The Importance of Maintaining Ideal Body Weight

The Importance of Maintaining Ideal Body Weight – Ideal body weight needs to be maintained for three reasons. First, so as not to cause various metabolic diseases. Second, do not trigger the incidence of existing diseases, and third, avoid premature death.

maintaining ideal body
maintaining ideal body

Maintaining Ideal Body is a risk factor for a number of metabolic diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, excess blood fat. However, maintaining ideal body weight is not easy. Diet and lifestyle often lead to fat people. It also occurs because it is difficult to put a brake on excessive appetite and high-calorie menu choices.

Fried, fatty menus, and red meat are modern daily menus that tend to have excess calories. So it is true that obese people carry a greater risk of disease than people who are not obese. In medical language, human age is determined by the circle of the belt and the condition of the blood vessels of the body. Men’s normal waist size is less than 90 centimeters and women less than 80 cm.

Likewise, if the condition of the blood vessels is corroded with fat (plaque). Belt circumference and body blood vessels that are in normal condition will increase a person’s potential to live a long life. Most of the triggers for premature death are the problem of being overweight.

How to The Importance of Maintaining Ideal Body Weight?

Schedule orderly meals

The most important solution to getting the ideal body weight is to organize your menu and maintain your daily food intake. People often very much limit the portion of their main food, but forget that even snacks can provide excessive calories. Many people don’t take into account the calories from fried foods, soft drinks, candy, sugary teas, and everything sugary and fatty.

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Apart from choosing a menu that is not high in calories, it is necessary to schedule meals. A stomach that only works at certain hours should be considered. Unscheduled hunger due to eating anytime and anywhere, often messes with your natural appetite. God has provided a device that regulates naturally when the body needs to be filled with food.

However, most modern people have a chaotic appetite due to having irregular eating hours. There are a few people who eat even though they are not hungry. As a result, disrupted eating patterns. Food portions that tend to exceed needs are also not good.

Increase fiber

Maintaining an ideal body weight can also be done by calculating the type and amount of intake we consume. Most people are more after the delicious taste on the tongue. If this continues to be followed, then the one who bears the bad consequences then of course our own bodies. See other interesting articles here.

In addition to an orderly meal schedule and healthy menu choices, your appetite also needs to be Maintaining Ideal Body. The body itself will give a signal when it is time to eat, and when it is not necessary to fill up with food again. The guides are hunger and satiety.

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