Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Breastfeeding Mothers

Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Breastfeeding Mothers. After childbirth, it is time for husband and wife to care for and raise their babies to become adults. But the discussion of this article is only limited to the delivery of pregnant women that starts from the beginning of labor until the next 700 days or the term is a baby toddler (baby three years). Caring for, caring for, and caring for babies from 0 days to 700 days is easy – it’s easy.

Even so, there lies the beauty of having a whole, complete, and perfect baby given by God Almighty. The feeling of being the parent of a newborn baby is also a great joy, gift, and grace from God. For mothers, it is time to give breast milk or breast milk to their babies regardless of gender. Fathers must support the love of mother and baby in order to establish a relationship between the two.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

Types of Labor for Pregnant Women

It is not easy for pregnant wives to go through the labor process. Some of them act normal, some are afraid and worried. Whatever the attitude, it’s no secret that being a woman or woman who can get pregnant and give birth to a baby is incomparable perfection and happiness. Even so, Public Health Nutrition is needed as a food intake of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect.

Hospital or Puskesmas is one of the best places in the delivery process for pregnant women. Every husband or father always tries to give his best for the delivery of his wife or pregnant mother plus the baby that will come out. The problem is, the easy delivery process is not only determined by the husband – wife couple concerned but also involves the diagnosis of an obstetrician who knows the related aspects.

No rmal Delivery Process

Normal delivery is a non-operative delivery that is natural and safe. But getting into this stage is not easy. Even though following the gynecologist’s advice, instructions and prescription, it is not a guarantee and does not mean that the delivery will go normally. This is where the Public Health Nutrition perspective also talks to married couples to always pray, try, and consult an obstetrician.

The birth of a baby goes through a normal process through several openings beginning with the opening 1 to the final opening. Opening 1 to opening 3 is safe, opening 4 through opening 6 is standby, and opening 7 through opening 9 is final. This opening stage should not be missed, it must be observed, and immediately taken to the nearest hospital or health center.

Cesarean Delivery Process

Even though the intake of Public Health Nutrition is adequate, following doctor’s advice, etc., that does not mean that everything will just go smoothly. This aspect of cesarean section occurs because there are many backgrounds that are the key behind it, for example, frequent consumption of fast food (fast food), strict dress behavior, rarely exercising, breech conditions, busy work, and others.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

This childbirth is an operation route for married couples, especially pregnant women, which can no longer be avoided for the safety of the mother and the baby she is carrying. It can be said that the procedure involves many specialists and the process is by injecting a certain dose of anesthetic injection into the patient’s body to reduce and relieve pain in the mother’s stomach who will be split open to take the baby in the stomach.

Infants 3 years and infants 5 years

A 3 year old baby constitutes a share beyond 700 days from day 0 of the baby is born. A 3 year old baby or the term toddler (Baby 3 years) is a baby with an age of 2 years + 1 year. Age group of babies 2 years (0 days – 700 days) + 1 year (701 days – onwards). The toddler age group is a vulnerable age because it is susceptible to disease plus requires the intake of Public Health Nutrition as part of the baby’s body.

Infants of 5 years or the term toddler (Infant 5 years) are babies who are growing up and ready to enter school where this age group is no longer susceptible to disease and has an immune system that is working properly and optimally. Almost all of the immunizations for children under five are well followed and do not cause significant obstacles. In addition, this age group has entered Kindergarten (TK) school age.

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Infant age group 3 years = age 2 years + 1 year

Babies 3 years old who are 2 years + 1 year old where 2 years old is a strategic age because they need breast milk or breast milk as one of their foods. In the Public Health Nutrition group, babies are not allowed to eat anything except Breast milk. The immunization process can be done gradually and routinely according to the schedule. If the baby experiences illness and other illnesses, take it to the nearest hospital.

It’s not easy to take care of a toddler. It takes extra hard attention and smart work to pay attention to the condition of the baby and its surroundings. This condition can be handled properly if there is good understanding and cooperation between husband and wife. Usually after childbirth, the mother and her husband are always given a book on children’s health in which there are procedures that must be carried out, both in the aspects of prevention, care and treatment.

Infant age group 5 years = 2 years + 1 year + 2 years

This age group is classified as easy, does not need to be extra hard, and works smartly to pay attention to the condition of the baby and its surroundings. Alert and alert remains on the lookout and forward. Five-year-old babies do not need breast milk anymore because they are older and are entering Playgroup or Kindergarten school. Public Health Nutrition, especially immunization for children under five, still has a schedule according to the procedure.

Toddlers or babies of five years are babies with an age of 1825 days. Toddlers who have passed the strategic age of a baby of 3 years and are heading for the future. Here, parents must provide different treatment between toddlers and toddlers. Stay focused on the aspects of education, health, and the environment because you usually always eat something with your hands that haven’t been washed or dirty.

