Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for High School Students

Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for High School Students. After taking junior high school (SMP) for 3 years, the school must continue to high school or high school. Student status is still attached to the high school uniform attached to his body for the next 3 years. This is where new challenges arise to continue the achievement at a later stage.

Continuing school to the high school level and making new friends is a dynamic that occurs among students. The challenges at the SMP level are not the same as those at the SMA level. The age of senior high school students when entering grade I is 15 – 16 years old and ends at the end of grade 3 when they are 18 – 19 years old. Students are the next generation who will continue as future leaders of the nation.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

The Dynamics of Student Intercourse at the Upper Middle Level

The Dynamics of Public Health Nutrition, especially in the form of association, has its own dynamic value. Since entering grade 1 until the end of grade 3, there are always various friendships, animosities, and interactions that take turns for the next 3 years. Interaction with teachers of certain subjects also colors school life. There is laughter, jokes, joys, sorrows, and sadness to be nostalgia that is hard to forget.

Even before entering grade 1, students must undergo a preparatory education process for entering high school. That’s where coaching is carried out by seniors or seniors who in fact are seniors 1 or 2 levels higher. The goal is to prepare prospective upper middle class students to adapt easily plus adjust. The training itself runs for 7 days or 1 week and is supervised by certain teachers.

Types of association in high school

Associations at high school level are more diverse than those at junior high school level. This aspect occurs because junior high school level interactions are still looking for a bigger self-identity than association, while high school level interactions are in contrast to looking for relationships that are greater than self-identity. Maturity in thinking and acting also speaks to the upper middle level. Public Health Nutrition intake also attended and colored the students.

The role of parents at home in guiding their children is very, very dominant and necessary. The role of teachers as parents in schools plus teaching staff is not small because they provide moral and moral advice to students in addition to teaching in class. Teachers in senior secondary education are teaching staff and not teaching staff. Teachers need to remember the dynamics of interaction with students to be more careful.


The interaction and dynamics between students in high school absolutely exist as social people. Friendship is the easiest way to make friends and make friends. Public Health Nutrition Perspective, especially in the field of friendship, was also present by providing understanding, positive help, and support. Friendship between students is carried out because of the comfort factor in the interaction between fellow students themselves.

Without understanding and comfort, the association can tarnish itself and cause disputes. Maintaining and enhancing friendships between students is not difficult as long as honesty takes precedence. It’s no secret, increasing positive friendships can last for decades, but on the other hand, negatively damaging friendships can not be harmonious for decades.


Is a form of closeness before marriage between boys and girls. Among high school students, declaring falling to the opposite sex is common and justified as long as it is known by their respective parents. Public Health Nutrition Factors owned by parents are also present and supervising because the task of students in general and specifically is to study and learn to achieve their goals.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

Many students are dating and are known to their classmates and teachers at school. Dating is not only about the interactions between boys and girls both in different classes or in the same class but also supports each other’s school activities. It should be noted that dating between students should be done fairly and not looking for a momentary lust that will harm both parties.


Cause many losses such as enmity, revenge, jealousy, jealousy, envy, and so on. Generally quarrels and differences of opinion among students are one of the initial triggers of this dispute. Other factors such as disrespectful actions, deliberately taking people’s property rights, and so on. Public Health Nutrition Perspective on dispute exists to overcome problems constructively.

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May the peaceful path be put forward as the best solution. Children who have disagreements with their friends can tell their parents about the problem so it doesn’t drag on plus ask for a way out. Disputes that occur can also be shared with the teacher or homeroom teacher at school. This is because the issue of hostility occurs and is still in the domain of schools. The teachers will respond wisely.

Types of High Schools

Finding the best school for the education of boys and girls is a must as long as it is in accordance with their abilities in terms of funds, aspects of IQ, EQ, and so on. The viewpoint of assessing school quality plus other elements must be in line with the principles of Public Health Nutrition. Many types of high school are presented with their advantages, some are vocational schools and general schools.

Whatever form of high school is taken, it seems to pay attention to the future needs of their children. Each vocational and senior secondary school generally has its own strengths and weaknesses. The aspect of penetrating the school of choice is also determined by other factors such as the SMP level National Final Examination plus the age limit allowed. The following reviews various types of high schools, namely:

High School (SMA)

This school provides education and teaching for the nation’s children who are junior high school graduates which are the basic foundation before entering higher education. In general, the principle of Public Health Nutrition, senior secondary education is taken for 3 years and the age limit allowed is 15 years / 16 years. Education at the upper secondary level is carried out by prioritizing more lessons in Physics, Biology, and others.

