Things That Public Health Nutrition Master Should Do In Society

Things That Public Health Nutrition Master Should Do In Society. In fact, public health in Indonesia has not been able to be overcome properly. Many people out there are still living in poverty, and even suffering from illness cannot be handled properly. This is all again due to cost constraints. In addition, there is an imbalance in health facilities between large cities and remote areas. In big cities there are many hospitals equipped with various kinds of sophisticated facilities and highly competent medical personnel.

Eating healthy food is one of the efforts aimed at maintaining health and improving public health nutrition. At present, there is a new guideline called the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines (PGS) introduced by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The guideline was issued in order to replace the old guideline which is “4 sehat 5 sempurna”. The guideline is considered to be no longer used because it is not in accordance with current conditions.

public health nutrition master
public health nutrition master

In addition, following the new guidelines issued officially by the Ministry of Health, we can also follow a few tips below. Healthy or not our bodies are obtained not because of new guidelines, but from our own. This means that if we have the will to have a healthy body, we ourselves must try to get it. Besides being able to do it yourself, getting a healthy body can also be obtained from the results of consultations with nutritionists. That’s why, public health nutrition master is needed to nurture and give some suggestions regarding a healthy lifestyle and fulfillment of good nutrition.

Here are some activities that public health nutrition master do in society

Pay Attention to Food in the Restaurant

If you prefer to eat in a restaurant, you also still need to pay attention to several things. To maintain your health, you can check the food in the menu list by what method the food is cooked. It’s good to avoid fried foods because fried foods tend to contain bad fats and high calories. You can choose foods that are cooked by steaming, boiling, and roasting or baking. Because they do not contain bad fats and high calories that are quite dangerous for your health.

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Reduce or Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

For those of you who like to drink alcoholic drinks, it helps you reduce or even stop. In general, alcohol can cause dehydration, indigestion and disturb sleep patterns. Irregular sleep can also interfere with your health. If you can’t stop, you can reduce alcohol consumption to 2 glasses a day for men and 1 glass a day for women. There are several alternative alcohol substitutes which are certainly healthier and able to improve public health nutrition that can be done by public health nutrition master, one of which is water.

Meet Fiber Nutrition For Public Health Nutrition Master

Fiber is one of the nutrients needed by the body that is useful for launching digestion in the body. You can use green vegetables that are high in fiber and some fruits. In addition, you can also replace white rice with brown rice which has more nutritional content and is certainly rich in fiber. There are also other food ingredients that have high fiber, which is wheat bread. Both of these foods have the same high fiber content and provide a longer sense of fullness.

Healthy Homemade Snack Is Better

The next tips you can try as public health nutrition master is to make and bring homemade snacks when you want to go to work or something else. You can make healthy snacks such as fruit slices, juice, yogurt, fruit salads, and so on. Snack made for yourself certainly has the advantage of being healthier and more sterile because we ourselves are the ones who make and of course we are the ones who know more about nutrition in these snacks. These tips can also be applied to improve public health nutrition.

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Eat Enough

Many people who overeat to be full longer and for those of you who often do this, you should stop. Because overeating will negatively impact our digestion and can cause chronic diseases, namely diabetes. Don’t be greedy, eat enough and stop when you feel full enough. If you are still hungry, you can eat healthy snacks that you can buy or make yourself. Even if you eat healthy foods, you still shouldn’t be overdoing it and it must match the portion of food that you have set.

Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Public health nutrition master also suggests that fruits and vegetables have enormous benefits for public health nutrition. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables and do not forget to wash them first to avoid the chemicals contained in the skin of the fruit and vegetables. Choose green vegetables, like kale, spinach, or broccoli, but all vegetables that are not green still have benefits for the body. Green vegetables and fresh fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are good for maintaining our body’s health.

Don’t Eat Late is Recomendation Public Health Nutrition Master

It is recommended to always eat regularly and on time so that you still feel a healthy body. Avoid eating not on time because it can disrupt your eating schedule. Other than that, do not let you eat late which can cause ulcer disease. At night, it’s good to eat foods that are not too filling. Because at night the body’s metabolic system slows down the processing of incoming food.

Take Supplements If Necessary

Supplements function as an auxiliary tool to improve public health nutrition. Supplements also aim to perfect the nutrients that enter your body that come from the food you consume. Supplements can increase the intake of nutrients and energy for your body to avoid deteriorating health and dangerous diseases. There are some supplements that you can recommend as public health nutrition master such as multivitamin supplements, probiotic supplements, vitamin B complex, omega-3 and 6, fish oil. You need to pay attention in taking supplements that is not to be excessive.

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Be Diligent In Exercising

The last tip may be difficult for you to apply with the excuse of not having time to be lazy to do it. In fact, there are some sports that do not require us to leave the house and only spend no more than 20 minutes. There are also some sports that only need 5 minutes but are enough to drain energy. You must eliminate the bad habit of being lazy if you want to have a healthy body. You are free to choose what kind of sport you will try according to your needs and circumstances.

Keep in mind that everyone has different nutritional needs depending on gender, age, and daily activities. If you don’t know your nutritional needs, you can consult with a public health nutrition master to discuss it so there is nothing wrong in acting. All of the tips and tricks above can be done by everyone and it is quite easy to practice on a daily basis. Make sure you apply the tips and tricks above correctly in order to get the benefits and be able to improve public health nutrition. See other interesting articles here.

But for those of you who have a very busy activity, it’s certainly difficult to be difficult to control food intake. They tend to only choose to eat junk food because it is easy to obtain and practical. But you should reduce these habits because it can be bad for your health. You can consult with a public health nutrition master to get some tips and suggestions. Healthy food intake will support health, control body weight, improve brain performance, and increase energy for the day.


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