Public Health Nutrition Perspective In The Eyes Of The Community

Public Health Nutrition Perspective in the eyes of the Community . Nutrition or better known as Nutrisi plays an important role in the human body. Nutrition is one of the pillars of public health in carrying out daily activities. In nutrition itself there are already many food substances that are obtained from certain sources which are consumed daily by people from various circles.

Not only that, nutrition is also one of the basic ingredients of the human immune system so that it prevents and avoids the entry of viruses, bacteria , and other diseases. Nutrition , too, which plays an important role in the metabolism of e and support the health of the wider community as a whole . Nutrition society many played an important role among the economic factors and health factors.

Public Health Nutrition Factors as Economic Tools

The national wheel economy needs to spin every day, but the wheel drive is none other than humans . Man, that is you and we also have to have the Public Health Nutrition adequate. High public health nutrition reflection is positively correlated with high economic performance productivity behavior . Following this, there are several positive aspects related to nutrition with economics:

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

1. Make Periodic Substitution of Food

This aspect needs to be done to avoid feeling bored with the food to be consumed. People do not need to consume the same food every day. This happens because human economic activities in carrying out their work from day to day is always changing – even though the location of the work is the same. Education needs to be done to the community so that there are changes in food patterns in accordance with the challenges of the work ahead.

It is not easy to change people’s thinking about food patterns that have to take turns. This perspective occurs because of several aspects, namely: (1) type of community work; (2) community income; (3) community environment; (4) increase / decrease in food prices; (4) and others. Education to the community can be done directly and indirectly through certain Community Health Nutrition counseling .

2 . Perform Periodic Substitution of Work Hours

Periodic shifts of work hours are reviewed from the aspects related between Nutrition and Economy is to provide an opportunity for one of the employees to spend their funds to carry out economic activities. As for what can be run for example shopping for nutritional needs of families, shopping for daily nutritional needs, conducting economic careers in other sectors, and others.

Shifts between employees must be regulated and formed so that the balance between nutrition and national wheel economic activities is mutually supportive. Regularly changing work hours is also part of the economic health nutrition itself provided to employees. S esama employees can mutually maintain Public Health Nutrition widely and can prevent diseases, viruses, and bacteria will attack.

3. Stable Food Prices

Food prices must be relatively stable in the market. If the form of food rises unexpectedly, then the adequacy of calories in staple food becomes unaffordable, so people inevitably have to reduce their needs to the lowest level. If that happens, it will automatically reduce the level of public health nutrition. There needs to be a balance and availability of food in the market so that people’s nutrition is not neglected.

Community Health Nutrition Factors As Medical Devices

Speaking of Public Health Nutrition as a Health Tool means discussing positive public health nutrition, then automatically the health of individuals or groups will also improve. It needs cooperation from all parties especially the community itself, whether they want to stay healthy or not. Nutrition is not just a matter of food consumed, but how to stay healthy with non-consumption.

If individual communities and groups consciously promote healthy living by consuming nutritious and balanced food , it is expected that in the future the parties concerned will become healthier and optimal in carrying out any activities. And if the community experiences an unhealthy condition, it is welcome to check their health to the nearest Puskesmas and Hospital.

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This is a question and a challenge for the parties concerned to restore ailing health condition even though they consume nutritious and balanced food daily . What is wrong ? What needs to be improved for the better future. Community Health Nutrition Factors will try to answer it in several points, namely:

1. Consumption of Vitamin and Multi-Vitamin

It can’t be denied Fatigue and exhaustion plus coming home late at night from work are contributing to and contributing to the decline in the individual’s immune system . Therefore, it is recommended to consume Vitamin C at a dose of 500 mg – 800 mg both fruits , vegetables, and drugs that have been recommended by doctors. The vitamin acts as a shield that provides the first protection against all diseases.