This school does not prioritize specific technical or economic skills. Even so, the graduates were fighting over tickets for State Universities using the State Higher Education Entrance Examination (UMPTN) and the Interest & Ability Research (PMDK) pathway. In short, high school graduates are not educated to work immediately after graduating from high school but instead take other education according to their choice and ability.

Vocational School (STM / SMEA / SMIP / D.L.L)

Speaking of vocational school, it means that the graduates are trained to be ready and immediately work after graduating from the vocational school which they have been doing for 3 years. Choosing a vocational school based on Public Health Nutrition is not difficult anymore, even the number is increasing according to technological advances. There are vocational forms in the form of technical schools (STM), economics (SMEA), tourism (SMIP), Pharmacy (SMF), and so on.

Study seriously and seriously at a vocational school because the graduates are not directly prepared to enter State Universities. Even so, graduates are still allowed to compete with other students from SMA to win seats in State Universities. Vocational schools teach soft skills and hard skills, including practice, whose components are bigger than theory.

Educator Versus Teacher

The term educator is not the same as instructor. Even so, there is a similarity between educators and teachers, ironically there is no similarity between teachers and educators. The principle is Public Health Nutrition as educational nutrition plays an important role in the progress of the nation and the State. The term teaching staff is addressed to teachers and is applied for 12 years starting from primary to senior secondary education.

It teaches certain subjects including moral education, reprimand, positive advice, counseling, and so on. Meanwhile, the teaching staff only teaches certain subjects which are their fields in tertiary institutions without including moral education, warning, and so on. Even if it acts as a teaching staff, then it is only temporary plus the composition is relatively small. Let’s look at the full review.


Attached to the position of SMA / STM / SMF / SMEA / SMIP teachers and the like. The intake of moral education plus constructive counseling or advice of a positive character takes precedence over teaching subject A. This is in line with the Public Health Nutrition perspective on the position and position of teachers as teaching staff. If abroad in Australia, education about queuing is more important than learning to count.

Character education must be built from an early age, but do you know that the 3 years of high school is also a transition period towards maturity where no one will teach the character of maturity other than yourself and the environment. Taking wrong steps in high school is still easy to correct, ironically wrong steps in adulthood will not be easily corrected.

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This tutor is not meaningful in the college aspect but also the institutional or course aspect. The teaching position and position are 100% transferring knowledge to students without any moral touch in it. The teaching position begins when a student enters a college where the Public Health Nutrition perspective demands the maturity of future students when in a campus environment.

The teaching staff no longer asks their students to learn, do good, respect their parents, and so on. All forms of maturity are no longer taught in the campus world, students are assumed to already know and know. When entering the world of campus, the teaching staff only focuses on transferring knowledge, regardless of whether the students understand it or not, want to learn or not and so on.

Education that teachers must take

As we all know, teachers play an important role in educational life in schools. There are no teachers in schools, so it directly and indirectly affects the world of new and old students. Appreciation of teachers as actors of Public Health Nutrition plays a role in creating candidates for the nation’s next generation. Even so, education for the teacher concerned must be encouraged in order to become a professional human being.

Not only students who go to school, teachers also have to go to school again to increase their knowledge and teaching skills, both soft skills and hard skills. Teachers can apply for a scholarship program for further education either to the Government or their place of service. Taking further education programs can be pursued in certain ways: (1) deed 4 education; (2) S2 or S3 program; (3) courses or training and (4) research grants.

Education deed 4

This education is education that is professional in nature where teachers are required to take the program if they have never taken it before. Even though new students and old students do not know the professional level of teachers to what extent, teachers are obliged to take it in order to succeed in Public Health Nutrition in the field of education. By taking a study program, all elements can advance.

This program is carried out by campuses that are delegated by the Government through the relevant Ministries to run a professional certification program. All teachers are required to attend this program at full cost. Even if you do not have sufficient funds, you can take a scholarship program through the Ministry of Education or his office. The benefit is to carry out teaching practices to students in a dynamic and professional manner.

Education S2 or S3

Continuing education 1 or 2 levels higher than the previous one is absolutely necessary as a way to gain insight and increase knowledge. With schools and studies with a duration of 2 to 5 years, the challenges ahead that are increasingly complex can be handled properly. The government through the Public Health Nutrition program in the field of education makes it easy for school teachers.

