Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Traders in the Market

Public Health Nutrition Perspectives for Traders in the Market. The market place is a meeting place and transactions between sellers and buyers for something useful. Ironically, an unsanitary and unsanitary market place triggers one of the dangerous diseases that will later infect traders and buyers. The roles of traders and buyers are to contribute to providing positive energy so that the environment is always healthy.

Clean environment does not mean the old building must undergo a complete renovation. Minor changes were made via a joint fund between traders to restore a little bit of the market where he worked to be cleaner and healthier. This concern also requires cooperation and approval from other parties such as market authorities. With a clean environment, health and safety are always maintained and are pleasing to the eyes of the public.

Traders’ Rights in the Market

Traders have the same rights as suppliers or product suppliers to the market. The right referred to here is the right to obtain cleanliness in the market and its environment. The payment method is taken through a monthly fee that is collected from the merchant community. The Public Health Nutrition Perspective in the field of merchant rights is here to provide joint solutions for health and safety.

The organic and non-organic waste that has accumulated must be brought and cleaned by the cleaning service officers at least 2x a week. Internal and external clean concern needs to be prioritized as a form of attention from the market authority as an extension of the Government’s hand. Even if there are excess funds from cleaning fees, it can be maximized for the purpose of painting, minor renovations, and other forms.

  1. Obtaining an Appropriate Trading Place

Traders’ rights to market authorities are habitable locations or stalls for selling places. To get to the desired location, you must fight with other traders or wait for other traders to move places. The problem is that getting a place to sell is not that easy. Public Health Nutrition Rights, especially the sales location of the market authority, are here to provide solutions for both parties.

If you are given a habitable location for selling but it is not strategic and far from the reach of the buyer, how do you react? This perspective is not easy because the life and death of a trader in terms of the product or service aspect plus the benefits that will be achieved. Author’s suggestion: In the meantime, just accept this offer for a duration of 1 month – 2 months, then look for other better locations in the future.

  1. Get 24 Hours of Security and Comfort

Security and comfort are the dreams of human beings, including traders. 24 hour security service is the right of the trader or the duty of the market management authority. The merchant pays the right to rent where it is not only the desired location or place but elements of security, comfort, the surrounding environment, and other rows. The right to 24 hour security is part of Public Health Nutrition.

Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition

Security here means traders are free from extortion, free from thuggery, crime-free, hassle-free with other traders and buyers. Products or services that are placed will not disappear for 1×24 hours. This is a form of comfort that must be created. Providing a calm and cool atmosphere plus positive interactions, especially traders and buyers, becomes positive energy plus collaborating simultaneously.

  1. Obtain Water and Electricity Facilities

Water and electricity facilities are mandatory for selling locations. Without electricity, lighting and other electricity consumption is minimal. Without water, the need for bathing, washing, and latrines or toilets becomes choked up. Both facilities are in the spotlight of Public Health Nutrition because they are not only enjoyed by traders, but buyers and prospective visitors can feel the positive benefits in them.

The facilities for the two facilities cannot be ignored plus they cannot be avoided and become a necessity because they are attached to any form of building. Traders and buyers are spoiled by this well-available facility. Payment for these two facilities to PLN and PAM can be paid directly to the relevant parties or it can also be paid to the market authority.

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Obligations of Traders in the Market

The market that is discussed here is a market that sells groceries or the nine basic ingredients. Padagang has an unwritten obligation or awareness and willingness to keep their own stall and its surroundings clean. Starting from personal hygiene to returning home. Public Health Nutrition Perspective in the field of public trade health is here to confirm this is realized.

The following shows the components of the obligations of traders in the market that apply in general, namely: (1) cleaning yourself from the house; (2) maintaining cleanliness of merchandise and selling places; (3) maintaining the cleanliness of the environment around the market; and (4) clean yourself when you get home from selling. This concept is not difficult to apply because the market location is one of the places where viruses or bacteria are prone to appearing.

  1. Cleaning yourself from home

Start by showering with soap and shampoo under running water and then wearing clean clothes. This is not talking about appearance but talking about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. Cleaning yourself from home is one part of public health nutrition. Cleaning yourself through bathing also means killing bacteria or viruses germs more than 90%.

Use soap or hair shampoo in an effective, effective, and efficient way to clean yourself. Next, wear clean and healthy clothes to be ready to sell. Avoid wearing narrow clothes at work, in addition to inhibiting movement, it also increases the chance for viruses or bacteria to enter the body. Also bring a mask, hand washing soap or handsanitizer as a health handle while selling in the market.

  1. Maintaining Cleanliness of Merchandise and Selling Places

If you bring your product or service to the market from home, it’s best to do early cleaning of the product or service. If the product or service is already available in the market according to the previous order, do the cleaning at the location of the stall concerned. The point is cleanliness plays an important role. The outline of hygiene policy, namely the Public Health Nutrition Perspective as the main driver of human health and safety. See also other interesting articles here.