Consumption of Vitamins with fruits and vegetables is a solution and plays a role as Public Health Nutrition . Ironically, this aspect is still not widely entrenched in the community so it needs to be further developed. Plus not a few Indonesian people prefer medical drugs as vitamin drugs than to live healthy naturally by consuming fruits and vegetables.

Consumption of Vitamins with drugs is actually not recommended except under certain conditions. Although the drug with a limited dose is safe and secure, but that aspect can be addictive and can attack the kidneys. This is what needs to be realized that the community Individuals and groups prefer simple, paid treatments rather than free, natural treatments.

2. Enough Water Consumption of 8 Liters Per Day

Consuming water is no less important than food consumption in general and is still an integral part of Public Health Nutrition.Proper drinking water belongs to the wider community. Potable water must meet certain required conditions, such as: (1) boiled first; (2) no chemical smell; (3) not dirty and turbid; (4) has a tightly closed seal; and (5) and others.

This is what underlies that an individual can not live without water in it. Imagine, if we or you consume water by 8000 ml or 8 L iter within 24 hours, which means that drinking water every hour 300 ml or 0.3 Liter. Compare with consuming food as much as 3x – 4x within 24 hours, meaning humans eat every 6 hours – 8 hours per day.

3. Consumption of 4 Healthy and 5 Perfect and Factor Community Health Nutrition

Nutritious and balanced food must meet the elements of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect in Community Health Nutrition . The point is that there are vegetable elements, fruits, carbohydrates, meat, and finally milk. This balanced nutrition is easily obtained from various markets in Indonesia. Goal 4 healthy and 5 perfect is not just filling the stomach, but is useful to prevent various diseases that will come .

In the supply of 4 healthy 5 perfect foods, fast food is not mentioned because it contains a fairly high preservative. If you also plan to consume canned food, it is advisable not to eat it too often and be smart in seeing the expiration of the product. Consumers must also be smart and careful in selectively choosing something that they consume, whether it is feasible or not feasible.

4. Get plenty of rest for 6 hours – 8 hours per day

The break period is the physical recovery of the body when the natural condition is tired after work or certain other activities. It is no longer a secret that humans must rest around 6 hours – 8 hours. The rest period discussed is part of non-consumption Public Health Nutrition . This aspect is absolutely necessary because it involves the health and primacy of a person individually or in groups.

Community Health Nutrition in the Eyes of the Family

Nutrition or nutrition in the eyes of the family is an inexorable perspective. The parents always pay attention to the condition of their children both in health and sick status. Whatever the status, 4 healthy and 5 perfect foods are always given every day especially the conditions that are naturally sick. The hope of parents to their children is that no family member is naturally unwell .

Public Health Nutrition also concerns parents as well. Not only is demanded to work smart and careful in supporting the family, but also must be in a healthy condition . If there is one father or mother who is sick, then it is clearly a problem later on and becomes a burden for other family members. The following are the Public Health Nutrition points presented in the eyes of the Family:

1. Keep away when experiencing physical pain

If you experience physical health that is far from adequate, both infectious and other comorbidities , you should seek treatment at a hospital or health center to get first aid. It should be remembered and observed that isolating oneself is the best perspective so that their children are not affected and protected from the infection of the disease, and vice versa.

2. Family support as a healing tool

Drugs and other medical equipment are healing facilities to restore health to a healthier condition. T anpa no family support beside it together – together helped support him, undoubtedly the aspect of non KONS a umsi on Public Health Nutrition has finally vanished. A quick glance at visiting sick family members at the Hospital seems disturbing, even though the reality is not the case .

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By visiting family members who are sick or cared for, then immediately give a positive spirit to get well soon, plus pray for God to give healing again. But even so, the schedule to visit also needs to be underlined so as not to disturb the time to rest so that recovery and healing can be achieved as much as possible.

