Some Nutritional Problems That Should Be Faced By Public Health Nutrition Masters

Some Nutritional Problems That Should Be Faced By Public Health Nutrition Masters. Nutrition is also the food that every living creature needs to survive. Nutrition has a very crucial role in the process of human life. People will consume food and drinks to meet their body’s nutrients to keep them alive. In addition, adequate nutrition on the body of a person will give some benefit one of the health that is maintained.

In nutrition, there is a substance called nutrient which is a chemical element that is needed by the human body. The body needs nutrient to perform its functions such as maintaining tissue, producing enzymes, burning energy, and so on. Nutrient substance can be obtained from foodstuffs that have gone through the process of digestion in the body and the substance will be absorbed by the body. In addition, nutrient substances are divided into 2 namely macronutrients and micronutrients.

Types Of Food Substances Recommended

public Health nutrition Master should be aware of the differences between two types of nutrient substances. A macronutrient is a nutrient needed by the human body in large quantities e.g. carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Meanwhile, micronutrient is the nutrients that the human body needs in small quantities e.g. minerals, and vitamins. In order to do activities smoothly, the human body needs enough energy derived from food and nutrition. You should apply a healthy and balanced lifestyle to meet the nutrients needed by your body such as water, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Public Health Nutrition master
Public Health Nutrition master

In addition, there are also named nutritional status which is the condition of the body to consume food and drink. Nutritional Status becomes an important factor to the occurrence of sick condition until death. Therefore, the status of good nutrition will provide benefits in the form of health care, as well as increasing the immune system to avoid various diseases. Good nutritional Status will be fulfilled if one consumes food intake with the availability of all nutrients in sufficient quantities and combinations as well as the right time.

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Here are some nutritional problems that a public health nutrition master should face

Iodine deficiency

According to Public Health Nutrition master, iodine is a substance needed by the human body that serves to produce thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormone is a hormone that controls metabolism and keeps the functions of some organs in the human body to run normally. A common problem is the deficiency of iodine where this problem will cause a disease called mumps. Goiter is caused by abnormal enlargement or flushing of the thyroid gland. To overcome this, you have to consume salt that contains 30 ppm of iodine to make your body’s needs to be fulfilled.


Anemia is a disease that is quite often felt by many people especially people who are exhausted and pregnant women. Anemia occurs because the body of a person is incapable of producing angry blood cells containing oxygen and transmitted to the body. Because the body is deficient in oxygen intake from red blood cells, a person’s body will feel tired, weak, headache, to an abnormal heartbeat. In addition, the majority of these diseases are pregnant mothers and toddlers.

According to some Public Health Nutrition master, pregnant women who suffer from anemia while undergoing childbirth process tend to be at risk of death. This occurs because during childbirth, pregnant women will lose enough blood and exacerbated with anemia that will cause more blood loss. In order to avoid anemia, especially pregnant women, you are encouraged to take iron pills to keep your red blood cells healthy. In addition, you can also consume some green vegetables that contain iron for example spinach vegetables.

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Less intake of Vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency is a nutritional problem that most sufferer are children and pregnant women. Many people who consider lightly the nutritional problem of this one when vitamin A deficiency can be fatal in the human body. Vitamin A is the nutrients needed by the eyes to stay healthy. For children who are experiencing vitamin A deficiency, they will potentially experience impaired vision to cause blindness. In pregnant women, they will potentially suffer blindness until death during childbirth. For the easy enough, children and pregnant mothers can eat vitamin A capsules or vegetables that contain a fairly high level of vitamin A.


Stunting is the most common nutritional problem by many people around the world. This nutritional problem occurs due to lack of nutritional intake in the body for a long period of time. Lack of nutritional intake of one is exacerbated by the conformity of feeding food with a person’s nutritional condition. Stunting symptoms are quite obvious from the slow growth of bone, less weight of the body, to a shorter posture. Most sufferers of this nutritional problem are toddlers but stunting can also attack children who are still in the womb.

Some public Health Nutrition Masters say that stunting can reduce a person’s productivity to reduce brain development. In addition, stunting also increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and death. To prevent this terrible disease, nutritional needs in infants and pregnant mothers must be well met to avoid stunting. In addition, proper feeding of infants also assists the development and growth of the toddler and reduces the risk of this nutritional problem.


Obesity is the most common nutritional problem ranging from children to adults. This nutritional problem occurs because of nutrient intake in a person’s excessive body that causes weight gain in drastic. People who are obese will have a large body because of the amount of fat in his body. In general, the cause of obesity is an imbalance in the amount of energy and calories that enter the body with the amount of energy and calories incurred. Obesity is the most widely encountered nutritional problem in developed countries in the world such as the United States.

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Communities in the developed world generally do not have the time to exercise and like junk food. According to some public health nutrition Masters, people who are obese will be at high risk of developing dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart disease. Lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyles are the main causes of this obesity. If you want to avoid obesity, you have to exercise diligently and apply a healthy lifestyle. In addition, eating healthy foods that are low in fat and sugar like vegetables and make will help you avoid the dangers of obesity. See other interesting articles here.

All the above nutritional problems will not happen to you if you are able to apply a healthy lifestyle. You can also consult the Public Health Nutrition Master to get advice on the right healthy lifestyle. Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.

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