Clean the location of the stalls where you sell before the market hours apply, for example, arrive at 05.00 am or 1 hour earlier from the rolling market schedule at 06.00 am. It should be noted that maintaining the cleanliness of the stalls must be made into culture and regulations. Traders realized that cleanliness was the key to overall commercial success. The products or services offered and the place of trading must be preserved.

  1. Cleaning Yourself After Coming From Selling

Usually the duration of selling that traders do in the market can vary, some are long and some are short. Hygiene procedures are maintained, including cleaning yourself after selling. At home, immediately take a shower with soap and hair shampoo under running water. Avoid direct contracts with your spouse, parents, or anyone close to you. Do this according to a Public Health Nutrition Perspective.

Bacteria and viruses must be carried by the high movement of human mobility from one location to another. When selling in the market, the trader concerned must be exposed to viruses or bacteria directly and indirectly, which is carried by fellow traders and consumers through the air, splashing saliva, sneezing, and so on for several hours. Arriving at home, you should hurry to take a shower with soap and running water.

Buyers’ Rights in the Market

Like the rights of traders in the market, buyers also have rights that are not much different. The buyer’s right is not only to spend money, to choose products or services offered by traders, and to buy the products concerned but also to determine the criteria for Public Health Nutrition. Even though the buyer’s right is unwritten, it must be fulfilled by the traders so that the buyer is not disappointed and comes back to shop.

The traders must be able to fulfill the buyers’ wishes in accordance with the best conditions and abilities. If these conditions have been met properly, the interaction and communication between traders and buyers is well established. Traders and buyers can put themselves in an equal and equal position and position. Rights and obligations are the same because they both need and complement each other.

  1. Obtaining the Best Service in Buying Products or Services

Traders are required to provide the best service according to consumer demand based on 3 aspects, namely: (1) the best product or service offered; (2) the best condition; and best abilities. This perspective is in line with Public Health Nutrition regarding the best service to consumers in the market. The product or service must be of high quality, the seller must be healthy and clean, and the ability to bargain must be adequate.

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If it is not supported in the 3 main aspects above, then the potential for disappointment from the buyer or consumer will come to the surface. This is what must be prevented and avoided. If the seller experiences unhealthy conditions, it is better if the position is delegated to his partner or you can also rest for the next 2 days. Give a smile and be warm despite difficult conditions or abilities because the buyer is king.

  1. Get 24 Hours of Security and Comfort

Security services need to be considered for 1×24 hours per day with the aim of freeing buyers or consumers from worrying about illegal parakeet charges, free from crime, free from intimidation from the seller, and free from other disturbances. Obtaining 24-hour Safety and Comfort is a part of Public Health Nutrition that is accepted as a consumer right that must be fulfilled.

Convenience also applies, which must be 1×24 hours per day. Comfort provides coolness and shade so that visitors, especially buyers, feel at home and keep coming back because the results are satisfying. Satisfactory results are not only in the aspect of affordable discounted prices but also include communication reviews, negotiation, trust, honesty, and others. The point is the attitude and behavior of traders to consumers.

Obligations of Buyers in the Market

These obligations are adjacent to, shared, and attached to the rights of the buyer. The obligations of buyers in the market are in accordance with Public Health Nutrition which is inherent in consumer rights. For example: (1) there is a consumer’s right to buy, there is an obligation for the consumer to pay; (2) there is a consumer’s right to security, there is a consumer’s obligation to pay a parking ticket.

The obligations of the buyers at the market location become the full handle that must be carried out fully after receiving their rights. Carrying out obligations applies not only to interactions between traders and buyers but also buyers and the environment around the market. Consumers have also realized and responded to their obligations properly and correctly. If it is not addressed carefully and intelligently, problems will surface.

  1. Paying Parking Fee To Get Security and Comfort

Security and comfort during shopping are not obtained for free or free of charge, but require a large amount of money which is divided into certain forms of payment that are charged to buyers who come to visit. Safety and comfort services are made according to standard Public Health Nutrition procedures. The funds raised are used to maximize the security unit.

The security guards will protect the assets owned by traders and buyers, including assets, vehicles, family, objects, etc. from criminal and criminal disturbances. The convenience aspect examines the behavior of security guards who help buyers in delivering and bringing the purchased goods to car or motorcycle parking locations. This form of security and comfort makes consumers feel at home and trust.

  1. Paying an amount of funds for the purchase of goods or services

Every time a commercial transaction occurs between a trader and a buyer with a certain agreement, the buyer must pay a certain amount of funds to the seller. That is a form of the obligation of the buyer and as his right is to receive a number of products or services that have been paid in full. The provisions of this obligation must be healthy, not fraudulent, and honest plus not violating Public Health Nutrition and the law.

Violating obligations is unethical in nature and can deal with criminal law or civil law. Obey obligations to anyone and anywhere because it is a debt that must be paid. Obligations of traders and buyers can be renegotiated as long as the payment has not occurred. Obligations at first glance are simple and should not be underestimated, but if they are violated they can fall into the category of default or legal domain.

