Tips for Staying Fit Even if You Sleep for Just a Moment

Tips for Staying Fit Even if You Sleep for Just a Moment – Due to busyness or busy activities, sometimes we have to sacrifice several hours of our sleep. If we always lack sleep, the effect can interfere with our health. However sleep is important to keep the body in top condition.

Stamina and Health
 Tips for Staying Fit

But if you are forced to only be able to sleep briefly, there are a few tips you can try to keep your body in shape. Tips for Staying Fit but if they can be followed properly, they will provide tremendous benefits. Come on, let’s look at the tips one by one.

Sleep in a quiet, dark room

Sleeping in a dark room, the production of the hormone melatonin in the body will be maximal. So that we can get a good and quality sleep. When you wake up, your body can be more refreshed.

Two hours before bed don’t eat heavy

Maximize the body to rest itself while sleeping. Do not overload it by making the digestive system have to work hard with the food we consume. It is recommended that at least two hours before bedtime we do not eat heavily.

Don’t play gadgets before bed

Anyway, one hour before bed, keep various types of gadgets out of your bed. Exposure to blue light from gadget screens can interfere with your sleep quality. Do something else that can have a more relaxing effect, like reading a book.

How a Tips for Staying Fit Even if You Sleep for Just a Moment?


Never underestimate the greatness of breakfast. Given that if we are going to start our activities in the morning, we need enough energy to run it. This energy is obtained from breakfast which consists of foods that contain high nutrients.

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Increase your protein intake

Many still don’t know that it turns out that protein has a million benefits for the body. For this reason, nutritionists are busy advising us to consume protein, especially vegetable protein. This protein is needed by the body for growth, nutritional intake, brain development, and much

Enough sleep

In addition, adequate sleep can also maintain healthy skin, maintain body weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, make the body more productive, prevent flu and migraine attacks, these are just a few reasons why getting enough rest a day is important. See other interesting articles here.

Eat Multicolored Foods

Color your day with a rainbow on your plate. Put colorful fruit, multicolored vegetables, and any healthy food in a variety of colors on your plate. That way you have won your heart, eyes and stomach. The colorful food gives you a variety of different nutrients.

Hunt for fibrous food

Tips for Staying Fit maintaining digestion in order to stay good is no less important than the secret to healthy eating. Fiber foods are a champion at this. In addition, fiber foods are also good for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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