3. Discipline to consume prescription drugs

Taking medication from a doctor’s prescription when undergoing outpatient and inpatient care is a must and obligation and is part of the Public Health Nutrition service . By consuming it at least gives the effect of alleviating the pain experienced and suffered. Sick family members must also be disciplined in managing the time, dosage of use, and schedule of consultation with the next doctor.

Without discipline that is obedient and obedient to the recovery and healing that occurs on him, then the treatment can be longer and even be repeated from the beginning. Therefore, aspects of health nutrition in the community need and should be observed as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Community Health Nutrition in the Eyes of the Surrounding Environment

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

Public Health Nutrition is widespread in the surrounding environment where the local community must have a high sense of sensitivity in which the aspects of consumption and non-consumption aspects also contribute a significant role in providing health support to each other in order to prevent the transmission of any disease. Although some of these diseases already have an antidote, it does not mean that letting is allowed to occur.

Non-consumption aspects also speak here, for example through counseling and guidance in overcoming dengue fever (DHF) or malaria. With this procedure, there is a smart and careful effort to overcome DHF continues. That is a concept that must be echoed by the community and becomes a motto in social life.

Making a positive contribution in the eyes of the surrounding environment is one of the obligations that must be carried out as an effort to build Public Health Nutrition. Following contribute positively to public health is not always culminate free of charge, sometimes required number of funds or certain fees to support the program of the . The intended positive contribution consists of several parts, namely:

1. Following public health counseling and guidance from relevant agencies

One of the main goals in public health is to promote health and make the community healthy. Promoting health means developing a holistic health starting from oneself to other family members . Healthy community means to prevent and prevent any disease from entering the community’s body by living cleanly and so on.

Public health counseling and guidance can be a variety of programs and forms of Public Health Nutrition. As for this form , which will be collected from the community and empowered as much as possible in certain programs, for example: (1) the form of a national nutrition day ; (2) national immunization week; (3) doctor’s related work visit; (4) free eye examination and surgery; and (5) and others.  

2. Changing the old mindset into a new mindset

Changing people’s mindsets is not easy because it means changing old habits into adaptations to new habits. Instill new thoughts and teaching process requires that not less, regulation needs to be made even hu kum and regulatory non hu kum that regulates it. P ettings people on the ground should not hurt the feelings of the public.

3. Mobilize the community for active participation

The community must be actively invited to take part in the Public Health Nutrition program . The form can vary, say doing cleaning the sewers in the field, burying used goods that are not used, and a series of other programs that have been determined. This aspect aims that public health nutrition is very dominant and influential for the economy and health.

Without commitment, discipline, and high will, the effect of public health nutrition on the economy and health will run in place even backwards . Public health nutrition does not necessarily discuss aspects of nutrition that are contained in the form of consumption alone but non-consumption aspects also need to be highlighted. Human behavior is not only influenced by food but also influenced by field conditions.

Management of Public Health Nutrition

Regulations on public health both regarding aspects of consumption and non-consumption aspects need to be regulated so that communication is not interrupted in the middle of the road. This is the duty and responsibility of the Public Health Nutrition stakeholders . Management that regulates public health in the field that becomes its territory can be started from the level of the Five Pillars (RT) and the Five Pillars (RW).

The head of RT and RW should mutually cooperate , compact , and work together so that the program Public Health Nutrition can be achieved as much as possible. Leaders in the local environment must be smart, smart, and observant in seeing the reality that occurs in the field. Therefore, concrete steps must be prepared so that effectiveness can go one step further, namely:

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1. Current data collection on old residents and new residents

Updating citizen data is important because it involves the completeness of information and the status of the community concerned . Even though there are residents whose identity cards come from other regions, they are not permitted to ignite the data collection of migrants. This is intended so that the Public Health Nutrition program is evenly distributed at all levels of the people so that the economic and health levels themselves are not disrupted.

It can be imagined if certain strata of society experience infectious diseases, then the information will not only disrupt the health of the individual concerned but also have an impact on the stability of other community groups plus disrupt the rate of economic growth in local residents. Because there needs to be awareness and a high willingness to improve Community Health Nutrition better.

