Some Of The Things That Public Health Nutrition Master Can Advise

Some Of The Things That Public Health Nutrition Master Can Advise. Public Health is defined as an application and integrated activity between sanitation and treatment in preventing diseases that hit the population or society. Public health is a combination of theory (science) and Practice (art). Public health aims to prevent disease, prolong life, and improve the health of the population (society). In addition, the goals of public health relate to the field of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative.

Therefore, there is important public health services for the community. In each region of course have health problems that vary depending on the conditions in the environment. Of course it should be handled properly and properly. Therefore, there is a need for prevention and treatment. Some of its applications in public health scope include eradication of diseases, improvement of environmental sanitation of public places. In addition, the community can also improve the residential environment as a form of prevention.

public health nutrition master
public health nutrition master

The topic of public nutrition health is one of the most important but often in the center of the community. But there are many things to be considered in order to not have a lack of nutrition in the community environment. Examples of drug and beverage supervision, community nutrition development, sanitation supervision of public places, as well as education or outreach of public health. Therefore, people must be aware in maintaining the health and nutrition in their surroundings and consult the public health nutrition master for the best advice and explanation.

The following are the efforts and advice of the Public Health Nutrition Master to provide adequate nutritional needs in the human body

Consuming Balanced Healthy Food

The purpose of consuming healthy food is to consume foods that have a suitable nutrient content. However, it should be adjusted to the needs and conditions of each individual different. It can depend on its age, gender, environment, and daily activity capacity. Food can be said to be balanced when it has a complete nutrient content, namely carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins & minerals, fats. By consuming balanced food, the nutrition health of the community is sure to be fulfilled.

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According to the public health nutrition master, in one dish, we do not need to prepare groceries differently with each nutrient content. Because most foodstuffs include some nutritional content at once. For example, nutrient content in fish containing protein (animal), fat, various kinds of vitamins, omega 3, calcium, minerals, and iron. From one food ingredient only the nutritional content can be that much, what if added with other foodstuffs. Of course being healthy food is balanced.

Because each person’s nutritional needs are different, you need to be smart and creative in choosing the ingredients that fit your nutritional needs. You can consult a nutritionist who can certainly advise on what nutritional intake suits your needs. The nutrition that is fulfilled is very influential in life because there are many things that depend on nutritional intake one of them is intelligence. Less nutrition will cause a person to decrease their level of intelligence. Therefore, the public should be aware that the health of nutritional communities must be fulfilled.

Eating With The Appropriate Portions/Adequate is Recomendation Public Health Nutrition Master

Food portion can be said enough according to public health nutrition master if in one plate have fulfilled complete nutritional intake. Generally there are at least half a plate of vegetables and fruits, a quarter of the dish contains carbohydrates, and the remaining quarter contains proteins. If by comparison is 2:1: 1, 2 for vegetables and fruits as a fiber intake, 1 for carbohydrates, and 1 for proteins. There is no need to eat too much, eat enough that important nutritional has been fulfilled perfectly.

Many people think that we have to eat to the full extent possible for us to be able to go through the day. But the assumption is wrong and can have a bad impact on your health. The truth is that we have to eat sufficiently and should not be too flavored because it can cause drowsiness. Eating excessively will also cause your weight to rise. Eat sufficiently and regularly so that the health of the public nutrition can be fulfilled and avoid malnutrition.

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For those of you who are not accustomed to eating with small portions, there is one tips from the public health nutrition master that you can try. The tips are to increase your eating frequency in a day but you have to reduce the portion of your meal. Increasing your eating frequency in a day will not cause weight gain, because the portions are not large. Your weight will decrease as time goes by slowly. Do these tips regularly, so you get the most out of your benefits.

Drinking Water To Make Your Body Fluid Needs Fulfilled

Maybe we all already know that water is very beneficial and important to the human body, because about 65% of the human body consists of liquids. People can survive without food for weeks, but not by drinking, people need to drink water. The water function is very much, including preventing dehydration, blood circulation, helps to remove toxins, to control the appetite. Therefore, we have to routinely drink water so that the health of the nutritional community can be fulfilled.

To meet the needs of liquids in the human body, consuming water is much better than consuming soft drinks, sweetened beverages and the like. Because usually the drink contains enough calories that comes from additional sugar. According to public health nutrition master, generally the portion to consume enough water is as much as 2 liters per day or equivalent to eight glasses. To drink water is more beneficial, it is good if we consume water at certain hours. For example after waking up, before bathing, before and after meals, when feeling tired, before, when, and after exercising, before bedtime, and when sick.

The unique fact, if we consume more water when before eating than after eating, will make us feel a little satiety. So that the portion amount of our meal will be a slight habit and it is very suitable applied for those of you who want a diet but stay healthy. Lack of body fluid intake can have an impact on the level of nutrition health in the community where it should be avoided. People must be more aware that adequate nutritional intake is crucial to their lives and they must know what to do.

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Reduce Consumption Of Sweet, Salty And Fatty Foods

While consuming nutritious foods, we also need to limit consuming foods that are sweet, salty, and fatty. This can help to maintain the ideal body weight and of course make the body healthier. Why the heck should we reduce consuming those foods? Based on public health nutrition master, the food if consumed too often, will trigger the emergence of various diseases in the human body. Diseases that can arise include diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke.

Then the solution if we still want to consume those foods is we can eat it with a small portion and not too often. You should avoid foods that contain sugar, salt, and excessive fat. Foods that contain all three things are not recommended because it is not good for the health of the nutrition community. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a menu of foods as well as snacks so that your body does not get an unhealthy nutritional intake.

Routine Exercise

Based on public health nutrition master, sports are one of the ways you can get a healthy body. Exercise is also the most important factor in the excess weight loss process. There are many variations or types of sports that you can try to get a healthy body. Some are easy, some are tough, there are even some sports that require a cost that is not cheap. It depends on your choices tailored to your needs, abilities, and conditions. See other interesting articles here.

These are some tips and tricks based on public health nutrition masterYou can try the above tips and tricks to familiarize yourself with a healthy life. All the above tips and tricks will be more effective when you apply correctly and not excessive. Hopefully the above information can be useful for those of you who plan to implement a healthy lifestyle.



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