Wastewater Stay Away Because it is a Hazard to Health

Wastewater Stay Away Because it is a Hazard to Health – Researchers state that wastewater or wastewater is the remaining discharged water from households, industry and public places and generally contains substances or materials that can be harmful to human health and disturb the environment.

Wastewater Stay Away
Wastewater Stay Away

Wastewater Stay Away, Observers say wastewater is a combination of liquid and liquid waste originating from residential, commercial, office and industrial areas, together with soil, water and surface and possible rainwater. Wastewater is human execrate, dirty water from kitchens, from bathrooms, toilets / latrines, from companies including dirty water from the surface of the land, rainwater.

Domestic sewage, waste water originating from people’s houses. Industrial sewage, waste water from industrial processes. Wastewater treatment is intended to protect the environment against waste water pollution.

Dilution, how waste water is discharged into the sea, to the lake or into rivers where the water flows so much. In this way the wastewater will naturally purify. Rivers and lakes that are not used for other purposes.

The lid can be opened so that later when it is full of mud it can be sucked out. The The rioaol (sewerage) system is a way of discharging wastewater from both people’s homes and companies to the riool system. In order not to harm the flow below, processing should be made at the end of the city.

How to Wastewater Is a Health Hazard Stay Away?

Filtering, is a braided metal wire or plate with holes to trap floating objects on the surface, such as leaves, wood, plastic, and others. Sedimentation (sendimentation), in this way the waste water is flowed into a large tub so that the flow becomes slow which causes the mud and sand to settle

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Biological process, this process uses microbes to destroy organic substances contained in waste both aerobically and in an aerobic manner and is filtered with sand (sand filter), this waste water is flowed into a sand filter.

Disinfection, aims to kill pathogenic microbes contained in wastewater. The disinfectant (material for disinfection) is 10 kg of chlorine water for one million liters of wastewater. Dilution, sawage is discharged into rivers, lakes or the sea so that it is diluted.

All sewage treatment processes are carried out in a special installation built at the end of the city.  Composting (made of fertilizer). Garbage is collected and then fertilized to fertilize rice fields. As for the method, rubbish in the form of rubbish is separated, such as glass, metal, glass, etc. that cannot be used as compost. See other interesting articles here.

After separating the waste that is used as compost, it is ground until it is smooth so that the process of its formation by rotting bacteria runs well. Then the waste is stored somewhere where the rotting process occurs.

Wastewater Health papers, glass, cardboard, plastics and others. From used objects to be made new. Used paper that is used directly as a wrapper is very dangerous, so paper that is tired should not be burned because it has been exposed to various kinds of dirt.

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