2 . Providing social assistance to people in need

Social assistance should be given to local communities who are unable and needy both native and non-native residents . Providing Public Health Nutrition assistance must pay attention to the conditions of perfect health 5 or fulfill the nutrition required by the Government. Social assistance recipients must also use food aid properly for family needs.

Social assistance funds can be collected from people who can have a financial position above the average plus combined with previous citizen contributions collected each month. These funds are then used and used to spend basic necessities which are packaged in the form of social assistance.

3. Organization of public health nutrition events

Public Health Nutrition must be the front guard before entering the next guard, namely doctors and other medical teams . Nutrition priority must start and originate from the community itself, except for certain events held such as the national immunization week (PIN), scheduled immunizations that have been through the local posyandu, and other events related to other health communities.

Doctors and other medical teams act as the last guard in Public Health Nutrition, which means it acts as a last door if there are certain conditions that cannot be done by the individual community or the group itself. Organization of public health events must bring in doctors and other medical teams, because these parties know the best solution for the local community.

Global Pandemic on Public Health Nutrition

As of March 2, 2020, the Covid-19 virus has finally entered Indonesia and the WHO has established the Corona virus outbreak as a pandemic (world) status. Before that, the first Corona virus detected from Wuhan (China) was still designated as endemic. This perspective needs to be addressed in the conceptual Public Health Nutrition , can it increase the body’s immunity against the pandemic of this virus or not?


It is not easy to increase the immune system of the human body because it must consume fruits, vegetables, and high-dose vitamin drugs to ward off the virus. Covid-19 clearly not only damages the respiratory tract but also damages the human immune system in question. Therefore Public Health Nutrition needs to be improved with the intention of one of them protecting and cooperating with white blood cells.


Public Health Nutrition must be increased again by individuals and groups so that the human immune system can work and function properly. Maintaining clean health and the environment must be further improved so as to avoid cases of covid-19 infection. The following are some of the points prepared for the global pandemic, namely:

1. Eat nutritious foods

Consuming nutritious foods that are 4 healthy 5 perfect is a motto of Community Health Nutrition which was formed more than 30 years ago. Balanced nutrition means maintaining a sufficient supply of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water so as to maintain the body’s metabolism and protect the body from covid attacks.

Nutritious food and balanced nutrition are good for maintaining metabolism and resist the onslaught of disease and ordinary virus attacks. But that was then. Nowadays, covid attacks can no longer be detained with ordinary nutritious food but must be accompanied by extraordinary nutritious food which acts as a support for white blood cells. That is why Public Health Nutrition has increasingly changed and is increasingly dynamic.

2. Taking high doses of Vitamin C

The use of high-dose vitamin C before the pandemic and after the pandemic is very different. The consumption of high doses of vitamin C before the pandemic is low, while the consumption of high doses of vitamin C after the pandemic is high. This view occurs because the results of scientific research that presents that the immune system can be enhanced with high doses of vitamin C.

Even though high dose consumption still needs to pay attention to aspects of Public Health Nutrition, for example: (1) side effects; (2) dose of use; (3) instructions for use; (4) expired; (5) and others. Again, the improvement in public health nutrition is getting higher, so the economic health sector and the health sector are also growing.

3. Wear a mask

Wherever you travel always make sure you bring a mask. To prevent being infected with the virus in the middle of the road or from other people, you should wear the maskter from home. One element that is no less important, must be able to ensure that other families take the same steps if there are other goals outside the home. Always refer to health tips that have been summarized in covid-19 guidelines .

Thus the description and explanation of the Public Health Nutrition Perspective in the eyes of the Community . Public health nutrition plays a crucial role in holding two main sectors, namely the economic sector and the health sector. The aspect of human nutrition is the beginning of overall health because every day humans consume a variety of foods and forms. Hopefully this article on Public Health Nutrition is useful.

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