Personal Protection against Viruses or Bacteria

Self-protection is health equipment that should be brought from home when selling. No need to be expensive as long as the price and quality are affordable. When selling, the hands of traders and consumers must hold certain products that are not necessarily clean, so personal hygiene tools are needed to kill germs. Self-protection is what will bridge the use of Public Health Nutrition to its full potential.

Dirty hands should not touch the eyes, nose and mouth directly. If there is direct contact, it has the potential to cause infection with certain diseases. Wash dirty hands with soap and running water so that bacteria or viruses die by themselves. When the hands are clean and sterile, then they are allowed to hold the eyes, nose and mouth. Maintaining personal health and hygiene is much more important than money.

  1. Soap For Nutrition Human

Use a soap with the right PH not only sterilizes bacteria, germs, and viruses but is also safe for the body’s skin plus shampoo to wash hair. Usually a certain brand of bath soap has 2 functions, namely: (1). Maintain the body’s PH balance and (2) kill germs, bacteria and viruses. The concept of washing hands with soap is in accordance with the Public Health Nutrition perspective on the values ​​of personal hygiene.

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Hair should be cleaned directly as it is exposed to dust, dirt, dandruff, sweat and mouth splash. Wash your hair every 2 days or 3 times a week. Dirty or untreated hair has the potential to spread bacteria and viruses. Use an anti-dandruff hair shampoo or similar shampoo that provides similar protection. Avoid using regular bath soap to wash your hair because it will not work effectively.

  1. Handsanitizer

Bring a Handsanitizer if the soap product cannot be presented at the merchandise shop. State that hand hygiene products with a 70% alcohol basis are a way for Public Health Nutrition to clean hands from dirt. The ability of alcohol-based hand washing kills viruses and bacteria above 95%. Traders must be diligent in carrying and using a handsanitizer.

It is not difficult to choose this product because all brands have the same function, namely 70% – 75% alcohol base. There are handsanitizers that are spray models and drops onto hands. However, this model is temporary, for example there is no antiseptic soap at the stall location. The use of alcohol-based hand washing is indeed effective and efficient but it is much more effective and efficient when using soap and running water.

3.Mask (Life Cover)

Traders or buyers use masks not only in the context of situations and market conditions that smell strong but for health in general. Viruses or bacteria infect humans through the respiratory tract, therefore they must be protected. Use masks in commercial transactions for both merchants and buyers while at the sales location. Principles of Public Health Nutrition are always put forward in people’s lives.

Traders should bring at least 4 units of masks if they want to go to the market. Change the mask when it has been used for 4 hours. If using a cloth mask, wash it with soap and running water. If using a surgical mask, throw it directly into the designated trash. Use a 2 layer mask to keep more viruses or bacteria from entering the respiratory tract.

Self protection against vehicles used

Traders must always clean the vehicle that is used as a solution to keep it away from certain bacteria or viruses. Cleaning it can be done by disinfecting before leaving for the sales location or after arriving home. Self-protection procedures for vehicles used are based on the standards of Public Health Nutrition which regulates personal health procedures.

The health costs that must be paid by traders for early detection are expensive, but as long as it is for health, personal safety and family, this expensive price is not a problem. Health is a life investment that spends a number of funds but cannot be cashed back. All this self-protection applies to all aspects including the house, beds, chairs, tables, etc.

  1. Motorized Vehicles

In this article, four wheels or minibuses are discussed. Make sure the car compartment from the front to the back is sterile from viruses or bacteria by cleaning every corner and spraying disinfectant. The process can be done before leaving or when you get home. Be diligent and careful in washing the car and cleaning the front / rear car seats. Avoid chemical sprays on food ingredients as they can not be good for health. Public Health Nutrition Perspective is in line with motor vehicle cleanliness.

Do the same thing when you get home, namely by cleaning the interior of the car. If cleanliness is not carried out, the respiratory tract can be inhaled and it can be dangerous because viruses or bacteria have not been completely eradicated plus settling in the car room. Cleanliness of anything takes a lot of time but a certain method can be found not to take up time by doing it earlier.

  1. Motorized Vehicles Motorcycles

The same concept applies to two-wheeled vehicles regardless of brand type. Pay attention to any early cleaning on two-wheeled vehicles. Spray the disinfectant from the front and back with a measured plus periodically with a 75% alcohol-based antiseptic solution. Remember the basic hygiene of health according to the Public Health Nutrition policy line.

Also prepare a handsanitizer on two-wheeled vehicles whenever needed. Bringing certain products to the location of the stalls for sale also results in dirty and germ-filled hands. Conscious and unconscious, the hand will hit the motor joints from start to finish. There are two ways to prevent this, namely: (1) spraying the motorbike with disinfectant and (2) rinsing hands with a handsanitizer.

Thus the points are presented and discussed in this article. This review article provides many benefits and benefits that become positive energy. Reviews of merchant rights and buyer’s rights recorded in the perspective of Public Health Nutrition are brief, simple and clear. Enter positive and constructive recommendations are expected for the continuation and perfection of this article. May all readers be healthy and successful.

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