Use of Lemon for Diet to Get Down Fast

Use of Lemon for Diet to Get Down Fast – When running a diet for a healthy lifestyle or losing weight, many recommend consuming infused water regularly every day. The fruit that is put in the soaking water also varies, from various types of berries to citrus fruits to one of the most popular.

Lemon for Diet
Lemon for Diet

Amazing Benefits of Lemon

This latest article will share about the use of Lemon for Diet to get down fast. Even though it has a less delicious taste, lemon is one of the most favourite multifunctional fruits in the world. The content in lemon is effective in killing bacteria on the floor of the house. Also, with its distinctive smell, it is usually used as aromatherapy to make the room more fragrant.

It turns out that lemons have an extraordinary function. This lemon has weak electrodes that can conduct electricity. With current technological developments, lemons can be used in watch batteries that do not require many electrodes. Meanwhile, in culinary, lemon is a food as well as a drink.

Become a Source of Vitamin C

As is well known, lemon is a citrus fruit that is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can ward off free radicals because of its antioxidant content, and can also increase the body’s resistance to diseases such as flu and fever. Not only that, it turns out that vitamin C is believed to reduce the risk of stroke and also lower blood pressure. The vitamin C content in lemons can also meet your daily vitamin needs.


If the temperature of infused water is usually cold, digestion requires a drink with a slightly warmer temperature. If you regularly drink this mixture every day, it is believed that your immune system will also increase and prevent you from various diseases because it eliminates toxins in the body.

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What is the Use of Lemon for Diet to Get Down Fast?

Removing Toxins from the Body

After burning fat and nourishing the body with its high vitamin content, consuming lemon infused water can remove toxins from the body. The trick is through urine. When drinking lemon-infused water, usually the frequency of going to the toilet is greater, proportional to the amount of water drunk. This process of removing toxins can also lead to weight loss.

Served with honey

For weight loss, lemon can be enjoyed as a healthy drink. Because of its sour taste, some people don’t like it. Therefore, honey can be the right solution. The addition of the benefits of honey to this lemon drink can disguise the sour lemon taste with the sweet taste of honey.

Made as a salad

Lemon salad can be made by thinly slicing a lemon which can be eaten immediately. The purpose of slicing the lemon is so that the acid from the lemon will not be too strong on the tongue. If you don’t like lemons eaten directly, lemon salad can be added with a variety of fresh fruit or fresh vegetables that are commonly consumed as a salad.

Or, it could also be used as a salad dressing by squeezing lemon juice over a fruit or vegetable salad. Apart from being healthy, the benefits of vitamin A in lemon can add to the benefits of body fibre which is very good for smooth digestion. Also, lemon which is known as a low-glycemic fruit can help with weight loss programs. Coupled with various fruits and vegetables, this salad will be even more healthy.

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How to Use of Lemon for Diet to Get Down Fast?

Consumed as a warm drink

Lemon is indeed famous as a fruit for drinks. Therefore, in a diet program, lemon can be served as a warm drink. The way to make this one drink is quite simple. Simply put warm water in a cup and then, put the lemon wedges in it. Stir and wait a few minutes for the warm water to have a sour lemon taste.

The benefits of drinking warm water and lemon are very useful for the body to improve digestion, because of the content of citric acid and vitamin A to increase body fibre.

Served with tea

Apart from being served as a warm drink, lemon can also be added to tea. Tea with lemon has indeed been popular for a long time. Even now, many tea beverage companies offer tea with lemon in one package. The taste of tea mixed with the sourness of the lemon makes this drink a favourite.

The way of making it is quite simple:

  • Prepare the tea that has been brewed
  • then add the lemon wedges to it
  • one to two slices is sufficient
  • To add to the benefits of lemon tea, it’s best not to mix it with sugar
  • If you want a sweet taste, just add low-fat sugar or honey.

This drink can help you lose weight, especially if the tea used is green tea which is known as a diet drink. The combination of tea and lemon will help the diet program because the calories in 100 g of lemon are only about 29 calories, and this number is smaller than the calories in oranges.

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Served as juice

Furthermore, lemon can also be served as a weight loss of juice. Lemon juice has been known to many people for a long time, so it is not a strange thing. What distinguishes between regular lemon juice and lemon juice for the diet is the way it is served. If in regular lemon juice, sugar is added to the juice to make it sweeter, lemon juice for dieting doesn’t use it.

This is due to the excess sugar content in the juice consumed which can lead to weight gain. Therefore, the use of sugar in lemon juice for the diet is reduced or not added at all. To get a sweet taste, choose other, healthier food ingredients such as honey. That’s a review of use of Lemon for Diet to get down fast you need to know.  May be useful. Thus a little review on how to diet, hopefully it is useful, thank you.

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