Understanding Health that You Need to Know

Understanding Health that You Need to Know – All humans want a healthy life, because there is a saying that healthy is expensive, therefore take care of your health as well as possible so that you are always healthy. Because health is a gift from the Almighty which is given to the people. From the term or definition of health is a state of well-being, starting from physical, mental and social conditions that allow people to live productively.

Understanding Health
Understanding Health

Understanding Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not just the absence of illness or weakness. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Charter states that health is a resource for everyday life, not a life goal. Health is a positive concept that emphasizes personal, social and physical resources. Health is a state of well-being of body, soul and society which enables all people to live productively socially and economically.

Religious Council

In the National Ulama Conference in 1983, it was revealed that health is a physical, spiritual, and social endurance that humans have as a gift from God which must be grateful by practicing all His teachings.


According to Perkins, health is a state that is balanced and dynamic between a form & function of the body as well as various factors that influence it.


According to Paune states that health is an effective function of self-care sources that guarantee an action for self-care. Health is a behavior in accordance with the objectives needed to obtain, maintain and enhance a psychosocial & spiritual function.

How Definition of Health You Should Know?

Physical Health

Physical health is manifested when someone does not feel and complain of pain or there is no complaint and objectively does not appear sick. All organs of the body function normally or are not affected.

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Mental Health (soul)

Mental health (soul) includes 3 components, namely thought, emotional, and spiritual. Healthy thoughts are reflected in the way of thinking or way of thinking. Emotional health is reflected in a person’s ability to express his emotions, such as fear, joy, worry, sadness and so on.

Spiritual health is reflected in the way a person expresses gratitude, praise, trust and so on towards something outside this mortal realm, namely God Almighty. For insteance healthy spirit can be saw from religion practice of one. See other interesting articles here.

Social Health

Social health is manifested when a person is able to relate well to other people or groups, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or belief, social status, economy, politics, and so on, as well as mutual tolerance and respect.

Economic Health

Understanding Health from the economic aspect is seen when a person (adult) is productive, in the sense that he has activities that produce something that can support his own life or his family financially. substantive ways to increase the efficient use of water in all sectors and ensure the sustainable withdrawal and supply of clean water to address water scarcity and substantially reduce the number of people experiencing water scarcity

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