Some Examples of Healthy Exercise You Can Do At Home

Some Examples of Healthy Exercise You Can Do At Home. In the current pandemic, we are required to maintain our health in order to avoid the corona virus. The government advises us to do social distancing, wear masks, wash our hands frequently, and exercise diligently. In addition, the appeal to stay at home during a pandemic is a must for all of us so that we reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus. Other activities such as work and study must be done at home to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

This appeal requires us to be more creative and have the courage to innovate so that we can compete during a pandemic like this. In addition, working and studying at home will give us new experiences and make us mentally ready to face these situations. The advantages of this condition are starting from being closer to the family, avoiding congestion, and being able to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the family. The disadvantages of this condition are that we cannot meet other people, learning is less effective, and stress due to this pandemic.

There are many ways you can deal with and prevent stress while you are at home. One of these ways is physical activity or exercise, where there are several types of sports that can be done at home. There are even some activities that we often do at home that you can do as healthy exercise. You can use the amount of time you spend at home by exercising to prevent stress, boost your immune system, and lose weight. However, the problem that many people have to face is laziness and that trait you have to fight against.

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healthy exercise
healthy exercise

The following are some physical activities, including healthy exercise that can be done at home

Push Up

The first activity you can do at home is push up. The benefits of doing push up on a regular basis is being able to nourish the body, maintain the body’s immune system, and be able to form a more ideal body. Push up has a variety of variations, from push up by changing the distance between the legs or arms, to push up that uses additional tools such as chairs. In addition, push up can also be done by changing the shape of the hands, starting from clenching, opening, and using fingers. The advantage of this sport is that it does not require a large space.

Sit Up

This healthy exercise is very easy to do, does not require a large space, and only has a mat. Sit up focuses on training your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles and is perfect for getting six pack abs. The motion of sit up is quite simple, you can put your hands on your chest in a cross. The position of the feet must be resting on a chair or the other. But if you can’t do it yourself, you can ask for help from others to hold your toes.

Start from a supine position, then lift your body until your chest touches your knees and this is done repeatedly. If you feel pain in the lower abdomen, this is normal and over time the pain will go away on its own. Both men and women really like this sport because it is believed to be able to get six pack abs. You can do this sport anywhere because sit up doesn’t need a large space. So, even though you have to be at home for a long time, you can still maintain your health by exercising.

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The next healthy exercise you can do at home is squats. This exercise aims to strengthen muscle strength in the legs and thighs and improve your posture. Similar to sit up and push up, squats don’t need a lot of space because you only have to stand up. Then, position your feet shoulder width apart, then lower your body until your feet form a 90 degree angle. This position is similar to the position when you sit upright or in a half squat position and do the movement repeatedly.

Jumping Jacks

Many people are not aware that jumping jacks is a sport that is known to burn a lot of calories in the body. This sport is actually one of the movements in gymnastics and then used as one of the sports that nourishes the body. Start by standing straight and then jumping with your hands above your head and legs spread apart. Repeat this movement over and over again so that more calories are burned through the movement. You can do jumping jacks every morning or evening in a large enough room.

Running on a Treadmill

Running is a healthy exercise that many people like and is usually done in parks. However, in a pandemic like this time, which requires us to limit outdoor activities, this sport is starting to be abandoned. In fact, you can still run even when you are at home using a treadmill. This tool can be placed in a room or room that is not too wide and this tool functions to run without having to leave the house. For this reason, this tool is very popular with many people because it is quite practical and efficient.

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By using this tool, you can run whenever you want because the sport is done indoors. The benefits are also the same as jogging, namely burning calories, strengthening muscles in the legs and stomach, nourishing the lungs and heart, and making the body fit. By having these tools, you don’t need to leave the house to exercise and of course exercising with these tools is just as healthy as exercising outside.


So that you have six pack abs quickly, you can also do planks at home. The plank movement is almost the same as the push up movement, but in a plank, you should bend your hands until your elbows form a 90 degree angle. Then, you are required to hold your body using your hands which this movement will train your abdominal muscles and back muscles. Do this movement for 30 minutes and you can increase the duration according to your ability. Don’t forget to do this healthy exercise regularly so you can feel the benefits.

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Cleaning the house

You may do this physical activity often and many of you may not believe that this activity is healthy. Cleaning the house such as mopping, sweeping, wiping household utensils, etc. is a physical activity that can drain your energy. The energy that is burned by doing these activities is a reflection of the calories your body is burning. Therefore, cleaning the house is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and it will keep your house clean.

That’s all the information about some healthy exercise you can do at home. Having a healthy body does not always require outdoor sports, you can still exercise while at home. Combine these sports with a healthy diet so that you can feel the benefits more.

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