Smart Tricks to Stay Full While Dieting

Smart Tricks to Stay Full While Dieting – You know, this hunger that appears is not always caused by a lack of food intake, you know. When you feel hungry, the food we eat may not contain nutrients that trigger fullness.

Stay Full While Dieting
Stay Full While Dieting

Feeling hungry while on a diet is inevitable. But don’t give in to hunger easily. Well, so that what is done is a diet without Stay Full While Dieting. Try covering your hungry stomach with the feeling of fullness that you can get in these ways.

Replace rice with porridge

The perfect technique to reduce your portions and still feel full. The porridge will expand in your stomach, making it feel full quickly.

Add soup to your diet

Do you have soup on your menu? If not, from now on, enter soup as a mandatory menu item in your diet. Warm soup can calm hunger and make you feel full.

Increase the “volume” of food

By adding “volume” to food, you can increase feelings of fullness. One way you can try is to add potato starch or potato starch to the soup or side dish you eat. That way you can eat smaller portions and feel full.

Cut vegetables in large sizes

Eating large chunks of vegetables will make it easier for you to feel full than eating vegetables in small pieces. Maybe a feeling of fullness comes because a large cut will make your meal look a lot?

Don’t avoid oil too much

Even though oil is a source of fat that must be avoided when dieting, remember, your body also needs fat because a lack of fat will actually make you hungry easily. At least your body needs one tablespoon of oil every day. Want a healthy one? Can replace with olive oil.

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Chew your food well

Your stomach will feel full in 20 minutes. So chew your food well and slowly so you can feel full even though you eat small portions. Chewing food until it’s soft also helps the stomach work to be healthier.

When we are hungry, we tend to want to eat the food right away. This will actually make us hungry quickly later. It’s best to chew the food slowly and absorb the flavors. Studies in the past year have shown that slowly chewing food sends a signal of satiety and satisfaction to the brain. We will also feel full, even if we only eat small portions of food.

Increase your water intake

Think of our stomach as a balloon that can expand when given food intake. When it reaches its maximum capacity, sensors in the new digestive system will tell the brain to stop eating. To meet the maximum capacity of the stomach without consuming a lot of calories, we can outsmart it by drinking lots of water. Consume a glass of water at least 30 minutes before meals and drink it between meals.

What Are the Smart Tricks to Stay Full While Dieting?

Get lots of fiber

According to research conducted by a team from the University of Washington in 2009, fiber will absorb water from the body and the food we eat. After that, the fluid will be transported to the intestinal tract which will create a feeling of satisfaction and fullness.

Focus on food

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Do you often eat food while doing other activities? For example, watching television, or playing with gadgets? Without realizing it, this habit actually makes us eat more, you know. Based on research last year published in Trends in Food Science and Technology, eating when the brain is distracted will interfere with sending a full signal from the brain to the stomach, making it more difficult for us to control food intake.

Choose a healthy type of snack

As long as we eat foods that are rich in nutrients and trigger a feeling of fullness, our desire to eat prematurely will decrease. However, if you still feel hungry before mealtime arrives, snacking can help.

However, keep in mind to keep the portion of the snack from getting too much. Choose snacks that are high in fiber and protein, such as beans or cottage cheese. Avoid snacks consisting of processed foods because they can make our stomachs feel hungry continuously. As a result, we will eat all day long and never feel full.

Whole eggs

Eggs are often a concern because they are high in cholesterol. Although a high intake of eggs can raise levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol in some people, eggs are one of the best foods to eat if you are looking to lose weight. Eggs are high in protein and fat which is very filling.

Green vegetable

Green vegetables including kale, spinach to mustard greens have several properties that are effective in losing weight quickly. This meal is very low in calories, carbohydrates, and high in fiber. Leafy greens are a great way to increase the volume of a meal without adding calories.

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Lean beef and chicken breast

Meat is often blamed for various health problems, despite the lack of good evidence to support these negative claims.  Actually, meat is a weight loss-friendly food because it is high in protein, as long as eating it without fat at all with the right processing.

Baked potatoes

Some people think potatoes are a food that is high in carbohydrates which actually makes you gain weight quickly. But this is not entirely true Toppers. Besides containing carbohydrates, potatoes are also rich in fiber, vitamins, and various other nutrients needed by the body. Due to their high fiber content, potatoes will also make you fuller and not interested in consuming other foods after eating potatoes.

And you don’t need to worry that potatoes will interfere with your diet program Toppers, the calorie content contained in 1 potato is not more than 160 calories. Now you no longer need to endure hunger because you are on a diet program, Toppers. By consuming some of the foods above, hunger is resolved and of course, Stay Full While Dieting.

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