Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

Weight Loss Tips for Beginners – For those of you who want to reach your ideal body weight, diet is the first step you need to take. However, to provide the desired results, the diet you are doing must be by the rules. One rule that must be observed from the start is, a diet will not be effective in losing weight if it has to stand alone. Because in fact, losing weight requires a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Must have breakfast

In Weight Loss, it is advisable to eat at least 30 to 45 minutes after waking up in the morning. This is important, the body’s metabolic rate when you wake up in the morning will continue to be low until you fill it with food, to make breakfast more economical, choose foods that contain balanced nutrition, such as whole wheat bread, boiled eggs, and the like.

Avoid foods with too many carbohydrates and fat, such as white rice, fried foods and sugary dishes. Foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates will make you hungrier because they are difficult for the intestines to digest. Also, these two types of food can make you not focus on work or activities during the day.

Eat often with small portions

The right diet is to eat less or eat smaller meals more often. It was said that dr. Alvin, you can still eat snacks even though you are on a diet to lose weight. Types of snacks that can be selected, such as nuts, seeds, or dried fruit.

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Three heavy meals and two snacks are enough portions for a beginner’s diet. But, heavy food portions must also be considered, not to overdo it. Also, food choices must be considered to stay healthy and nutritionally balanced.

Only eat fresh foods

Fresh is meant here is food that comes from the source directly, aka without going through the preservation process first. Remember, vegetables or fruit can lose their benefits if processed too long. The same applies to foods containing preservatives, even if they are made from fruit or vegetables. Not only that, foods that contain preservatives and are packaged in can also usually have added sugar, fat and salt. So, if you eat it, the diet that is being lived can experience obstacles.

Are There Any Weight Loss Tips for Beginners?

Drink a lot of water

You are advised to consume 2 litres of water or 8 glasses a day. Apart from preventing dehydration, getting enough fluids every day by drinking water also helps optimize the metabolic rate in the body and soothes the digestive tract. One trick that you can try, consume one glass of water before a big meal. This can make you feel a little full so that the portion of food consumed can be minimized.

Get enough rest

Adults are encouraged to sleep for 7–8 hours each day. If you sleep less than that, your body’s metabolism will be disturbed and the diet you are currently living has the potential to fail halfway. Diet for weight loss does not have to be taken to extremes. It would be better if you do it gradually so that the body can get used to it by itself. Don’t forget to set realistic targets, so that you will continue to be motivated in implementing a balanced diet to achieve the weight you dreamed.

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Eat small portions

Eating small portions causes the food that enters the stomach not to accumulate so that the stomach becomes slimmer. If you eat a lot of food right away, the food will accumulate in your stomach and make it difficult to small.

Cut down on dairy products

Milk can cause flatulence due to the gas you have. For that, reduce the consumption of milk as a good diet to shrink the stomach. Try to be active, because moving can speed up the diet process for your slim body. Commit to being active like doing cardio and others.

What Are the Ways to Lose Weight for Beginners?

Cut back on fast food

Usually, when you are still in school, of course, you don’t want to be complicated and look for fast food. Reduce fast food from now on as a diet that is good for you. The school years are of course a period that is often done to get together with friends. When you are on a diet, find friends who want to diet as well as encouragement.


In addition to dieting by adjusting meals, of course, Kabu also needs exercise. Moreover, when you are still in school, try to actively exercise so you can maintain your weight. You can do this by taking part in extracurricular sports and also doing small exercises at home.

Sleep 7 hours a day

Sleep can produce the hormone leptin, which makes you feel full. This of course helps your diet process as well as being good for health. Doing a diet, of course, don’t just diet, you also have to do a proper diet so that your weight is controlled. Foods that contain potassium are good for dealing with flatulence. You can eat avocado, banana, papaya, mango and others.

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Eat lots of berries

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, acai berries and others are very good to use as a good and healthy diet. This fruit can reduce fat and prevent fat cells from growing. many ways that can be done as a way of a good and correct diet. Of course, you have to pay attention to your diet and also get enough rest to help speed up your diet process.

But don’t push it too hard. If your body doesn’t feel strong enough to undergo the above diet methods, you can stop for a moment. Because health is of course more important than anything. For those of you who are trying to Weight Loss, make sure you stay energized and of course, be patient, make sure you follow the steps above correctly and see the results! Thus a little review on how to diet, hopefully it is useful, thank you.

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