Overcoming Diseases in Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding mothers are vulnerable and susceptible to disease if they do not maintain their health and environment adequately. This happens because breastfeeding mothers give breast milk for 24 months or 2 years to their babies directly and require high nutritious food intake. If food in the form of Public Health Nutrition decreases, it can have bad consequences. This is where the husbands must bridge this problem well.

If a breastfeeding mother falls ill, this potential will not bring health to the whole family. The husband will also be confused about how to work and care for the baby, while on the other hand his wife must be rushed to the hospital. Therefore, a husband and wife must communicate how to respond to the incident before it actually happens. Take prevention rather than medication as the best solution.

Preventing Disease in Breastfeeding Mothers

Prevention in the form of Public Health Nutrition is a wise attitude in avoiding any disease, especially for breastfeeding mothers. Even though the illness is only limited to fever, heat, stones, and the common cold, such diseases should not be underestimated because they are easily transmitted to anyone and are susceptible to their babies. Take some precautions to avoid certain diseases and promote better health.

Consume fruits that contain high multivitamins. Nursing mothers should not be tired, tired and bored. Husbands must support this and must not be selfish in order to ask to be served. Remember that the wife serves as a mate for life, not as a household assistant. If needed, husbands can help by doing some of the wives’ tasks such as washing clothes and ironing clothes.

Treating Diseases in Breastfeeding Mothers

If this happens, then the first step to take Public Health Nutrition is not to panic and be calm. Panic doesn’t solve problems but adds new problems. Do first aid if you have medical medicine at home, but if it doesn’t heal for more than 2 days then take it to the nearest hospital or Puskesmas to consult the related doctor.

Give help before things get worse. Follow the doctor’s instructions and directions regarding any disease problems experienced by breastfeeding mothers. Husbands accompany their wives to the nearest hospital or health center. Whatever the activities of the husbands at work, do not let their ill health conditions go alone to the hospital. Remind you to take certain medications along with a doctor’s prescription.

Overcoming Disease in Infants

No need to panic and stay calm over this problem. Toddlers usually experience fever and high fever. Perform Public Health Nutrition in the form of first aid by giving body compresses with warm water to the source of his body heat for 20 minutes – 30 minutes plus serving warm white tea so that his body sweat. Do it over and over again until her temperature drops.

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If more than 2 days the body heat doesn’t go down, take it to the nearest hospital or health center. If it’s the first child, everything will feel awkward and uncertain because this is the first experience that’s just being felt. If the second child and so on, then this problem does not matter anymore because you already have previous experience from the first child. Husbands must be at the forefront of making decisions.

Preventing Disease in Infants

Provide adequate food intake according to Public Health Nutrition based on age. Give ASI if you are still a toddler for 2 years. Keep the baby’s clothes and body clean so that they are protected from various diseases. If you want to ask questions and find out more about your toddler’s condition, please consult your pediatrician or certain experienced parties. Remember that child is everything.

Do not ignore and do not neglect the health of the baby because it can be fatal. Husbands must also support the success of their baby’s health program. The intake of food and vitamins must be maintained and maintained plus routine immunization of toddlers according to their needs and dosages through posyandu. If the baby is over 2 years old, stop breastfeeding and start feeding other foods such as baby porridge, baby snacks, and baby side dishes.

Treating Diseases in Infants

Even though the parents have tried to look after and take care of their babies to the maximum, at a certain point that cannot be avoided by babies falling ill. Next? Be calm even though the first child by praying, consulting a pediatrician, and taking the medicine. Rest assured that all diseases have Public Health Nutrition in the form of medical drugs. Keep giving breast milk to babies as intake so they don’t get dehydrated.

If a toddler has dysentery or diarrhea, he should immediately consult a pediatrician for further treatment. Avoid treatment with the help of traditional healers, massage therapists, and the like because these conditions do not improve the situation, but instead make things worse. If you have to be hospitalized, make sure that someone accompanies the toddler while in the hospital or health center.

Husband’s Obligation to Breastfeeding Mother

The wife has done her duty, now it is the turn of the man as the husband to carry out Public Health Nutrition as his obligation to help the wife carry out her duties to take care of the household and others. Whatever form of labor the wife takes as a pregnant woman, postpartum requires a significant amount of time to recover. Ironically, the recovery did not last long and had to be fast.

Accompany your wife and toddler when they come home from work to give them genuine cuddles and affection. Give positive thoughts and encouragement to breastfeeding mothers even though they face problems that are not light at work. If it has been running for more than 1 year, take the extended family to the mall for a meal or a fantasy world. Husband’s support for his wife in any form is significant love.

