payments: whether to use (1) Cash funds; (2) Credit Card; (3) BPJS and (4) Insurance? Just how to address the payment method.

Each payment method has advantages and disadvantages that must be addressed wisely by married couples. Be careful and selective in making payments for obstetrician consultation services by dividing them into several components another economy. If it is important and necessary, use the BPJS payment method based on the class taken and the premium contribution paid.

Payment via Cash Fund

Cash funds owned by a married couple must be greater and above average. Payment by cash must be treated wisely because it costs more to pay for the services of the doctor concerned. If a husband and wife are able, then the perspective of paying for Public Health Nutrition for the services of related doctors is not a problem. The question is, what if the opposite happens?

Going deeper into payment transactions for medical services creates problems for underprivileged families. Even if forced, then the family may be in financial debt to someone else to make transactions. Share the cost of medical services with other economic components that also need attention. Apart from the disadvantages above, there is an advantage, namely that there is pride in using your own money.

Payment via Credit Card For Community Health Nutrition

The concept of credit cards or plastic money that is used as a payment facility for medical services needs to be considered and addressed. If you are not careful in using it, the credit card interest will continue and can swell. This aspect will not be in line with Public Health Nutrition considerations with a focus on medical payments. Pay the principal of the funds used along with the interest to suppress credit card swelling.

One of the advantages is that there is no need to carry large amounts of cash because it is encapsulated in plastic money. The most important thing is that using a credit card must be effective and efficient and must not be wasteful. Use credit cards appropriately plus unforeseen needs and pay before maturity. Credit card holders are also advised to pay a large annual fee.

Payment via BPJS For Public Health Nutrition

The BPJS payment model is a form of State concern in the field of Public Health Nutrition where the Government and the State are present to nurture and protect the health of the Indonesian people, both those who are able and less well off. The BPJS payment model according to the law is based on the class of patients taken and the monthly premium contribution paid monthly for each individual in a family.

All private hospitals, public hospitals, including Puskesmas are obliged to serve BPJS patients without exception. The payment method via BPJS can be used as a reference for married couples to pay for obstetrician health services so they can save money. The concept of BPJS health is a mutual cooperation system among members that refers to cross subsidies where sick patients are healed.

Payment through Individual Insurance

The concept of paying for medical services through insurance is similar to that of BPJS, the difference is that funds in BPJS cannot be returned and cannot be reinvested. Insurance has also begun to penetrate into the form of BPJS where the packaging for Community Health Nutrition services is in accordance with the BPJS standard itself. Payment of premium contributions is made every month and you can also increase your investment portion by doing TOP UP.

Payment for medical services, drug costs, plus room class can be borne by the insurance company by paying attention to certain factors. There is no need to worry that customer funds will be reduced or lost due to using some of the insurance funds for medical and health services as long as the funds are not withdrawn in part or in full and regularly make regular payments.

Thus a review of Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Pregnant Women. The writing of this article is compiled based on previous experiences and observations. Actually, there are still many aspects from the other side of pregnant women that you want to write about and tell about, but because of the limited space and time you have, the writing of this article must be ended. I hope this article is useful and useful for the wider community. Greetings literacy.

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