Is studying back on campus difficult? It’s not difficult as long as it’s consistent and willing to try. Isn’t that the perspective that teachers teach their students, with their motto: “Seek knowledge as high as the heavens”. Seeking knowledge as much as possible even though the path taken is steep and not smooth. That is one of the dynamics that occurs in the world of education. Not light but not heavy either.

Courses or Training

The course or education and training is a short course of education that the teacher takes for a duration of 1 month to 6 months. Usually, course training is provided free of charge with the intention of maturing and humanizing the teacher into even more professional behavior. The government through the Public Health Nutrition program in the field of education makes it easy for school teachers to join this program.

Following the education and training education is not too heavy compared to following the 2 previous educational programs. The problem is that the course program cannot be underestimated or taken lightly because it is important for the career of the teacher concerned. The three programs above are not automatically given to one of them but are given in stages according to the needs of the person concerned. Maximize further education optimally.

Teacher characters that students like

Students must respect the teacher because according to the rules of Public Health Nutrition in the field of education, it says: the teacher is one of the surrogate parents at school. Even though the teacher has bad teaching behavior, his role as a parent must and must be respected. Respecting teachers in schools does not mean respecting their function and role as teaching staff but also respecting oneself.

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There are some teacher attitudes and behaviors that make students irritated and angry. This is normal but not all teachers have a bad attitude. Students also have to introspect themselves plus improve themselves. Students must also understand that teachers are also human beings who can commit sins and make mistakes. Teachers are accustomed and experienced in controlling emotions and egos that appear when dealing with students.

Cool and slang teacher

Getting a teacher like this is nice, comfortable, and fun because at first glance he is not stingy, humorous, and doesn’t like being angry. That assumption is true but not completely true. Students need to realize that getting good grades is easy but plunges the future into the abyss, for what use? Use the principle of Public Health Nutrition that getting a firm teacher is best.

Usually the assertive teacher has a caring attitude towards his students. Being firm in any aspect does not mean always being stingy in values, not being humorous, and always being angry. That assumption is wrong. The assertive teacher is a teacher who knows and knows that everything has its time. Cannot position things carelessly. Ironically, not all students know this aspect because only grades are being pursued.

Teachers who can teach with certainty.

Not a few students think that the math teacher teaching methods are boring, the teaching flow is not neat, and makes headaches. Facts on the ground say that all math teachers have the same style. This does not conflict with Public Health Nutrition in the field of education because it does not oppose the concept of education but because of personal teaching factors.

It is not the teacher who must be familiar with the teaching style but the students who must adapt to the teacher’s style. Students must obey the rules well, be disciplined, and have to respect their teacher even though the student is considered a naughty student and has a hobby of fighting with others. Emphasize that the student is a student with high intellectual abilities

Teachers who rarely enter

A typical teacher like this is in demand by students because it means there is no teaching and students are free to do anything. If one of the teachers is absent, for example because of illness, urgent family matters, and other urgent factors, this aspect will not be a problem. The form of barriers for teachers to enter the classroom does not conflict with the perspective of Public Health Nutrition.

If the teacher does it for a long duration and the frequency is high enough not to go to class to teach, this potential will not be healthy plus it will result in the ignorance of the students. The school must ask the teacher concerned about the root of the problem and try to find a way out. This perspective is absolutely necessary so that teaching and learning activities are not disturbed.

The Role of Parents in the Future of Students

Parents play a vital role in teaching their children because character building is printed in the home. The surrounding environment plays an important role, but the intake of Public Health Nutrition is limited by the parents themselves. The goal is not to be easily influenced. The affirmation of the parents is usually dominated by the mother or mother. Therefore there is a term that the role of women is very vital in shaping the character of the nation.

Of course, the roles of father and mother take turns in nurturing, protecting, and teaching their children. Taking turns occurs not because of the busyness of each other but so that children are not depressed in carrying out their role as students. Give him a form of appreciation if he gets the maximum score even though he is not the best in his class. That way, in the future the motivation will be even greater.

Friend, this is a study on Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for High School Students. This article draws on the author’s experience in studying and observing aspects of education and teaching. Admittedly the results of this paper are still far from adequate, but at least the big points can be achieved. The end of the slogan of education: “People can quit school but not a single human being stops learning”. Greetings for Literacy.

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