The Work Health of the Lung Body System is Very Important

The Work Health of the Lung Body System is Very Important – Health is a state of well-being of body, soul, and social, which enables everyone to live productively socially and economically. Health effort is any activity to maintain and improve health carried out by the government and / or society.

Health Work System
Health Work System

Health Work System The body in the lungs is a pair and is located in the left and right chest cavity. The right lung has three lobes (wattle), while the left lung has two. In the lungs there are approximately 300 million alveoli. The outer part of the lungs is covered by pleural membrane to protect the lungs from friction when breathing.

Lung capacity

Even though the human exhales as hard as he can, there is still as much as 1,500 milliliters of air left in the lungs. This residual air is called residual air. Apart from inhaling through the nose, humans can also inhale through the mouth. Breathing with the nose is certainly healthier than the mouth. This is because the air that enters through the nose is first filtered by the hairs in the nose.

Respiratory process

When breathing, humans inhale air through the nose. The air that is inhaled contains oxygen and other gases. From the nose, the air enters the throat and reaches the lungs. In the lungs, air flows up to the alveoli.

The oxygen in the alveoli then exchanges with carbon dioxide contained in the blood in the alveoulus vessels through a diffusion process. In the blood, oxygen is bound by hemoglobin. The existing blood contains oxygen flowing throughout the body.

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How The Work Health of the Lung Body System is Very Important?

At the same time, the rib muscles also contract, as a result of which the chest cavity expands. When a human exhales, the diaphragm and rib muscles relax, causing the chest cavity to shrink. Parts of the respiratory tract shutterstock Parts of the respiratory tract Types of breathing Based on the organs involved in the breathing process, there are two types of breathing.

Chest breathing

Chest breathing occurs because the muscles between the ribs contract so that the ribs are lifted, as a result the volume of the chest cavity increases. When the lungs expand, the air pressure outside is greater than inside the lungs. As a result, air enters.

Conversely, when the muscles between the ribs relax, the ribs drop. As a result, the volume of the chest cavity decreases so that the pressure inside increases. In this situation, the lungs are collapsed so that air comes out. See other interesting articles here.

Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing occurs due to the movement of the diaphragm. Health Work System  when the diaphragm muscles contract, the chest cavity enlarges and the lungs expand. As a result, the Working Health of the Body System gets into the lungs. When the diaphragm relaxes, the diaphragm returns to its original state. At that time, the chest cavity narrows, pushing against the lungs so that they contract. The air from the lungs will come out.

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