Water Quality Must Be Clean without Dirty

Water Quality Must Be Clean without Dirty – Water that is easily taken is surface water, besides its quality, it can be said to be unlimited, but in terms of quality it requires careful handling. Examples of surface water are river, pond water, danan water, and swamp water. Before being used, the water must be treated first, because in general it has been contaminated with various kinds of impurities.

Water Quality
Water Quality

This is Water Quality in the deep soil layers. Water is very clean because it is free of impurities, but sometimes it contains minerals that are very high in it. The use of ground water is carried out by multiplying or drilling at a certain depth.

Types that are used to obtain groundwater are dug wells, shallow ground wells, and deep ground pump wells. All water from water sources must be treated first if it is to be used as drinking water. Getting clean water can be done in the following ways:

Natural processing

This processing is carried out to store water obtained from various sources. Water is left for some time in the storage area. There will be a conulation of substances that are in the water, and eventually it forms a precipitate. The water will become clear because the particles in the water will also settle.

Water treatment by flowing air and its main purpose is to eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors, eliminating unnecessary gases, for example household needs. Water treatment by heating until boiling and its main purpose is to kill germs in water.

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How a Water Quality Must Be Clean without Dirty?

Storage water

Waste storage for each house is only 1 cubic meter. Do not place trash cans in the house or kitchen corner, because it can invite various kinds of animals such as rats, cockroaches, flies, and others. Place to be closed tightly so it doesn’t attract the attention of insects and mice.

Then thrown into a place that has been determined. It is carried out by the private sector, usually the private sector only picks up waste that is determined for raw materials at the company, for example for making paper, cardboard and plastics.

Waste disposal

Land fill, garbage is disposed of on a low ground. Making rubbish like this is only good for rubbish (which does not rot easily), because if it is gabarge, the place will be a breeding ground for insects, rats and odor. See other interesting articles here.

Incineration with a special incinerator. This method is done by the government. Garbage is collected in trucks and garbage carts in a special incinerator (incinerator). The incinerator has parts for the collection of waste, a space for drying, a room for burning, and a chimney.

Water Quality Sanitary lan fill, garbage is disposed of on a low ground and then covered or filled with soil at least 60 cm to prevent it from being scrapped by rats, dogs and other animals. This method fulfills the health requirements, because it is odorless and the disease progresses and the gabarges quickly rot.

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