Husband’s support to his wife in the form of prayer

Breastfeeding mothers who are wives need to be prayed for and invited to pray together to God Almighty. Prayer support as one of the Public Health Nutrition is a form of support and togetherness in all things. Without prayer, all activities are lonely and run without wisdom. Invite your wife to worship together. Pray for each other between husband and wife is the key to happiness and success together.

Prayer is also a place to pour out your heart to God Almighty. Husband and wife can express hopes and desires in the future with HIM. Whatever the condition of the wife, healthy or sick, pregnant or not, breastfeeding or not, etc., then prayer is the best way out of all the best. Wife’s prayer for the advancement of a business, business, and office where the husband works is an option that must be done.

Husband’s support to his wife in the form of behavior

Husbands must show positive behavior towards breastfeeding mothers. The burden of being a breastfeeding mother is not light work because she has to share her duties as a housewife plus breastfeeding newborns or babies aged 1 year and over. Give a helping hand in the form of Public Health Nutrition to ease the duties of nursing mothers. You don’t need to overdo it as long as the goals are clear, sincere, and sincere.

When your wife makes a mistake, act wisely and be patient. There is no need to be rude, scold, insult, and so on. Express support that your husband is with her in joy and sorrow. Carry the toddler when the wife wants to cook food or go to the toilet. The good and positive behavior of the husbands is also a joy and energy for the wives to bring the nuances of heaven at home.

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Obligations of the Father to the Infant Toddler

A father is obliged to protect his sons and daughters, including babies born from 0 days to 700 days later. This is important because the duration of 700 days is not that period light but strategic duration. It is obligatory to bring toddlers to the relevant doctor for further assistance. That is the slogan of public health nutrition service from father to his child. The baby’s condition should not be ignored and ignored.

Indeed, the father’s duty is not light because he does a lot of work, but this task should be addressed not as a burden but as a form of mandate he receives from him. Fathers give love in the form of protection, teaching compassion, and tenderness plus a wise attitude. Work smart by providing support for your family, providing security, comfort, and being fully responsible.

Providing physical protection to infants.

Protection here can be many things and means broad. Toddlers are still in the category of weak babies and need the help of their parents. Whatever the condition of the toddler, a father provides Public Health Nutrition by protecting him wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly. Provide high nutritious food intake according to the directions and instructions of the pediatrician or posyandu. Watch and observe carefully and carefully its growth.

Even though the baby is naughty, he is still given protection because: (1) he does not understand what he is doing right or wrong; (2) the level of innocent and innocent babies. If there is a mistake made by a toddler, then don’t punish him but check the father’s mistakes. If the toddler has a fight with his brother, separate and give him a warm kiss to calm his soul.

Providing health protection for infants.

Protection of Public Health Nutrition can be in various ways. Perform first aid to these toddlers. If there are no positive signs, then immediately rush to the nearest hospital for further assistance. Do not let it sit and avoid the process of ignoring it because the results are not good. Remember to take your medication regularly and on a schedule.

All decisions on children’s health are in the hands of the father as the decision maker. A father must be able to think quickly to be able to provide assistance and delegate the decision to his wife if his position and position is outside the city / country. It is not wrong for a father to bring his sons and daughters to the posyandu for health checks and immunization shots.

National immunization Week

Immunization is intended for newborns aged 0 days to toddlers. Why ? because they are vulnerable and susceptible to disease even though clothes, food and the surrounding environment is sterile and clean. Immunization for toddlers in the form of Public Health Nutrition does not mean that they are immune to various types of diseases, but rather delay them until the baby is ready and mature to face other dangerous diseases.

National immunization week or PIN is formed by the government for the success of a dangerous disease-free program for newborns. The government, through the Ministry of Health, has launched this PIN with a clear objective for each local RT and RW where the program is free of charge. Of course, the support of all parties, including the people themselves, is there to bring their children to join the program.

Immunizations for Infant Toddler Age Group

Immunization in this age group is carried out for the first time when the baby is 0 days old. Then, until the age of 2 years or 700 days later, various types of immunization shots are given: (1) polio; (2) tetanus; (3) measles; (4) chicken pox; (5) and others. Parents should pay close attention to the immunization date or calendar based on the Public Health Nutrition issued by the nearest hospital or Posyandu.

It should be noted that this immunization not only provides immunity but also delays the disease until the baby grows up and is ready to face it. In the end, the child will get measles, chickenpox, and so on. Every immunization shot that is injected into a toddler will make him heat up, high body temperature, and fever. Parents please calm down and don’t panic.

That was the review of the Public Health Nutrition Perspective for Breastfeeding Mothers. The position and position of breastfeeding mothers plays a central role in shaping future generations of the nation. Synergizing and working together with husbands and fathers is a form of togetherness and solidarity. The author hopes that this simple study will benefit the nation and the State. May be useful. Greetings literacy.

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